As per tradition, the Royal Half has rounded up the brightest bloggers from around the Pacific Division and wrapped up the week that was in a tasty little nugget known as the Pacific War Room.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy…

The Pacific War Room – 10.31.14

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  • Cale

    I see the practice lines once again had Hunt and Schultz together. The past couple of years it was obvious that overall the team needed to get bigger. So it begs the question why is Hunt in the lineup and Klefbom, who is much larger and is +4 with 6 points in the AHL, not with the big club? Weird. Happy Halloween the tricks on us.

    • pkam

      Because we’ll rather Klefbom play 20 minutes of top pairing D in OKC every game, instead of being the #7 and sitting in the press box in most games.

      Hunt is only playing because Nitikin is out and expect for only a short period. If you call up Klefbom, you have to send a player down to OKC which will probably be Hunt, then we might as well keep just 6D.

      I’ll agree with you if Nitikin is put on LTIR and they still don’t call up Klefbom.

    • Cale

      The talking hair doll likes Hunt………same MO as before, talk Mac T into bringing up AHL players, or play your favourites ahead of better options.

      Better Klefblom play a lot of minutes in the AHL under a real coach any ways!