Burrows Suspension Possible After Game 3 Skirmishes

Once again, a frustrated team at the tail-end of a one-sided loss increased physicality and triggered some fisticuffs.

In Game 2, it was the Flames, and Deryk Engelland narrowly avoided suspension. In Game 3, it was the Canucks, and we’ll see what happens with Alex Burrows. He was assessed a game misconduct for instigating a fight with Kris Russell late in the third period following a big hit to Johnny Gaudreau (which he was already being penalized for).

Here’s the relevant part of the rulebook (via the NHL’s official PDF of their rulebook):

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.03.13 PM

Based on the letter of the law, unless the league feels the officials really got it wrong with the instigator, we’ll see Burrows get dinged with a one-game suspension and Willie Desjardins get a $10,000 wallet-lightening.

Dan Hamhuis also took a late-game penalty for hitting Sam Bennett in the head, but Bennett finished the game and didn’t appear to have any injury, so I personally doubt there are any further supplemental discipline following Game 3.

  • Brent G.

    As much as Canuck fans want to believe their reputation has improved by everyone outside of BC I think we can all agree no one else fears, likes or respects them.

    Here’s to hoping we can watch these classless people destroy their great city one more time in some sort of “protest.” That will get everyone liking them right?!

  • Greg

    To me, there was 3 potentially suspendable plays at the end of the game. Burrow, hamhuis, and bieksa… I get that bieksa probably thought Ferland was out there to fight but the replay clearly shows Ferland had his gloves on, eyes on the puck, and thought he was engaged in a puck battle. He had no idea he was about to start eating knuckle sandwiches.

    If the league doesn’t hand out at least 1 suspension from any of those, they are clearly saying they’d like more of this in game 4. You’d think that wouldn’t be the message they’d want to send in the middle of a concussion lawsuit.

    • Brent G.

      Burrows definitely should be suspended and do agree that there is a case to be made for Bieksa and Hamhuis. That being said, if I were a betting man they will give Desjardin some nominal fine and a nicely worded letter kindly asking him to get control of his room.

      Kangaroo court is in session!

    • everton fc

      Bieksa hates Ferland. So Ferland has done his job. Bieksa’s tough. A good fighter. While I hate him because he’s a Canuck, I also respect him. He did what he’s been inching to do all series – get one up on Ferland.Get into Ferland’s head so the kid gets undisciplined. But this Ferland is not the same Michael Ferland who played for the Wheaties, meaning, he’ll pick his spot next time he and Bieksa “bump into each other”.

      These two will meet again. Of this I’m certain.

      Bieksa’s jumping Ferland doesn’t really bother me. Burrows should eb suspended. Hamhuis’ head shot on Bennett should warrant a game, as well, but won’t, as that would be too much for the league to dish out in one sitting. Ultimately, the Flames – our young boys, vets and also-rans – have got inside the Canucks heads. They can’t match the speed and stamina of the Flames. The Nucks are aging. The Sedin’s, Bieksa, Vrbata, Burrows… All 33. Hamahuis and Higgins both 31. This is the Nucks last chance with this core group. What will they do on their first line to “protect” the Sedins without Burrows, for this si where things may be headed for Game 4. I’d have Ferland on the ice every shift the Sedin’s play if Burrows is missing, for it seemed they were “shy” of Ferland, as he’s a wrecking ball out there.

      We have the advantage. Game 2 was an opportunity for Hartley to coach for Game 3. He did superbly, and the boys listened.

      Coach of the Year. Minus $50K!

        • everton fc

          I think Bieksa wanted to start with Ferland. So he did. Did he jump Ferland? Probably. But it’s all part of what’s happening in this series. And I think Ferland will look for Bieksa in the corners the rest and on open ice the rest of his career.

          Which means Ferland’s missions is accomplished. Bieksa has certainly been a warrior for the Canucks, at times the only one. He is trying to get under the kid’s skin. All part of the game.

          I do hear what you are saying, though.

          If the Nucks had a smallish skilled guy, our guys would “strategically” try to hit him a bit harder, get in his head, get him off his game. As long as it’s clean, as long as it’s not head shots or boarding while a guy is going down, it’s always been part of the game. As long as it’s clean, which in a fast-paced contact sport is hard to maintain… It’s what Johnny has to deal with in this league.

      • everton fc

        Only part I disagree with is the part about Bieksa getting one up on Ferland. Easy to pound on a gut that is still playing the puck. How exactly did Bieksa get in Ferland head? Ferland clear;y has matured to the point of forgetting about it at the ned of the game. Sounds like he actually thought it was appropriate response.

        Bieksa saying Ferland was irrelevant is the definition of getting in someone’s head. Ask his teammates and coach how irrelevant Ferland was.
        Ask Dorsett why he needed to try to engage Ferland in a fight.

        • everton fc

          You misinterpreted my comment. Bieksa didn’t get one up on Ferland. Ferland’s getting inside Bieksa’s head is causing Bieksa to become a bit undisciplined. Perhaps. And to your point, Bieksa saying Ferland was irrelevant proves Ferland indeed is relevant. Possibly the most relevant player in this series thus far.

          So you and I are on the exact same page!

  • First Name Unidentified

    Vancouver is going to get out-coached in this series. Bobby H is a very smart hockey coach.

    On a side note, when you have Monahan, JohnnyG, Bennett, Brodie, Ferland and next year Poirier and TSpoon lined up……who needs McDavid??

    • Brent G.

      I don’t remember where I read the comments (Oilernation or Sportsnet likely) by Oiler fans claiming McDavid might become the greatest player of all time. All that screams to me is they will put crippling pressure on this poor 17 year old kid and turn him into Daigle 2.0.

      You’d think they would learn to not just hand over the keys and ‘C’ to a kid who has only played a few junior games. After all, that strategy worked so well for Hall, Nuge and Yakupov.

      • everton fc

        I believe Nelson will handle these kids in the appropriate manner. He’ll also handle the vets the same way. Nelson is the best coach for the Oilers at the moment. He’ll do fine there. I’m a die-hard Flames fan, but never hated the Oilers as much as I’ve always hated teams like the Canucks, Ducks…

        A healthy provincial rivalry would be good for the league, and for the fans in Alberta. I lived up there for three years. Most of their fans are good fans, like most of us. I can’t imagine any Flames fan hating the Oilers as much as the Canucks, these days, going forward.

      • Rockmorton65

        I know, right. I can see it now. Throw him out against the Getzlaf’s & Toews’ of he conference and he gets his head kicked in. Midway through the season, KLowe starts yelling at him, saying “we’ve sucked hard for a decade to get you, now get us the cup!”

  • Burnward

    What we’ve learned so far: Gaudreau is big time, Bennett will be the best forward from that draft, Monahan is just fine health-wise, Ferland is our Lucic and Russell is truly cowboy tough.

    On the other side: once again the Canucks show what Boston proved, punch them in the mouth and they fold.

    Beautiful game last night.

    Go Flames Go!!!

    • everton fc

      Spot-on. Outside Bieksa and Dorsett, they lack the ability to intimidate anyone.

      Strategically speaking. And I agree with the comments on Burrows – we hate him. We’ve had players here we’ve cheered for that were close to that type of player. You defend guys like Burrows when he’s wearing your jersey, you hate him when he’s the opponent. The only guy everyone hated was Sean Avery! Justifiably so.

      Let’s talk hockey. It’s a great series. It’s a war. Guys are playing on the edge. It’s always been good playoff hockey as long as the refs police things…

      • Brent G.

        im really disappointed Buoma isn’t playing in this series. How fun would it be to see a line of Jooris, Ferland, Buoma out there with relentless forechecking and bowling through the Canucks.

        As another commenter mentioned, if Buoma and Gio were available for this series, it very likely could be 3-0 Flames right now.

  • wot96

    I can buy the instigator on Burrows getting rescinded and him not getting any further discipline for that. Russell wasn’t asking him out for a beer, though I’m not sure he was looking for a fight either.

    Hamhuis, however, took a genuine headshot. The league has to put a stop to that. Maybe he was ticked off from the hit from behind, which was a genuine penalty (and I hate admitting that) but you can’t go around taking headshots.

    Bieksa could do with losing a game too. The run he took at the end of the game that earned him a charging penalty was a harbinger of the fact that he’s just lost it. He instigated the fight with Ferland and took several shots before the kid even had his gloves off and I do think it was lucky that the officials stepped in before Ferland went all berserker on him.

    It’s a rough series and both teams have had some dirty plays and been penalized for it. But when you start taking head shots, the league has to step in – and let’s face it, Pronger knows from head shots.

  • Andy

    It’s four years (really seven) of this awful narrative. The opposing fans come up with some concoction of both being the tougher team and the victims — grown men who are so hard done by but are cool for viciously running goaltenders. It’s comical how unbalanced their perspective actually becomes the national media point of view.

    I can’t believe the media is this lazy.

  • Andy

    The depth of stupidity and homerism on display in the comments section here is astounding. Whatever happened to the intelligent fans and posts this site used to proudly have? Canucks fans comment on deployment, strategy, statistics and other intelligent things. Calgary fans pound their chest and grunt. Almost as bad as Boston fans… almost. Did all the internet get drunk and show up here to post their uneducated and frankly blind opinions?

    • Brent G.

      There are definitely some biased comments on here from both sides but, in all fairness, I’m not sure I would consider the majority of comments here to display “stupidity or homerism” as you explain.

      Also when you refer to Canucks fans commenting on, “deployment, strategy, statistics and other intelligent things.” Take off the blinders, you are no better than what you are calling out. First of all I’m pretty sure fans actually need to comment in order to provide what you boast and yet no one comments on any of the articles on Canucks nation.

    • Nick24

      Hey buddy, I can confirm many comments are factual on here & hardly drunk & uneducated. I was at that game, maybe you noticed me, I was the guy in Red. Burrows, did what he had to for his team in a game where his team where getting beat. He is still a gutless puke & chased Russell & instigated that fight. Maybe get your glasses checked & watch the video replay again. Bieska was being Bieska. Personally, he was doing his job as well at that point of the game. He also was guilty of starting that fight with Ferlund & how he never got an instigator is beyond me. Bollig is one dirty SOB out there as well, but I am sure glad he is on the Flames. Better get used to what you saw with the likes of Bollig & Ferlund because the future isn’t going to get any easier as we have a few big boys in Wolf & Smith chomping to get a spot on this dance card. It’s nice to be having playoff hockey again.

  • Burnward

    It’s clear Burrows isn’t getting suspended. He took a penalty (against Johnny Hockey — oh No! LOL) and Kris Russell came right at him. That’s an instigator. Burrows was tossed from the game to calm things down.

    It will be rescinded because Engelland was and Engelland actually started a fight to “send a message”.

  • Burnward

    Plus, to borrow from Botch, Ferland is a folk hero, but Burrows is the anti-Christ. C’mon. I think we need some balance here, because if what Burrows did to Johhny Hockey is considered evil and a detriment to the game, than what Ferland did to Sbisa should be looked upon equally.

    Again, the narrative. Canada likes to stick it to Vancouver because everyone needs a Darth Vader — and that character is dead. But watching fans drive media in to a lavishing frenzy, overlooking similarlt dangerous hits — even championing some of the crap the Flames are blantantly getting away with — is a spring event out here on the West Coast. We saw it with Chicago. We saw it with Boston. We saw it with the Kings. And now its the Flames.

  • everton fc

    If they suspend Burrows it could be the best thing for the Canucks. Desjardins will be forced to start Vrbata with the Twins and maybe we’ll score some goals. If Vrbata was playing with the Twins in Game 1 he would have scored at least 1 goal that Burrows was incapable of. Can please someone explain to me why both Vigneault and Willie have this belief that Burrows is the right line mate for the Twins? I’d rather see Mathias or Kassian over Burrows. Burrows is and never has been a first line player. Heck, I’m not even sure he’s a good 2nd liner. Here’s hoping the league puts the hammer down on Burrows for 1 game and we’ll see if the offense is better off.

  • RedMan

    I would expect that the Vancouver coach gets a 25K fine…

    I would expect that Burrows gets a minimum 1 game suspension for instigating (and the dangerous hit from behind into the boards)

    I would expect Hamphuis hit to get reviewed – the league should suspend this because if they do not hand out discipline for hits to the head, they will not be able to defend themselves in the current class action lawsuit.

    (note – the NHL loves the violence, but must react to head hits or it will cost billions in the class action suit – they are forced to protect players even though they prefer the violence)

    Like the TSN panel brought up – who is Hartley supposed to put out? when they put the top line out, the nucks cheap shot them every time they are near them, with hits from behind into the boards, vicious 2 handed slashes, shots to the head, and when he puts out their 2nd, 3rd or 4th line, the Nucks take multiple chickensh*t punches to a player playing the puck, as they don’t have the guts to face them standing up.

    Hockey is violent and Gaudreau can expect special attention, but the blindside headshots, two handed slashing, slams into the boards from behind – the league will have to address this or it will cost them billions in the class action.

  • everton fc


    What I meant by the “homerism” is summed up awesomely in this (biased) article and by someone above. – scroll down to the comparison of the Burr hit and the Ferland hit (on Sbisa). The Sbisa one was worse, resulted in some significant facial damage, and is one of MANY by Ferland this series. Burrows – not so much.

    If Burrows was doing half of what Ferland is(and Ferland is getting away with, mysteriously), the hockey world would be apoplectic. Burrows has changed a lot in the past couple years (no, not entirely, sadly) and knowing the player, I would not hate him on another team. Unlike Kesler. Or Dorsett. Or possibly Bieksa.

    My point, put earlier as a blatant troll comment, was that CanucksArmy was formerly the domain of statheads and nuanced discussion. Since the joining of the comments, it has been overrun by a fair amount of Calgary folks, who are either throwing down the victim card or bashing Vancouver fans, players, and the city. I have news for all you Calgary fans: you’re not a victim. You’re not really the underdog, mainly because your PDO is incredible. And finally, you’re giving more than you’re getting, so enough with the whining. Except for the 3rd period of Game 3, CALGARY, not VANCOUVER, has been the team getting away with Charging (another couple last night, I counted SEVEN steps on a Ferland hit, WTF is wrong with the refs, somebody’s going to get injured).

    Calgary is an awesome city that supports their team very well. (Well, maybe not as awesome as other Canadian cities like Edmonton (culture), Vancouver (tolerance, scenery) and Montreal and Halifax (just plain awesome), but kinda awesome nonetheless). All cities have fans that wear blinders. Unfortunately, there is a greater degree of such folks coming here to comment, and I used to read the comments on CanucksArmy to become less stupid, not more so. Oh, and I definitely don’t mean all of you Calgary fans, so untwist your panties before blasting back.

    • RedMan

      thanks for helping us understand what complete homerism is –

      not by explaining it to us, but by the superb, faultless demonstration! Excellent Homer!!!

      So, you are miffed that some Calgary fans claim to be the victims, when you are clearly positive it is Vancouver who are the victims. if you want the right to claim victim status – the title is all yours…

      as for the Flames fans – you realize it isn’t trolling because the articles are cross posted, right? if you want to see real trolling, check out the Flames nation, where more then half of the posts are from canuck (and some oiler) trolls who collectively could not must an IQ of 50.

      Welcome to the new world of the internet selfie generation where stupidity and “yo-mama” arguments reign. Nobody seems to worry about making any intelligent or witty comments, but give in to the urge to be complete dolts because they are anonymous and don’t care if they look like the the 5th graders that they really are inside.

  • RedMan

    I think Ferland is what one calls “functional toughness”

    And while i have never understood the signing and expensive contract that the Flames signed Bollig to, I notice that in Game 2 he had the highest shot attempt contribution per ice-time of anyone, plus is actually scoring, not to mention being very hard to play against.

  • Spiel

    No suspensions for any Canuck from this game.

    After the NHL gave Engelland nothing for three game misconducts in one stoppage, the precedent was set.

    Hamhuis got a piece of Bennett’s head… AFTER making initial contact on the shoulder and arm. Watch the replay, that is what happened. It was slight contact on the arm and shoulder, but it was there. The NHL will use that to levy no suspension.

    Burrows boarded Gaudreau. Ferland boarded Sbisa. No suspension for Burrows. It’s called playoff hockey.

    Bieksa was an opportunist and took a round out of Ferland. Cheap play for sure. Shows that Ferland has done his job to get under the skin of the Canucks. Maybe a calculated moved by Bieksa to try and get under the skin of Calgary.

    Love that this series has some emotion and passion. Hopefully it goes 6 or 7 games.