Top-10 best Kevin Bieksa moments from his Canucks career

Photo Credit: Jerome Miron/USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Bieksa isn’t as serviceable as he once was, but he will be missed by many Canucks fans.

Bieksa competed hard every night, brought entertainment, and played some awesome hockey, which meant a lot to Canucks fans throughout the last decade. Really, the only thing that Bieksa didn’t give to Canucks fans was a legitimate explanation for the Juice nickname. 

With apologies for omitting the truly memorable Sbieksa defense pairing, here are my top-10 most favourite Bieksa moments from his Canucks career.

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10. The Kevin Bieksa Origin Story:

The story of how Kevin Bieksa cemented his place in the Canucks organization sounds like some sort of fanfiction that Don Cherry wrote for himself. 

A good Canadian kid, a large Russian man, a Winnipeg parking lot, and only one punch. Brian Burke’s description of the events:

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“One night after a game in Winnipeg, in which I don’t think he played, they went to a local establishment. Fedor Fedorov was sitting at a table and Bieksa walked by the table, bumped him by accident and spilled Fedorov’s beer. Bieksa apologized and offered to buy another beer.”

According to Burke, Fedorov was in no mood for the apology from the unknown rookie and challenged him to a fight outside. Bieksa again tried to defuse the situation, according to Burke, but Fedorov wanted to fight.

“So, they go outside. Fedor was a big guy, he was a lot bigger than his brother Sergei,” said Burke. “Then Fedor comes in and Bieksa drills him with one punch. Knocks him stone cold and cut wide-open and leaves him lying on the pavement.”

Burke said Bieksa figured he was done with the Canucks organization and would be sent home the next day.

“Send him home? I said, ‘We’re going to sign him tomorrow,'” said Burke, whose affinity for truculence is well-established.

9. Kevin Bieksa as Ryan Kesler:

One of Bieksa’s finest talents was diverting fans’ attention during tough moments for his team. 

In the midst of the 2012 series against the Los Angeles Kings, which the Canucks dropped in five games, Bieksa was given an opportunity and he took it. Mistaken for his teammate, Bieksa gave a full interview pretending to be Ryan Kesler. God bless America! 

8. “Kevin still hasn’t moved”:

I can’t explain why this moment is so unforgettable, but Kevin Bieksa briefly turning into a statue in the penalty box was hilarious. 

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7. Juice on Twitter:

To nobody’s surprise, Kevin Bieksa mostly uses his Twitter account to make fun of Kesler and Burrows (and Booth, and Kassian, and Bonino, etc). 

6. Milk Hotdogs:

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The ongoing flirtation (according to John Shorthouse) between Bieksa and Dan Murphy will be missed. 

As Murphy conducts his interviews in peace next season, Bieksa’s antics will be remembered fondly. There was stick waving, cushion throwing, and hand standsBut perhaps the best Kevin/Dan moment was when Kevin referred to the San Jose Sharks as “milk hotdogs”.

Then he made this face:


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5. The Vern Fiddler incident:

A highlight of both Alain Vigneault and Kevin Bieksa’s time in Vancouver was that time Vernon Fiddler did an impressive job of imitating the surly defenseman’s scowl. His impression wasn’t that good really, but it was impressive enough to send AV into fits of laughter:

4. Shots, shots, shots:

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Dan Murphy is not the lone victim of Kevin Bieksa’s interview foolishness. Poor Scott Oake had no idea. 

3. Making Dan Hamhuis laugh (and being a good teammate in general):

Bieksa was never the most talented player on the team, but he was often one of the most popular guys. He took (and won!) a faceoff for Kellan Lain to keep him from having to fight Kevin Westgarth. He was on the Chris Tanev hype train before anyone (even Eddie Lack!). He even made Dan Hamhuis laugh:

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2. The stanchion goal:

The biggest goal of Bieksa’s career so far has also probably been the weirdest. A failed dump-in bounced off of the stanchion and right to an open Bieksa. The goal was weird and the confetti caused a lot of near-falls, but it was one of the most fun nights for Canucks fans in recent memory:

1. Mindcheck:

Bieksa’s resume of community involvement is long (and includes Michael Buble!) but his work to promote mental health awareness will remain an enormous part of his legacy in Vancouver and in the hockey world as a whole. After the death of Bieksa’s close friend Rick Rypien, Bieksa put his heart into the cause. Through Mindcheck and Hockey Talks, Bieksa encouraged people to do something that he is an expert on: talking. 

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Kevin and Rick’s story is a sad read but an important one. Bieksa’s work with Mindcheck honours Rypien’s memory and has given fans the courage to open up about their battle with mental illness. Discussions like this may not be as fun as the goal that sent the team to the Stanley Cup finals, but in the end, this was Bieksa’s most important contribution to the Canucks and the city of Vancouver. Mindcheck will always be a bright spot in Bieksa and the Canucks’ history of community work. 

  • Dirty30

    Kesler/Bur/Rypien.Bieksa/Lack, the good manitoba moose boys who contributed so much to Canuck success.
    Kevin should have stayed a nuck, he should have been supported for being that character and loyal teamate by having more guys like him. Benning you suk

  • Dirty30

    Good times. I will always look back fondly and will regard Bieksa as one of the all-time great Canuck personalities.

    I’m also glad we traded him when we did. I believe any decline in his game will be less apparent on a stacked Anaheim team as compared to a more porous Canuck team. He’s such a competitor.. it’s just the right thing for him at this point in his career, and happily it’s the right thing for the Canucks as well.

    All-in-all, I’d call it a win-win situation. And I guess Bieksa winning a cup would ease the cringe-i-ness of Kesler winning a cup. Maaaaybe. Big maybe.

  • Silverback

    10 best moments, let me try 3…..

    1. 4th round pick to 4.5 mil a year and Grapes favourite player… That’s #1! By a long way…

    2. Vern Fiddler giving Juice the “Good Fellas” DeNiro… AV gets al the pub for laughing, but if you watch the clip. Kevin laughs also….. Which is the highest compliment. He can laugh at an opponent making fun of him. Cause it was funny.

    He didn’t together angry and go break his stick over Verns head he laughed. Which brings me to # 3…..

    3… Guzzler! I don’t have to explain for true Canucks fans what that means. There is a synergy with Guzzler going to the Ducks and he will be referred to from now on as…..Guzzler!

    Good on ya Kev! Hope you come back to Van when Cheech decides to retire. You are one funny and tough SOB!

    Good luck, but don’t win a cup!

  • Silverback

    The jerk-puck era was undoubtedly the greatest era of Canucks hockey and Bieksa was a big part of it. When everybody – and I mean EVERYBODY – hates you, you know you are doing something right. Biesksa was the consummate team mate, willing stand up for anybody he was on the ice with and I don’t think we will ever be able to replace what he brought to the table on and off the ice.

    I am a man grown but I find myself feeling strangely melancholic and nostalgic today. I hope he and Kesler win a cup together. Good luck in Anaheim boys.

  • Silverback

    I will miss Juice so much, He and the Sedins are the only reason I became fans of this team. His teammates loved him, the community loved him – and opponents hated to play against him. What more could you ask for? Oh ya, and he was deliciously hot. So hot. All the women in my family love him.