Babych Please – November 9th


Welcome to this week’s edition of Babych, Please!, where we’ll take a look at Nick Bonino’s Twitter beef, the always amazing Zack Kassian, a cat that looks like Radim Vrbata, and more. Read past the jump!

  • It’s been a good week for Nick Bonino. He has scored some goals. He has been declared equal to or greater than Ryan Kesler by many a Vancouverite. The only bad part of Nick Bonino’s week came at the hands of his own team’s twitter account when they posted this photo:


        Poor Nick

  @VanCanucks thanks to my own teams Twitter account for that pic of my sick flow. Not sure what I did to piss off whoever runs it right now!

  • I personally hope this starts a new trend in hockey twitter. Team accounts should shift from their saucy conversations with other teams and should devote their tweets to humiliating their own. Next time the Canucks want to embarrass Bonino, I suggest using this video, because his Old Spice deodorant is something we all would like to know more about. 
  • Zack Kassian was given a microphone this week and it was great. “No friends out there,” he says of the Nashville Predators to Kevin Bieksa and Dan Hamhuis, who is probably crushed to hear that his former teammates can no longer be considered friends. The exchange between him and the linesman at 1:50 of the video is priceless. Also notable: Kassian calls Brad Richardson “Richie Rich”, possibly due to the fact that Richardson is known for his chubby cheeks and fascination with cash. Kassian may have just established himself as the most-mic-up-able Canuck.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.03.25 PM

  • Back to Nick Bonino and odd pictures from twitter – look at this:

      What’s happening here, Nick?

.@Cloutiers5Hole @wholegrainne Ah I don’t have time, I just went with B-Ball!

       or this:

      This guy does it all. 

  • Kevin Bieksa stirred up some controversy after suffering an eye injury and not immediately donning a visor. Visors are key in preventing pucks and sticks from getting near the eyes. Unless you’re Henrik Sedin or Alex Edler.
B1obo3zCQAANELG  Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 2.39.00 PM

  • Behind the Lens returned this week. Zack Kassian, who is king of gifs and now microphones, might also be the most photograph-worthy guy on the team. (props to Jeff Vinnick for these awesome galleries)




        Though his captain may have something to say about that:


  • The Green Men announced this week that they will be hanging up the green spandex at the end of this season. They will always be remembered for their role in Jack Johnson’s most memorable moment as an LA King.

  • Or in Dave Scatchard’s mostonly memorable moment as an NHL player. Never Forget.

  • Cool Story, Brodie!!!

    I’m obviously late to the party on the photoshop of the Bonino pic, but how the hell has no one done a God / Adam sistine chapel shop of that? It’s actually perfect, if you flip it horizontally.