Canucks Army Prospect Report – March 18th, 2015


Courtesy: Sarah Hobday

We are back with another edition
of the Canucks Weekly Prospect Report where I dig into all the latest stats,
rumours, gossip, news, achievements, and even made up stories from around the
different junior hockey leagues. We look into the play of all (non-AHL) Canucks prospects from the CHL, NCAA, Europe, and
even the ECHL.

Without further ado, continue
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Hockey League

Name Pos DOB Age Team GP G A P PPG +/- PIM NHLe
Cole Cassels C 1995-05-04 19 Oshawa 52 30 50 80 1.54 36 96 38
Jared McCann C 1996-05-31 18 Sault Ste. Marie 54 33 44 77 1.43 25 27 35
Jake Virtanen LW 1996-08-17 18 Calgary 47 21 31 52 1.11 17 76 24
Jordan Subban D 1995-03-15 20 Belleville 61 25 24 49 0.80 -11 60 20
Evan McEneny D 1994-05-22 20 Kingston 65 9 36 45 0.69 -2 67 17
Ashton Saunter D 1994-05-27 20 Edmonton 70 12 36 48 0.69 17 38 15
Miles Liberati D 1995-06-21 19 North Bay 65 11 26 37 0.57 17 41 14
Kyle Pettit C 1996-01-18 19 Erie 60 16 11 27 0.45 -4 10 11
Anton Cederholm D 1995-02-21 20 Portland 65 9 9 18 0.28 17 78 6
MacKenze Stewart D 1995-08-10 19 Prince Albert 63 5 6 11 0.17 -5 105 4
  • Cole
    Cassels played in 2 games this week scoring 1 goal and 2 assists, earning a +4
    and 2 PIMs.  Cassels is currently scoring an estimated 2.17 Even-Strength Points per 60 minutes of play (ES P60).
  • Jared
    McCann did not play this week with his broken hand.  He is currently scoring at an estimated rate of 2.39
    Even-Strength Points per 60.
  • Jake
    Virtanen had a good week, in 3 games he scored 1 goal and 2 assists to earn a
    +1 and 4 PIMs.  His estimated ES P60 is 7th
    best in the WHL, and first on his team, at 2.6 points/60.
  • Jordan
    Subban had 3 games this week where he scored 1 goal and 1 assist and earned a
    -4.  Thomas Drance ensures us that hewill be signed by the Canucks as soon as Belleville is done for the season
    (likely in the next two or three weeks).
  • Evan
    McEneny scored 2 assists and a +2 in 3 games with Kingston this week.
  • Newly
    signed Ashton Saunter played in 2 games this week earning 2 PIMs.
  • Miles
    Liberati played 3 games this week scoring 1 assist and a -2.
  • Kyle Pettit
    skated in 2 games with Erie this week.
  • A heavy
    load this week for Anton Cederholm who played in 4 games and scored 2 goals
    earning a +2 and 8 PIMs.
  • 3 games on
    the schedule for MacKenze Stewart who earned a -2 and 4 PIMs.


Name Pos DOB AGE School GP G A P PPG +/- S S/G Sh% NHLe
Patrick McNally D 1991-12-04 23 ECAC / Harvard 18 5 13 18 1.00 15 45 2.50 11.11% 34
Ben Hutton D 1993-04-20 21 Hockey East / Maine 39 9 12 21 0.54 -15 115 2.95 7.83% 18
Joseph LaBate F 1993-04-16 21 Big 10 / Wisconsin 34 6 12 18 0.53 -17 96 2.82 6.25% 18
Matthew Beattie F 1992-12-14 22 ECAC / Yale 16 0 3 3 0.19 5 18 1.13 0.00% 6
Mike Williamson D 1993-09-05 21 Big 10 / Penn State 15 1 1 2 0.13 -1 17 1.13 5.88% 4
  • Patrick
    McNally has returned to Harvard after a right knee injury on January 23rd
    that seemingly had written off his season. 
    He has since played 3 games for Harvard scoring 1 goal and 1 assist,
    earning a +1 and 5 shots on goal.  As
    the Crimson wrote:

The most surprising addition to the lineup was
McNally. After injuring his right knee at Cornell on Jan. 23, the fourth-year
blue liner had ruled out the possibility of returning during the regular season
yet held out hope that a successful rehabilitation would allow him to return in
a late postseason round.

McNally, who leads all Crimson defensemen in
goals, assists, and points despite playing in only 16 games this year, returned
to non-contact skates two weeks ago and participated in his first full-contact
practice on Wednesday. On Saturday, McNally reunited with junior defensive pair
Desmond Bergin to provide an immediate impact on the Crimson back line.

Although perhaps a step slower on the back check
than usual, McNally picked up where he left off in his stickhandling, passing,
and forechecking game, and he gained strength as the night progressed.

  • Ben Hutton has
    finished his time at Maine as the Black Bears will not make the post-season in
    the NCAA tournament.  He has since signed with the Canucks and should appear in Utica shortly.
  • Joseph LaBate has
    played in 2 games with Wisconsin this week where he scored 2 assists and found
    10 shots on goal.
  • Matthew Beattie
    did not play in a game this week.
  • Mike Williamson
    played in 2 Penn State games this week earning a -1 and finding 2 shots on
Name Pos DOB Age School GP Assists Mins GA GAA Record Svs Sv%
Thatcher Demko G 1995-12-08 19 H-East / Boston College 34 2 2047 73 2.14 19-12-3 927 92.70%


Nikita Tryamkin D 1994-08-04 20 KHL / Avtomobilist 58 1 5 6 0.10 3 60 1.03 1.67% 35 14:15 7
  • Nikita Tryamkin
    did not play this week as his team is done for the season.


Curtis Valk C 1993-02-08 22 Kalamzoo Wings 31 11 19 30 0.97 8 78 2.52 14.10% 12
Ludwig Blomstrand LW 1993-03-08 22 Kalamzoo Wings 44 25 11 36 0.82 -6 135 3.07 18.52% 22
Dane Fox F 1993-10-13 21 Kalamzoo Wings 58 24 13 37 0.64 -4 156 2.69 15.38% 75
Jeremie Blain D 1992-03-19 22 Kalamzoo Wings 37 4 20 24 0.65 2 74 2.00 5.41% 34
  • Ludwig Blomstrand
    played in 4 games this week scoring 3 goals, and finding 12 shots on goal with
    6 PIMs.
  • Dane Fox scored 2
    goals and 2 assists in 4 games, earning a +1 and 13 shots on goal with 4 PIMs.
  • Jeremie Blain
    scored 5 assists in 4 games this week on 8 shots on goal.
  • Patrick Kennedy
    was a -5 and earned 6 PIMs in 2 games with Kalamazoo this week after being
    re-assigned by Utica.
  • Mitch Holmberg is
    on the 21 day injured reserve list.

Our Kwings
Sarah Hobday, watched the wings this week and had this to say:

  • Pat Conacher was
    at the games Saturday and Sunday in Reading to watch the prospects.
  • All three weekend
    games were like watching playoff hockey with higher intensity and more physical
    play. The score Friday night was not representative of the game. Kzoo played
    extremely well but the goalie let in two soft goals and Wheeling scored on an empty
    net as well.
  • Patrick Kennedy
    joined Kzoo on Saturday. I was not impressed by his first game – too many
    mistakes. Mostly I think this was due to him never practicing or playing with
    this team. Looked much better in the game on Sunday. Was on the second line and
    used on both the PP and PK.
  • Blomstrand had
    one of his strongest and most complete games I have ever seen him play on
    Saturday. Scored two pretty goals to help lead the team to victory.
  • Blomstrand had
    his first pro fight on Sunday. He handled himself well.
  • Reading players
    were taking cheapshots at Fox throughout the game Sunday. Fox kept his cool and
    did not retaliate. Showed off his speed and nice hands when scoring on a
  • Blomstrand and
    Fox remain on the top line and have great chemistry together.
  • Blain and
    Lafranchise are the top D pair and used in all situation. Both had fairly solid
Name Pos DOB Age Team GP Mins GA GAA Record Svs Sv% SO
Joe Cannata G 1990-01-02 25 Ontario Reign 20 1189 41 2.07 11-6-0-2 517 92.65% 1
  • Joe Canatta had a
    light week this week playing in 1 game and stopping 15 of 16 shots to bring his
    save percentage up to .927.  He still has
    not played enough minutes (min 1200) to qualify for the top goaltender
    statistics – but if he was he would be ranked 2nd in the ECHL.

Further Reading:

I could see Bittner going anywhere from No. 15 to No. 25 on draft day.
He came into the season as a very likely top-20 pick, and while he’s
performed well, I don’t think he’s wowed some sections of the scouting
world in his third WHL season. Bittner is a skilled big man — 6-foot-4,
194 pounds — with high-end skating abilities. The Canucks have
traditionally liked multidimensional players from the CHL, but with new
management, those trends could change.

  • Ruprecht

    Great stuff as usual. Love the NHLe numbers.

    I think LaBate’s season ended this past week. Looking like he may not be signed? Too bad. Although his numbers didn’t show much improvement, his Pts% of Team Pts was probably as high as ever. If he can skate well I could see him being a decent 4th Liner

  • Very interesting to see points-per-60 numbers this week – they make Virtanen look a lot better than his points-per-game rate suggests.

    Great to see McNally is healthy again – really hope the Canucks sign him.

  • Ruprecht

    Jim Benning should try to convince Nikita Tryamkin to come play in Utica sooner. What is his contract status with Avtomobilist? He is not being developed properly in the KHL.

  • wojohowitz

    I gotta wonder if they plan on signing McNally with his college career almost over. I thought I read McNally wanted to return for a fifth season at Harvard. Also Liberati who they sent home early from the last training camp. The biggest surprise might be Pettit who went from 2 goals the year before to 16 this year but with 10 PIM he might be very soft for a center. Big but soft. LaBate had a good season on a bad team but was it good enough.

    • wojohowitz

      Pettit has been an unexpected development. He seems slight as heck for a hockey player, I wonder about his skating (I’ve never seen him play)? Otherwise he seems like a potential 4th Line Center (good defensively and good on faceoffs)

  • Fred-65

    The McNally situation I would think depends on who and how many they take off their 50 player list and has Ashton Saunter taken McNally’s spot. I had high hopes for McNally but I suspect if Vcr doesn’r sign him some one else will

  • wojohowitz

    McNally will be 24 in December so he is on a very steep learning curve to the NHL. Maybe one full season in the AHL is the best hope. I had a look at two examples. Tanev spent three half seasons in the AHL after only one year of college and Doug Lidster spent one season with the National team after his four year college career and then he became a regular with the Canucks. It would be great if McNally can figure it out quickly like Lidster did but realistically he could be 26 or 27 before he makes it.