Graphic Comments: Winter is coming

Graphic Comments
July 01 2016 09:09AM


The next six months are make or break for the Vancouver Canucks.

I know I've criticized one or two pretty much all of Jim Benning's moves over the last year or so, but that has largely been because almost every one has been slowly whittling away their assets. Death by a thousand cuts, some might say.

But other than the Sutter contract, none of those moves can really be characterized as anchors that this franchise will have to drag around for years after Benning is finally, mercifully, sent to the, to the farm team. To do scouting and stuff. Yeah, I definitely didn't mean to imply anything else there.

Anyway, my point is this: Jim Benning has done much to be concerned about, but at least he hasn't caused any long term damage, or saddled the next GM, and there will be a next GM, with an inescapable contractual mess. At least not yet.

But the next six months could see that change. Winter is coming, and Jim Benning has money to spend.

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Graphic Comments: Wait and seethe

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May 27 2016 04:52PM


Wait and see.

I've heard this a lot in the last couple of days.

And honestly, this cult-like "wait and see" mantra actually blows my mind even more than this trade.

You see, I understand the reasoning behind the trade. I don't agree with it, clearly. But I understand it.

But I'm supposed to just ignore Benning's track record of poor decision-making and asset management and instead trust that this time his platitudes about Gudbranson, who I have nothing against, are correct?

Come. On.

Haven't we seen enough, folks?

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Graphic Comments: Nobody saw it coming

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April 19 2016 11:28AM


Well, it's now been a week since the Canucks' season finally, mercifully came to a conclusion. But while their last game was a week ago, the season was really over a few weeks earlier as they careened wildly down the NHL standings during a nine game losing streak to close out March. And despite the dead cat bounce that was the three wins against the playoff-bound California teams, the Canucks finally came a complete stop with the third-worst record in the NHL this season.

I would say they hit rock bottom, but not quite. They landed on the Leafs and Oilers.

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Graphic Comments: Campbell, the suit that acts like a heel

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March 31 2016 02:00PM


The latest disclosure of emails related to the NHL concussion lawsuit leaves a lot of questions unanswered. But the biggest one might just be, "why does Colin Campbell still have an email account?"

But the fact that he does have an email account, and uses it, leads to a much more important follow-up question, "why does he still have a job with any kind of responsibility for what happens in the NHL?"

No, really. Why?

I mean, it's not like we didn't already know about how he likes to abuse his position.

But some of the latest emails to be released really make you wonder what redeeming qualities Campbell actually has as an NHL executive.

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Graphic Comments: No win situation

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March 23 2016 11:00AM


Well, what now, Canucks fans?

Even the most stalwart among you must finally have given up that last glimmer of playoff hope now.

Heck, even real good Willie has surely realized the jig is up, right?

So where does that leave this organization? Because no matter what Meatloaf might tell you, missing the playoffs two out of three actually is bad.

And as the Canucks ride out this string of games, there is still quite a bit at stake here down the stretch.

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