Canucks Army Podcast: Review of the Draft and the Free Agent Frenzy

It is what it is(*)

(*) with “is” being us being more optimistic about Jared McCann as a prospect after some additional insight was brought to our attention.

With the free agent frenzy sweeping the hockey world up by storm recently, we haven’t had a chance to sit down and discuss the entry draft that took place last weekend in a longer, podcast form. Until now. 

In this edition of the podcast Rhys and I run through the picks the Canucks made, before being joined by Garrett Hohl from Arctic Ice Hockey near the end of the show to have a chat about some of the more prevalent free agent signings we’ve seen in the past few days. 

You can stream the podcast here.

You can download the podcast here.

Thanks for listening!

    • Dimitri Filipovic

      Considering this guy is only 20 years old, why not take a flyer on him. If he can skate that well now, pretty exciting to think about what his skating will be like when he is 23 or 24. Good pick by Benning and Co.

    • Dimitri Filipovic

      Thanks for posting the link. He does look a little awkward skating wise, but seems to have a decent release and definitely covers a lot of space with his wing span. Also seems that he has a little bit of Chara in him, and dishes it out protecting the crease. A good gamble with a 3rd round pick and surprised he was passed over the last 2 drafts.

  • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

    Not to nitpick, but there’s a hard left-right pan on the microphones again, as per the complaint by another poster on the last podcast. Sum it down to mono before posting next time.

  • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

    You always talk about the “fanbase” in a negative way, but for me YOU guys are the whining fanbase… it’s just sad…

    (FYI: Nylander is not a great player! From watching him all last season in Rögle and MoDo, he’s an OK talent, not a great one, so get real! And there’s no way you KNOW that he’s gonna get better than Virtanen! And last, all other GM’s passed on him as well until Toronto stepped up, so now YOU guys know better than all of them!?)

    Obviously you talk as you know sooo much, but actually, you’re just whining like mules!

    Just think of how good this forum could be with some more neutral and knowledgeable writers, who puts everything in a good perspective, with pro’s and con’s on all the draft picks, UFA’s etc…

    • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

      @ Matt “Calling the Kettle Black”

      You always talk about the “writers” in a negative way, but for me YOU are the whining commentator… it’s just sad…

      (FYI: Who knows how prospects are going to turn out. Writers and scouts are learning and doing their best.)

      Just think of how good this forum could be with some more neutral and knowledgeable commentators, who puts everything in a good perspective, with pro’s and con’s on the subject being written about…and less on the personal attacks.

      I wish I could figured out why people whine about other people whining. It just seems to add to the whining, which makes for too much whining.

      Sorry about the “calling the Kettle Black” thing. I can do better, you can do better, we all can do better. Enjoy the off season and roster moves.

      • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

        Because I started out that way (in a nice manner) and just got ignorant and insulting replies back from the writers! Why? Because they know EVERYTHING, and everyone who has a different view than them, gets bashed!

        And if you read your own comments; how about the writers actually start being just professionals? Or is this a whining forum!?

    • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

      This is just such a stupid comment.

      Canucks Army is full of writers who have often demonstrated their reasons for opting for the statistical/quantitative approach. Nothing they’ve said has been out of character with that.

      Go back to CDC where you can dry hump Benning, Linden and Co. For every move they make as the next greatest move by the Canucks. I hope Canucks Army never listens to morons like you who view quantifiable analysis as whining.

      I expect my post to be deleted for personal attacks, but seriously. Offer proper rebuttals rather than the same old “DEY CRITICIZED MAH TEAM DEY BE WHINERZORZ!!!!!!!”

  • Peachy

    It was tough to listen to much of that. It’s nice when you guys relay info from people in the business…people who are qualified and do the job. It’s painful when kids decide to offer intense opinions on players and how the Canucks should’ve gone with another pick etc. It’s just comical, really. Maybe just relay the facts? That little vid with that Toronto kid and Dmitri going on about Nylander…I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s like they went out and scouted Nylander and then chastised the Canucks for taking Virtanen…

    • Dimitri Filipovic

      Ted, we’ve had this chat before. If you feel that way please don’t read this blog. It’s really just that simple. Go outside for a walk or something instead.

      • Dimitri Filipovic

        I do enjoy this blog for some of the articles. I do. I just find it odd that you’re offended by my criticisms. I visit other sites for the detailed analysis etc but it’s nice to come here to pick up on some rumors or news etc. The extreme analysis on here…sometimes it’s a bit much…

        Anyway, I went for my run this morning so I’m good for the walk. Thanks though.

        • Dimitri Filipovic

          .. we’re not a rumours blog, though. We do analysis, and we give opinions. It’s part of the job.

          With that being said I assure you I’m not taking your critique personally. It’s just that you come on here and complain about the content so frequently that I figured it was worth reminding you that no one is forcing you to read it.

      • andyg

        It would be a lot easier to digest your clueless twenty year old kid analysis if you didn’t charge such an exorbitant membership fee for the privilege of reading this blog…

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    I like most of the articles here, but it is quite annoying to hear two kids literally bash a draft pick (yes, a DRAFT pick!) for several minutes!

    Hey, it’s just a draft pick, no one knows how that’s gonna turn out in 4-5 years. Just deal with it!

    You could’ve spend 20 seconds to disagree with the Canucks on the Virtanen pick, and then moved on!

    Let me just ask you one question; since this Nylander plays in Sweden, have any of you actually seen him play?

    • Dimitri Filipovic

      Yeah, there is some good info here but I wouldn’t bother with the editorials or analysis. Also, there are a number of confounding factors for CORSIs and FENWICKs but the numbers are interesting to look at; they aren’t going to be completely accurate but yeah…

      I do find myself looking for other sites though. Where else do the Canuck fans like to frequent.