Babych Please – October 18th


I’ve come to the sudden realization that writing fun, weekly wrap-ups of Canucks hockey is probably easier when the schedule does not consist solely of 2 games against the Edmonton Oilers. But if Dan Hamhuis can return after bleeding as much blood as he did on Friday night, I can at least try. 

  • Before we get to Hamhuis’ bloody adventure, we have to flashback to last Saturday night when Hamhuis participated in his first fight since his tussle with Alex Burrows back in 2010. Being the notoriously nice man that he is, Hamhuis looks genuinely sorry for hitting the Nuge in this shot by Jonathan Hayward:

  • Hamhuis likely won’t be dropping the gloves again anytime soon, but if the guys at Hockey Night in Canada continue to call him Ham-moose, maybe we’ll see him lose his temper. (via kevinbaeksa)

  • The postgame video from that night is filled with gems, including Zack Kassian’s loud, excited, and NSFW interruption of Ryan Miller’s media scrum. The full video can be found here and includes other highlights such as:
  • Daniel Sedin explaining to Joey Kenward that he is not Henrik Sedin, after Joey asked him about Daniel’s play: (gifs via kesrows)

  • and of course Kevin Bieksa invading Dan Hamhuis’ personal space:

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 11.26.58 PM

  • Much of the team took advantage of their extended break to take in the Seahawks game. In his blog, Dan Murphy describes Clint Gresham’s excitement when he saw Nick Bonino wearing his jersey. The team posed for a photo at CenturyLink and while Chris Higgins’ nonconformist white shirt certainly stands out, the best part of the photo is definitely Zack Kassian’s casual deuces. 


  • Henrik Sedin went full dad-mode in Edmonton when a young Canucks fan was struck in the head by a wayward puck. Henrik gave his stick to the kid, obviously hoping that the kid would feel better knowing that his stitches, should he need any, weren’t the only souvenir from the night. Read all about it here (the kid’s name is Daniel and his favourite player is Henrik. This is the cutest thing since Nick Bonino’s dog). Sportsnet also mentioned the Sedins visiting an ill, young fan in Lethbridge with WIllie Desjardins. These guys.
  • After some decent hockey and some excellent nice-guy work, this pretty much sums up Henrik Sedin’s week:

  • Now, usually when a guy has blood on his face, the first thing you notice is the blood that is on his face. When it’s Dan Hamhuis, though, the first thing you notice is that he has the same eyes as this festive dog. (picture via @sportsnetmurph)
  • Over at my Very Serious Opinion Blog, I attempted to assign each Western Conference NHL team an emoji, so if that sounds like something you’d enjoy, or if you’re just really really bored, check out my Pacific and Central Division emoji thoughts.
  • And finally, a hysterical Henrik Sedin tries desperately to reason with an aloof Steven Stamkos in a preview for tonight’s game:
Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.42.26 PM