Babych Please – January 30th


The Canucks haven’t won in almost two weeks, but they sure have stayed busy. Radim Vrbata represented the team at the NHL’s annual frat party. The Swedes met up with some old pals. They raised some money for a good cause. Eggs were involved.

  • Vrbata was drafted to Team Foligno and saved his assassin face for the actual game. With this photo, I realized that I don’t think I’ve ever seen the guy smile before. 

  • The Yannie-Tannie duo‘s wild fight sequence from years ago, when the Canucks last won a game, was captured perfectly in gif form: 


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As was Tanev’s highly amused reaction to himself

tumblr_nigk5b2ZQx1s5n077o2_250   tumblr_nigk5b2ZQx1s5n077o4_250


  • And with all due respect to his goal scoring and his #grit, the above sequence led to Derek Dorsett’s greatest moment as a Canuck thus far:


gif via

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  • Maybe this invisible Florida Panther is what Dan is so suspicious about:
  • Go behind the scenes with the Canucks in Florida. Come for the kind of random shots of their police escort, stay for the Sami Salo and Mattias Ohlund. 

Also worth noting are Kevin Bieksa’s interesting head dancing and Bo Horvat’s fully inflated soccer ball:

tumblr_ninh72SuAu1r7exryo1_400  tumblr_ninh72SuAu1r7exryo2_400


  • Check out this fun website that displays player chemistry for every team. Thick lines = lots of goals. Tom Sestito’s chemistry with the entire Canucks roster is displayed below. 
Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 12.44.08 AM
  • Jake Virtanen did something pretty cool last week. I could watch that Swift Current Bronco slide on his belly all day. 

  • On Wednesday night the Canucks held their annual Dice and Ice fundraiser. Historically, they make an effort to embarrass the team’s rookies. In the past, they’ve forced rookies to sing, dance, and even act. On this night, they made Bo Horvat, Frank Corrado, and Linden Vey hit themselves in the head with eggs. (photos via @VanCanucks)
  • And like many Canucks before him, Eddie Lack was carried by the Sedins:
  • Who let the Canucks play Heads Up? Why did they think it would go well? 

  • Quote of the night came from Kevin Bieksa: “Probably the best dressed naturally is Alex Edler. Clothes just fit him so nicely. Like, a little bit tight for some people’s taste, but… You know, he’s got a big lower body and his pants just hug every curve.via TSN 1040 
  • The team also held a “who can hold a guitar in the most awkward way” contest at the fundraiser. (pics via @Canucksforkids)


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  • Finally, Eddie Lack and a bow tie and a Bo with a tie:
Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 5.43.45 PM