Babych Please – March 12th


At best, the Canucks played okay hockey this week but why pay attention to scoring chances when you can pay attention to friendship? The Canucks did a great job of being pals this week. Good hearts before zone starts!

  • Daniel Sedin likes Henrik Sedin but Daniel Sedin loves Zack Kassian. “Who scored the winning goal? You did! Yes you did! Good boy!”
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  • One of the golden rules of friendship is, of course, making sure that your ex-friends are miserable. Zack is good at this, too:
  • Alex Edler and Chris Tanev are a defensive match made in heaven. Is there a church that does bromance weddings? Civil unions for defense pairings? When one says “I do,” will the other say “Of Corsi does”?  Can we slip in a long term NHL deal into the marriage contract when we get Tanev to sign it?
tumblr_nkyq3jJv8K1s5n077o1_250   tumblr_nkyq3jJv8K1s5n077o2_250


  • Bo Horvat got to take his brother Cal along to practice this week. They’ve been dubbed the new Sedins by multiple Instagram commenters. Maybe Cal can suit up against the Kings so fans can get Bo-Cal versus So Cal. 

Nice to have my little bro @calhorvat out for a rip today #Nucks #CalKnowsHockey

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  • Somewhere in Norrtälje, Sweden, there’s a dentist who is super proud that his handiwork is so frequently on display in Vancouver. Look at that grin!
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  • Amazingly, Radim Vrbata used to sport a smile like Eddie’s. What happened, Radim? What have those aging eyes seen?


Maybe the answer to that was found on the bridge of his nose. We’ll never know.


  • Hopefully the Canucks do better at the shooting and controlling parts of hockey this week while still maintaining their elite levels of enthusiasm for each other. 


  • orcasfan

    Do Eddie’s eyes look a bit like Jared Leto’s in that first gif? just me?

    And his face is terrifying in the 4th. Can’t stop watching. No one is *that* happy.

  • ikillchicken

    But seriously, when was the last time you saw the Sedins look this excited about hockey? It actually makes me wonder if playing with Kassian has had an effect on them simply by virtue of his child-like enthusiasm. (It’s like playing with a dog. You can’t not get into it). I mean, he’s very effective on the ice too and I don’t want to put too much emphasis on intangible stuff like this but the way the twins have been playing (even on plays Kassian isn’t directly involved in)…you can’t help but wonder if there’s something to that.