Canucks Player Power Rankings – March 16th, 2015


When will Eddie Lack’s teammates step up and steal his spot atop these power rankings? Not quite yet.

1. Eddie Lack:

Eddie Lack retains the top spot by continuing to keep it 100 every day of his life. He everyone’s favourite Swedish goalie and everyone’s favourite Canadian goalie.

thx to @TheStanchion for the video

2. Chris Tanev:

Eddie Lack calling Chris Tanev “a goalie’s best friend” isn’t necessarily meaningful because everyone is a goalie’s best friend if the goalie in question is Eddie Lack. But Chris Tanev is seriously every goalie’s best friend.



tumblr_nl8uqxERvd1s5n077o1_250   tumblr_nl8uqxERvd1s5n077o4_250


3. Zack Kassian:

Add Jay Sharrers to the list of people who can raise their hands when asked if they’ve ever felt personally victimized by Zack Kassian. 

4. Henrik Sedin:

Henrik Sedin is probably the best captain in Canucks’ history. His title as best dad in Canucks’ history is in jeopardy, though. 

“I was up in the middle of the night in the bedroom watching it on my computer,” Henrik says with a chuckle. “I woke up the kids and my wife, so they weren’t too happy. But it was fun.”


5. Daniel Sedin:

Do you think anyone today appreciates how good the Sedins make their linemates as much as Anson Carter does? Daniel’s little tip pass at 0:50. Whew.

6. Jannik Hansen:

Jannik Hansen celebrated his 29th birthday this week. He celebrated by getting together with friends and playing charades. One word. Animal. 

tumblr_nl9oisNrgt1s5n077o1_250   tumblr_nl9oisNrgt1s5n077o2_250


7. Dan Hamhuis:

When will Dan Hamhuis smile again?

8. Bo Horvat:

He’s scoring goals, he’s gaining muscle, he’s hugging children:

9. Alex Edler:

Reunited with Tanev and breaking 50% of the sticks he uses, just like old times.

10. Radim Vrbata:

Radim Vrbata continues to be the most likable droid in town.

11. Ronalds Kenins:

The Latvian Locomotive was getting some kind of love from HNIC on Saturday. He truly is the Sean Monahan of the Baltic states.

tumblr_nl8f4cq5kW1s5n077o1_250   tumblr_nl8f4cq5kW1s5n077o2_250


12. Shawn Matthias:

Shawn Matthias is having a career year and will be asking for a lot if the Canucks look to re-sign him. To keep him humble, here’s a reminder that Big Sexy was, long ago, just Small Sexy:



13. Nick Bonino:

Nick Bonino and Derek Dorsett, two good team guys being good team guys:

14. Chris Higgins:

He’s got that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt. 


15. Alex Burrows:

Alex Burrows has raised Zack Kassian so well. Zack is thriving with the Sedins and he carried on Burrows’ tradition of upsetting the Toronto Maple Leafs.

16. Brad Richardson:

Richardson returned to the line-up with this nice set-up for Chris Higgins’ opening goal. The best part is Bernier’s head flipping from side to side. 

17. Kevin Bieksa:

Kevin Bieksa and Dion Phaneuf teamed up to bring out the best in John Shorthouse on Saturday night. 

18. Yannick Weber: 

Yannick Weber got hurt but he’s fine now. 

19. Derek Dorsett:

Derek Dorsett has reached a new career high in points and he’s better than Tanner Glass:

20. Luca Sbisa:

If Joffrey Lupul is threatening to sue Luca Sbisa, does it mean that Luca will have to take a step away from hockey? Darn.



21. Joacim Eriksson:

Weird Swedish back-ups are kind of Vancouver’s thing at this point. Here’s Joacim Eriksson and his amazing dog. They play in the snow to Wham!’s Last Christmas and she appears to beat him at Guess Who. Then, Joacim dresses up as a cow and races his cowboy dog. 

22. Linden Vey:

Linden Vey was a healthy scratch and everything went just fine.

23. Ryan Miller:

Call me when he sings O Canada.

24. Ryan Stanton and Adam Clendening:

Since there isn’t much to say about either of these two, I’m putting them together and saying nothing about them as a pair. I’m excluding Brandon McMillan completely. 

  • Vanoxy

    Kudos to Mike Gillis for tapping the wierd, lovable, Swedish goalie pipeline.

    Between Eriksson’s dog, Markstrom’s dance moves and action figures and Eddie’s umm well… Eddieness, we have the market cornered.

  • Larionov18

    I sure hope Clandening has a good year next year. Vey as well because Benning’s trades have sure not panned out so far. Mike’s signing and draft pick is saving this season. Vrbata and Dorsett have been good though. Trader Jim is starting to look like mistake Jim. Early yet but no early returns.