You Can Take The Blogger Out Of The Basement…Well, Maybe Not

Wow, guess that was a bad time to take a couple of weeks off, what with bloggers getting hired by real life NHL teams. I hope I didn’t miss any calls.
But in case you’ve been living under a rock, the advanced stats coming out party continued this week with news that Tyler Dellow (aka @mc79hockey) was hired by the Oilers to consult directly with head coach Dallas Eakins over the coming season. This is an interesting development for several reasons, not the least of which is that it’s now a little bit safer to give Twitter a try.
More on the other, less snarky, reasons after the jump.
No, the really interesting aspect of this hire is that in working directly with Eakins, Dellow will be applying his statistical analysis at a much more tactical level. We have typically seen advanced stats being applied to compare, contrast and evaluate players, which would make them much more applicable at the managerial level. The idea being that you can use this type of analysis to identify players that may be under- or over-valued in the market place, and use that information to build a better team.
But it will be interesting to see how well statistical analysis techniques can be married with video analysis, which is what Dellow has spent the last year focusing on, to produce insights that can help coach individual players on their deficiencies, or inform the overall defensive and offensive systems. Or both. Applied at this level, advanced statistical analysis has the potential to directly impact on-ice performance.
That being said, despite the fact that Dellow was already consulting with Eakins last year, his contributions to on-ice success clearly pale in comparison to those of the blogger hired by our very own Vancouver Canucks:


That’s right. The greatest passer in Vancouver Canucks history will be doing re-caps for next year. Well deserved for one of the most prolific bloggers the Smylosphere has ever seen. Heck, if it was up to me, he’d be in the Ring of Honour.

Not sure how the Canucks are going to fit @TheStanchion in under the salary cap, but I’m sure Gilman will figure it out.

Speaking of salaries, remember back during the lockout time we will not speak of ever again, when both Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman said they would not be taking a salary for the duration of the work stoppage? Well, funny story…

Somehow, Bettman managed to get paid $500,000 more for the lockout shortened 2012-13 season than he did for season before. That works out to a cool $8.8 million. For all the talk about closing loopholes with this new CBA, there seems to be a big one that was missed:


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  • “Somehow, Bettman managed to get paid $500,000 more for the lockout shortened 2012-13 season than he did for season before. That works out to a cool $8.8 million.”

    Another reason for me to feel better, ever since our family decided not to renew our full seasons tickets during the lockout. The NHL and all its entities will not be getting a dime from us as long as this weasel is running the show.

  • IM80

    Who cares whom Eakins consults with, Edmonton is doomed to remain at the bottom of the league, until several things happen. 1) Get rid of senior management, in particular Lowe and MacT, between them they have the brains of a gnat; 2) Get rid of an egomaniac like Eakins who thinks he is the story and get a real tried and true coach; 3) Stop drafting offensive stars and get some real defenders, even Nurse is a bit of a question mark defensively; 4) Lose a few of your current offensive resources for some grittier two way players; 5) Stop hying how great your players are and recognize you are not the Edmonton Oilers of over 30 years ago and never will be again; 6) Hope that the national media, CBC, TSN and SN stop hyping Edmonton as a city of champions, it is a joke and it hurts the city and its fans by creating a delusion.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    “Stop drafting offensive stars and get some real defenders”
    “Lose a few of your current offensive resources for some grittier two way players”

    The Gillis plan. Ends with a 1st line who can’t score at an elite level, three third lines and no prospects. Also used by the Predators.