Babych Please – October 25th


I’m not saying that it was a bad week for the Canucks, but the highlight may have been Zack Kassian’s moment of brilliance saving the Canucks from paying for their bad change. The “it’s not fun to be a Canuck” narrative has certainly been a strong one this week, but when it is not?

  • As guest editor of The Hockey News this week,
    Roberto Luongo got to answer some letters, addressing an apologetic
    Vancouverite and offering his thoughts on John Tortorella’s “really effective”
    systems. Seriously. (screenshot via darthtulip)

  • Alex Edler played his 500th NHL game this week,
    giving the Canucks Instagram team an excuse to post this painfully adorable
    photo of him as a child: 
Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 10.23.23 AM
  • King of the Rink returned this week and the
    subject was the mild-mannered Dan Hamhuis. The panel plays a nice foil to Dan, made up of Tom Sestito, Alex Burrows, and Kevin Bieksa. Sestito imagines that had hockey
    not worked out for Hamhuis, Dan would be Smithers’ #1 handsome reverend, which is easier to picture than you’d think. When
    asked what superhero he would like to be, Dan gives the standard answer of Henrik
    Sedin. And as for which teammate he would like to be stuck in an elevator with –
    none of them. He eventually decides on Alex Edler, which is pretty much the
    same as his first answer, volume-wise. 

  • Chris Tanev made Johnny Torts proud in St. Louis with this glove save on Vladimir Tarasenko:

           He really is a great goalie – even Eddie Lack thinks so.


  • Canucks Superskills tickets went on sale this week, if you’re into that. Dale “I’m just really fast” Weise will likely not be present, but the event might include some Adorable Sedinery:

  • Seeing as this week was not exactly overflowing with fun times for the Canucks, we’ll end with a throwback. Here is Snoop Dogg donning lolita-style sunglasses and a black ice Henrik Sedin jersey:
Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.07.14 PM

  • Not gonna lie, I was hoping PK was going out in “whiteface” for Halloween. Speaking of thriller MJ, as a white guy, can I do that costume? or is that considered racist? I know society does not approve of white guys being black guys for Halloween but A) is thriller MJ (or MJ ever) really a black guy? he’s kinda his own thing imo and B)its more of a zombie werewolf getup that is in reference to a specific music video than a quintessential example of a black person or black culture… so, it seems not racist to me but, as a white guy, no one really cares what I consider racist… So, Canucks Army, help me out! Can I copy PK? I’ve already got the jacket! Or do I go with my staple costume, Ash from evil dead 2?