Sometimes the plan matches the results

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November 18 2016 05:14PM


I see Jim Benning was on the radio this morning passive-aggressively asking for fans to be patient:

"I'm not going to make no apologies as to where we're at. Our fans, I think, understand what we're trying to do. We're trying to be competitive and develop young players."

But here's the thing with the current team running the Vancouver Canucks: they don't actually have a plan. Yes, they have an end goal in mind. Well, two, actually. But they don't have a plan on how to get there. At least not in the sense of what a well-run business would call a plan.

There's no strategy. There's no logic. There's no milestones. No metrics, checkpoints or structure. 

In short, there is no process. And in the absence of process, there's certainly no attention paid to measuring progress.

How do I know this? Well, let me tell you.

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Where Are The Critics Of Jim Benning's Off-Season Moves Now?

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October 21 2016 05:27PM


VANCOUVER - The online statistical geniuses, who make their hockey assessments via charts and graphs, all but murdered Jim Benning when he traded for Eric Gudbranson.

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Graphic Comments: Gotta Hear Both Sides

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October 14 2016 05:39PM


“The challenge I have is there was this notion that this would be flipped around quickly. I don’t think people had a realistic expectation of where this organization was."
-- Trevor Linden, October 13, 2016

"We’ve never once said this was going to be easy or fast."
-- Jim Benning, April 8, 2016

Roll the tape...

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Graphic Comments: How To Get Away With Plunder

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October 12 2016 03:44PM


So I was reading Thomas Drance's piece on the Canucks over at Sportsnet the other day and I couldn't help but play the video of Benning talking about the Gudbranson trade.

What really struck me was how he describe the trade coming together: 

" came together fast...they called us...they asked us about Jared...they brought up Eric's name..."

Now, if you've ever been involved in any kind of business negotiations, you might recognize this as somebody that took a very passive approach to making this deal. Florida clearly had the entire negotiation process mapped out. They decided how they wanted it to go, and pulled every trick in the negotiating book to make sure it did.

But listening to Benning talk, it suddenly became clear that the Panthers pulled off the perfect crime. Benning was had, and he didn't even know it.

So let's take a look at how you get away with plunder...

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Graphic Comments: September hockey games are definitely getting an upgrade this year

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September 17 2016 11:59AM


If you've ever been a season ticket holder in the NHL you know what a money grab those pre-season games are. Most, if not all, teams charge full price for those games. Given that there are usually about four home pre-season games each year, that's a 10% bump up in the cost of your season tickets.

I finally gave up my tickets this year, but that was always the thing that stuck in my craw the most every year. Paying full price to see a bunch of guys that had no business being in the NHL playing meaningless games. And once I couldn't tell the difference between the pre-season and the regular season, it was time to get out.

But enough about meaningless regular seasons, let's talk about the World Cup of Hockey.

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