Alex Burrows leaves game after taking knee-on-knee hit


Let me advise you against uttering the words “things can only get better” in front of Alex Burrows these days, or he may very well slap you right across the face. The sad irony of that is that were he to do so, he’d probably go on to fracture his hand and miss another 4-6 weeks of action.

It has been that kind of year for Burrows, who after missing a combined 33 games during the NHL regular season with a broken foot and jaw, left this morning’s game against Italy after taking a knee-on-knee hit from Joachim Ramoser (GIF via @myregularface, whose masterful work has extended to overseas action and is something we should all be thankful for).

Some additional thoughts on Burrows just past the jump, who I hope won’t strain his cornea reading this particular post.

This obviously comes just a day after word came out that John Tortorella had been campaigning for ownership to buy Burrows out throughout the season. As I mentioned in the write-up of Gary Mason’s Team1040 appearance, it’s not the craziest idea, considering the money Burrows is due, and the hellish season he’s coming off of.

But, even if the team was considering  – remember, the buyout window opens either June 15th or 48 hours after the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Final (whichever comes later) and lasts all the way through till 5 PM EST on June 30th – their hands would be tied on that front were Burrows to be injured. For all intents and purposes we may as well call this “The David Booth Rule”.

We’ll just have to wait and see what the diagnosis is, though it didn’t look to promising for Burrows as we saw him getting helped off of the ice by his teammates. This’ll hearken Canucks fans back to last year’s World Championships, when Alex Edler delivered a similar looking hit to Eric Staal, who wound up “being on crutches for about two weeks and went a long, long time without bending his knee” as a result of the play.

Either way, it may not be the worst thing for the Canucks to keep Burrows around and hope he got everything out of his system in this calendar year, rather than it being a sign of things to come..

it’s worth mentioning that Burrows saw his PDO take a catacylsmic tumble down from 103.7 (elevated, but not too far off from what he’d been posting for years) to 95.0 (grossly suppressed). The team was shooting 4.57% with him on the ice at 5v5, and the chances of that repeating itself next season seem slim to none. His other underlying numbers seemed to stay relatively stable, and if some of the percentages begin to normalize back in his favour, he could very conceivably get back into the 20-25 goal range next season. Unless he has (/will suddenly) experiences a significant decline in skills, it sure seems like a sucker’s bet to give up on him at this point knowing that you’ve still got to pay someone else to replace him in the lineup.

Of course, they may need to be open to some innovative strategies in order to keep Burrows healthy at this point. 

    • pheenster

      NM00 is correct. AMFB is not eligible for a compliance buyout. If the org decides to buy out Burrows, they’ll be on the hook for 2/3 of his cap hit spread over twice the remaining contract term.

      • pheenster

        So what you’re saying is…let’s keep the crap because by keeping crap, they’ll lose less.

        How shockingly new from a Canucks fanboy.See you at the cup parade next year, Botchfart.

  • Fred-65

    Didn’t you kind of think that AT SOME POINT this year, we would get to stop talking/writing about Burrows’ bad luck?!

    Is there some kind of bad luck record he’s going for now?

  • Mantastic

    Burrows is on the wrong side of 30 and he plays a gritty game, he’ll only get worn down quicker. his health luck, i can’t see getting any better, besides him getting knocked out for a long time due to a broken jaw.

  • Mantastic

    Torts speaks the truth about burrows. I would do a trade instead of a buyout though. Package him with kesler to philly for Wayne Simmonds.
    Sign ufas jussi and olli Jokinen. Draft nhl ready Virtanen with 6 overall. Package edler lack 2nd rounder for another 1st to draft Demko. And finally go hard for miller.

    Sedins Simmonds
    Jokinens Virtanen
    Jensen horvat Hansen/Higgins
    Kassian Richardson mattias/sestito

    Tanev hamhuis
    Bieksa garrison
    Weber Stanton/corrado


  • Mantastic

    And this is the guy the Canucks pay all those millions. Time to take your biting somewhere else Burrows. Don’t bite if you can’t back it up with helping the team win.

  • Mantastic

    “considering the money Burrows is due, and the hellish season he’s coming off of.”

    This would imply that Burrow’s season was filled with trials and tribulations coming from hardship. but the thing is you can;t have hardship when you’ve done nothing in a whole season, which is what Burrows did…nothing. I could have done nothing all season for the Canucks for free and yet they pay this guy millions to do nothing.

    It’s not a hellish season when you don’t do anything…that’s what people call a vacation. burrows had a hellish vacation.

  • pheenster

    A large % of Canucks had their worst years under Torts. This year was an aberration, IMHO. For Burrows, the effects of a broken jaw can be more than simply a broken jaw. There can be cognitive issues for weeks/months following the healing process. It seemed to me that he just wasn’t quite the same player until the last weeks of the season (when it was too late of course). While there were many, many issues regarding the team this year I believe it can be distilled down to one issue. If D. Sedin and Burrows score their usual compliment of goals they might not have won the Cup, but they certainly would’ve made the playoffs.

    • pheenster

      Sure sure, you just keep telling yourself that and how next year the Canucks will do as they said they would do for the last 44 years…

      Rewards always come to those who believe in the Simpson’s Mono-rail guy.