Other Shoe Finally Drops: John Tortorella Fired


After a whirlwind of news to start the month of April – with Mike Gillis was relieved of his duties and Trevor Linden being introduced as the President of Hockey Operations – things have been awfully quiet around these parts lately. Things had gotten so bleak in waiting for the next domino to fall, that this was legitimately passed off as news

While the team’s new decision-maker has taken his time in doing his due diligence and “downloading all of the data”, John Tortorella’s been left to wither on the vine as he awaits the final verdict on his future with the organization.

Now, we’ve long since learned that nothing is out of the realm of possibility with the Vancouver Canucks, but this particular decision seemed fairly cut-and-dried on the surface. Based on how pathetically the season unfolded in Tortorella’s first season behind the bench, the axe being dropped on his regime seemed like more of a matter of “when” than “if”..

Well, let’s just say that if you had April 30th in your office pool, you’re the first person to gain anything from the 2013-14 Vancouver Canucks season. TSN’s Farhan Lalji – who dropped the hammer on what was already a hectic night in the sports world – was the first on the scene to report that the coach will be fired tomorrow morning, bringing an abrupt and premature end to a tenure that was supposed to contractually last 4 years longer than it did. Of note, though, is that they’re only expected to pay out $1.6 million due to quite the nifty little loophole.

As we watch other teams compete in the playoffs, the Vancouver Canucks are now a rudderless squad in shambles, without neither a Head Coach nor a General Manager currently in place. How the times have changed around these parts, as 2011 seems like another lifetime ago now..

It’s tough to imagine that anyone, including Tortorella himself, could be remotely caught off guard by this piece of news. The writing has been on the wall for a while now, particularly after Trevor Linden didn’t exactly give him any real sort of tangible vote of confidence during his initial media blitz. 

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During the team’s locker clean-out and media availability, Tortorella sounded like something of a desperate man that was throwing some final haymakers on his way down. I think Jason Botchford summarized his final session perfectly:

“As far as last stands go, John Tortorella’s was as brilliant as it was ridiculous. It was filled with both hard truths and nonsensical contradictions. Amazing, really. Just like this season.”

“Amazing” is one way to describe what unfolded over the past calendar year. This is anotherThis is, too.

If someone asks you to explain to them what exactly went wrong to bring a once great team to this point, first ask them how much time they have. Because aside from snarkily responding with “everything!”, there’s way too convoluted a mess to sort through to succinctly summarize things. 

I guess the overwhelming number of soul crushing injuries are as good a place as any to start, but the issue is more deep-rooted than that. After all, teams like the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins each dealt with their fair share of guys missing extended periods of time, yet didn’t crumble like the Canucks did. Which brings up Tortorella’s criticisms from the aforementioned swan song presser, that the team is too stale and lacks depth. 

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Both are valid critiques, but also seem like they were self-inflicted by the coach himself. In one of his first appearances in front of the Vancouver media back in July, Tortorella told fans of the team what they wanted to hear. That he was a changed coach, who had intentions on helping expedite the “youth movement” people had been clamouring for, and criticized his predecessor for supposedly suppressing. 

As the year progressed, it was a lot of same old, same old, though. In fact, it may’ve been worse than ever. He rode the Sedin twins and Ryan Kesler into the ground in the first couple of months of the season, and they were never the same after that. 

A guy like Zack Kassian was routinely playing down the depth chart, while Jannik Hansen was, inexplicably, a top-6 stalwart for large chunks of the campaign. Top Sixtito was a fixture in the lineup, while younger, more skilled guys like Zac Dalpe and Jordan Schroeder needed all of the stars to align just to sniff any sort of meaningful playing time. Admittedly, while it’s not like he had a plethora of burgeoning assets to work with, he didn’t exactly utilize what he had said he would just to get in with the crowd. 

Even more egregious, though, was the coach’s refusal to adapt to the chess pieces he was playing with. There’s forcing a square peg into a round hole, and then there’s what he attempted to turn the Canucks into. He preached selling out for blocked shots (up from 11.44% of all shot attempts against in ’11-’12 to 14.2% this past season), and whether or not that directly led to the inordinately large number of injuries sustained remains a topic of debate.

What seems pretty clearly settled however, is that the Canucks sure seemed to be out of position more frequently than they had been in the past. In fact, I think you were just gift-wrapped an uncovered shot from the slot yourself! Congratulations, reader! It also led to a far less effective counterattack, particularly due to an uncharacteristically unpolished breakout scheme. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some updated zone exist figures sometime this summer

What was once a squad that the opposition genuinely feared because of their ability to embarrass them and make them look silly with their superior talent, was not only neutered, but then, in a misguided attempt to compensate for it, turned into a sideshow that aimed for moral victories more than actual victories in the win column.

Yet the fact still remains that, despite everything that converged into this perfect storm, the Canucks appear to be a prime candidate to bounce back with a more respectable showing next season. They were a top-10 possession team, and there’s reason to believe that we’ll see an uptick in some of the percentages that bit them in the rear in ’13-’14.

When a few players have the worst seasons of their respective career, you can look past it and say it was just an unfortunate coincidence. But when everyone suffers the same fate, it’s fair to look for an explanation beyond the surface as to what gives. How much Tortorella factored into that can’t be tangibly calculated, but let’s just say that if both the players and the team have something of a quick resurgence you shouldn’t be overly surprised.

Yes, John Tortorella’s tenure as bench boss was a colossal disappointing on nearly every single front, but at least it provided us with this gem that we’ll always be able to draw a laugh from. Torts, he has finally been freed:

 photo Torts_zps7657f88d.gif

As for us, we’ll find ourselves occupying this platform with a coaching profile series to familiarize everyone with some of the more notable candidates for the now vacant job. Hey, at least we’ve got the luxury of being able to go back to the well, and recycle some of last year’s series, right? There could also potentially be a rather notable name to add to the top of the list..

  • /fires confetti canon

    Glad this brief chaotic chapter in Canucks history has come to a close. I hope there are better times ahead.

    I will, however, fondly remember this season for the Torts locker room meltdown. That was pure, absurd theatre. Awful season otherwise, but at least there was something memorable about it…

    • Brent

      You wish. Hahahahah, all this move does is ensure Linden and the Canucks will be without a cup for another ten years.

      Oh man I’m so happy, knew it was only a matter of time. Gillis was a monkey and he ha years, now Torts is gone after one!

      Karma is going to be such a bi&tch to Linden and their fans next year and it wil be pure joy to see the same old core come back to choke again!

      Blessed! WOOOHOOO!

  • Brent

    The Canucks didn’t do so well, but damn, was I ever entertained!

    I don’t care what people say, this season was way more entertaining than the two seasons before it, when the Canucks just got into the playoffs only to lose 8 out of 9 games.

    He probably should go, and this is probably a good decision, but damn, no one, NO ONE, can deny that he was thoroughly entertaining.

    …and if there’s one thing I think he said that everyone in the city and organization should listen to, it’s that it’s “not 2011 anymore”. It isn’t. Stop thinking about glory days. It’s boring. More importantly, it holds the team back.

  • Brent

    We all knew Linden was not going to keep Torts.

    Linden sees torts the same way he saw Keenan and Messier…a threat to his futile hockey existence.

    Linden had to fire Torts because people who want to win do not mix well with losers like Linden.

    Losers do not want to be around winners. First they pis of Bure and now they fire a guy they’ve given one year and a dog of a team filled with quitters and egos.

    This can only mean one thing. Linden will be run out of this town in a few years and there won;t be any one you could throw money to come back here to fix the problem.

    You blew it again, Canucks!

    The curse of Bure continues!

  • The Benevolent Orca

    According to TSN Trevor Linden did his due diligence and spoke with all the players before making the decision on torts.

    Spectacular. Trevor Linden asks the players what they thought about the bad year. That’s like asking a group of pedophiles what they think about their crimes before making a judgement.

    Trevor Linden you never fail to amuse me. I’m are going to enjoy seeing that same look on your face you used to have when you choked on the ice for all those years.

    Messier and Keenan must be laughing their asses off now. Oh, you Canucks fans are going to be in for a treat. Don’t cry when it happens, you guys all asked for it! The hockey gods do not look fondly on folks who throw the wrong folks under the bus.

    Hey Trev, you should ask the players how much they all want on their next contract, then hand them more NTC’s. LOLOOLOL

    Canucks + half a century of Cup futility. Well played Linden…well played. LMFAO

  • Brent

    After they canned Gillis I thought maybe the Canucks would have a chance at building a winner. Now that Lindumb has fire torts I know that aint every gonna happen! Har har!

    Can anyone say #screwedyourselvesagain

  • ned

    Flames and Oilers fans with nothing better to do! You guys are pretty funny. Like five year olds begging for attention, but actually kinda funny in a pathetic sorta way.

    • Brent

      Yeah but Flames and Oil fans already knew their management and players are a joke. You guys on the other hand…hahahaha…you guys actually think Linden will bring you to the promised land! That’s beyond pathetic.

      You see, we Flames and Oil fans don’t rust what management says or does…it’s called skepticism based on results. Shsssssssshh don’t tell that tot he Canuck fans. LOL

      Oh who am I kidding. I’m not even a Alberta sports fan or citizen but I do lose seeing arrogant Canucks fans long faces as they surely will pile out of the arena next year while consoling each other with their white towels. The joy of seeing them lose is almost orgasmic.

      I can’t wait till next year! LOL

  • The Benevolent Orca

    Funny how Canuck fans are now throwing Torts under the bus. First, it was AV and now another coach in a years time.

    Canucks fans and their mouth piece media have been saying how Kevin Lowe has run out of coaches to throw under the bus and what was Linden’s first decision? Throw the coach under the bus. lol.

    Deep down inside you guys know what’s going to happen. Linden is going to turn this circus into a train wreck and some where down the line his team may face Torts again when it counts and guess what will happen? You guys never seem to learn, even from your own mistakes.

    I’ve always said, when you have owners and management and fans like the Canucks have…you don’t need opponents. Good luck getting anyone from a winning franchise to come here Trevor. there are not alot of people in the league that want to be the next bus victim. and ex players and ex management and coaches talk and the word on the NHL grape vine does not paint a good picture of your franchise.

  • ned

    I copied this paragraph from someones blog-

    “I don’t remember the coach re-signing Roberto Luongo to that 12 year contract, then not being able to trade him for fair market value, traded Cory Schneider, then unceremoniously unloaded Luongo after he was not played in the Heritage Classic. Wait – there’s more. After watching the Sedins point totals dwindle since the 2009/10 season, and in the twilight of their careers, they were rewarded with contracts of $7 million each, which currently represents 22% of the total cap salaries. Alex Edler, who was recently last in the NHL in plus/minus (-34) received a six-year contract worth $30 million.”

    Oh how true. It isn’t over yet folks. Trevor Linden will signal a new era of darkness that makes the old dark days look like a walk in Beverly Hills.

  • ned

    You see that over photo guys? That’s Torts yelling at the refs and sticking up for the team just like he did in Calgary.

    And how does the team, Linden and the fans repay him? By throwing him under the same bus Gillis threw AV.

    Bravo Canucks, way to go. I definitely don’t see this coming back to bite your ass like the last 44 years has.

    Mark on calender, 50 years and no cup…check.

  • acg5151

    Reminds me of Mike Keenan a little, I have to say.

    This firing won’t change anything. This team is legitimately stale. The defense – while solid on paper – has no real chemistry with one another, apart from dan Hamhuis and everyone not named Edler.

    Our forward group doesn’t have the depth to compete. It is true, Tom sestito is not a good option at all but there aren’t really a lot of guys ready to step up and take his job. Maybe Darren Archibald.

    I think we really need a 4 line thst can play 8 minutes instead of 4. Brad Richardson is a good start but we need other guys than zac Dalpe and Tom Sestito. Between Mike Zalewski, Kellan Lain, and Darren Archibald we might have that but we need a coach who will play them above Tom Sestito.

    We need a right shooting 2nd pair two way d-man who can help fix Alex Edler. Say what you will but he had an awful year.

    Until we fx those issues and have a coach who will play the top two lines about 19 minutes a night, give the third line about 15 minutes and give the 4th line about 7-8 minutes we aren’t going anywhere.

  • ned

    This team is done. Stale, tainted broken goods.

    As for Edler, being someone else in to help him? he will just taint everyone who comes in contact with him as well.

    I have this feeling that next year I will say
    ” See? So the problem wasn’t AV or torts. It was Gillis and the team he put on the ice. “

  • ned

    Putting aside all the Flames and Oil banter that is going on, last nights Sharks/Kings game had two guys that would be interesting candidates to succeed Torts.

    1.Maclellan could be a very interesting candidate that is well known in the NHL. Has a great reputation leader his players listen to and play for and is a winner by any standard. He hasn’t win it all, but neither did Sutter until he went to the Kings.

    2.on the Kings, Stevens, who I thought should have been the coach last year. He has done a great job in improving Doughty’s game and developing very good young players like Voynov.

    I wouldn’t mind either coach, but lean towards a guy that could bring out the PLAYER in Edler and develop a cohesive core in the back end. The defense should be a strength, but under Torts it was a confused and sad unit.

    The plus for either coach would be that they know the division, and unlike Torts wont have to get accustomed to travel and the players. Let the firing begin!

    • ned

      “I wouldn’t mind either coach, but lean towards a guy that could bring out the PLAYER in Edler”

      You’re kidding, right?

      Instead of looking for a way to help fix a problem, wouldn’t it be easier to just get rid of the problem?

      Edler is a lost cause, We all know this. What’s the point of getting a new guy for Edler to bring down?

      This team is full of coach, self esteem and winning culture killers. They don’t need to execute the coach. They need to bring in the guillotines for the stale players.

  • The Benevolent Orca

    Torts misused his players. Simple as that.

    I have no doubt Torts is a fantastic coach. He also seems like a really nice straight forward guy, no BS. I absolutely love that about him. I’m even a little sad to see him go since he never really had a chance to do much here.

    That being said, a full blown rebuild is underway and just as in real life, to rid yourself of the rotten pieces, everything must go. I’m a little concerned that former team mate and player Linden won’t have the gull to trade some key players on the team, but I hope I’m wrong.

    Todd McLellan gets my vote for coach. I don’t see that man being with San Jose for much longer.

    • ned

      John Tortorella for Todd McLellan?

      McLellan has worked for two excellent organizations and has done a good job of resetting San Jose by integrating Couture, Burns, Hertl, Nieto etc into the older core of Thornton, Marleau & Pavelski.

      And Torts could fix San Jose’s country club team or some other such nonsense.

      But who are we kidding?

      Doug Wilson isn’t dumb enough to make a swap like that…

      • The Benevolent Orca

        I don’t know about the idea of bringing in McLellan even if he is a good coach just in terms of the SJ problem (excellent regular seasons, playoff flops) given what we’ve been experiencing the past few years. It’s also hard to imagine him not a little bit affected by this collapse — I’ve been trying to figure out what stings more, completely sucking like the Canucks in 2014 but being pretty clear from a month out that you’re not going to make it or crashing and burning like St. Louis or San Jose (or even TO in the last month for that matter).

        Regardless, I suppose the big question is what kind of coach you go for at this point if we are in rebuild mode. The criticism of Stevens in LA was that he wasn’t sufficiently “passionate” or that he was too loyal to the young players and critical of the vets. I don’t really care about all of that but I think if he has a good track record of developing young players perhaps that’s the way to go? I think such coaches have a hard time of it though because their lack of overall success isn’t a recipe for keeping the job for long. Such coaches seem better suited to the AHL I think. I suppose Travis Green is still too green to be in the NHL? He seems to have had a decent record in the WHL and AHL (despite being hamstrung in Utica with a relatively talentless squad).

        • The Benevolent Orca

          LA & SJ are maybe two of the top 5 teams in the NHL.

          One of them had to lose what was really a coin flip series.

          SJ won 3 coin flips in a row.

          LA won 4 coin flips in a row.

          I’m not putting the series loss or the sequences of the four losses on McLellan…

          • The Benevolent Orca

            “LA & SJ are maybe two of the top 5 teams in the NHL”

            The Kings are a topper team

            “SJ won 3 coin flips in a row.”


            “LA won 4 coin flips in a row.”

            You wish

            “I’m not putting the series loss or the sequences of the four losses on McLellan…”

            If Torts was their coach you’d put the losses on him…

          • andyg

            In no way is San Jose a top 5 squad. They pollute their bed every post season. If it is not clear now, it won’t be seeable to you — ever. San Jose is basking shark swimming every year amongst great whites. Despite living longer lives, these guys always seem to be mouth wide open when it counts.

            Top 5.

    • The Benevolent Orca

      Torts misused his players. Simple as that.

      The players made Torts look bad, just like they made AV look bad, just like they made themselves look bad in the SCF.

  • The Benevolent Orca

    I was completely wrong and thought he’d be staying on for at least another year. Just when I thought we were done paying ex-Rangers millions for doing nothing….

    On a side note, Luongo has turned out to be quite the Coach killer over the last couple of seasons. This will be the 3rd coach in 2 years that he’s started for and got fired. Just an odd thought I had. If Tallon gets fired that would be 2 GMs in that span as well.

    • The Benevolent Orca

      Why would you suggest Luongo is a coach/GM killer and not say the same of Henrik, Daniel, Kesler, Bieksa?

      And what makes you think Tallon is getting fired?

      This is probably the best time in franchise history to be a Florida fan, imo…

      • acg5151

        You missed the joke here. If you’re still following hockey, Florida’s coach got canned too. None of the guys you mentioned played there as well this year. Tallon was also part of the joke, nothing says he’s getting fired. *coaxes camel to drink*

        Take a good look at the history at the of the Florida franchise. It has seen better times, yes before you fire it at me, new ownership, new direction. But I’m not so sure I’d agree this is the best time to be a Panthers fan, unless you are travelling to Florida looking for cheap hockey tickets.

        • acg5151

          I know FLA fired their coach. But Lou wasn’t in Vancouver when Torts was fired…

          Perhaps I’m overly optimistic about Florida now that they have Tallon, new ownership, Lou and will soon have another potentially impact player via the draft.

          But there at least seems to be some reason for hope…

          • acg5151

            Argh. I had no idea you’d take it so literally. It’s humour, you’ll have to allow some freedom around the facts to fully appreciate it.

            Impact players via the draft isn’t exactly what Florida needs at the moment. Although it’s a killer asset to have in the bank, they are in the same-ish kind of boat as the Oil whereas they need to break free from the draft dependency and go out and get some more veteran “impact”. At least in my armchair GM position.

            I will say this, I like the youth foundation they have a lot better than the Oil. It seems a little less disjointed, and more suited to building around. Lots of size too.

            Agree with you on Linden, makes perfect sense if you’re hiring a new GM to let him have his man behind the bench. I liked Torts though, this season would have been really boring without him.

            You should start printing T-shirts for your fan club. It’s really taking off these days.

  • The Benevolent Orca

    Also, at least the Aquilinis can thank Gillis for including the firing clause in Torts’ contract so they pay him 1.5 or 2 million instead of 8. I wonder if Gillis had a similar clause in HIS contract…

    • The Benevolent Orca

      “Also, at least the Aquilinis can thank Gillis for including the firing clause in Torts’ contract so they pay him 1.5 or 2 million instead of 8. I wonder if Gillis had a similar clause in HIS contract…”

      Gillis saved the Aquaman a few million but cost him many more with NTCs.

  • The Benevolent Orca

    Why Canucks fans should thank Torts.

    The Hawks exposed the Canucks. Gillis stayed

    Boston exposed the Canucks. Gillis stayed.

    The kings exposed the Canucks. Gillis stayed.

    The Sharks exposed the Canucks. Gillis stayed.

    Torts exposed the Canucks. Gillis got sacked.

    sorry boy, no one can turn pig sludge into a michelin star meal.

    • The Benevolent Orca

      Trevor Linden never wanted to play anywhere else but in Vancouver. We all know why. Because Vancouver is the only place that would tolerate his sub par standard.

      And now the guy thinks he can assess talent and personnel. A guy who’s never won a thing in his career is now in charge of making critical decisions for the team. The comedy never ends in Canuck land.

      Linden said firing Torts was a difficult decision. Sorry Trevor, throwing the coach under the bus was the easy way out, ask Gillis.

      What Linden is going to find out is that the hard part comes when he has to sit up there in the box and wonder why his team still stinks, and why he got himself in the sorry position in the first place.

      A smart man would surround himself with winners and let them do their thing. Linden since he was a player hates to be near winners. Ask Messier. Linden couldn’t stand the site of a winner and he probably thinks he was the reason why they went to the finals and not Bure.

      The profile on Linden is a text book case of someone who hates winning and hates to be around winners because winners will always exposes loser and that’s what torts would have done so he had to go. Linden 101. Simple.

      • The Benevolent Orca

        With your eerie ability to see into the future you should be doing something more productive with your time than hanging out on a Canucks blog.

        I suggest the stock market.

        • andyg

          You see, I’m not predicting the future. All I’m doing is telling you that crap puts out crap.

          And ugly girlfriend will also turn into an ugly bride and an ugly wife.

          This is called simple logic, looking at history.
          Linden is a nobody in the league. On his best days, he would have been a 3rd line center…tops
          I’m just calling a Linden for what he was as a player.

          If you think an ex nobody player who’s been out of hockey for year while running a fitness club for vain downtown hipsters is gonna build a winner in Vancouver, you’re as gullible as the women who believe when Jennifer Aniston says
          “the secret is out, hydration is in.”

          • acg5151


            I do agree with you that he’s by no way shape or form will be guaranteed to build a winner. In fact, there is a good chance he will fail, especially its not easy cleaning house on a team full of NTC’s…

            However I did take offense that you undervalued Linden as a player – at his best – 3rd line centre at his worst, sure, but 75 points in 80 games is considered 3rd line material? I can’t imagine what is considered 4th line points if that was the case…

            Your analogies are weak at best. Your simple logic has its fallacy. That playing, coaching/managing are not hand in hand. Did Gretzky, Nieuwendyk, Clark, Hull – who are considered great players in some circles – made that great of coaches/GM’s? While fringe/average former players like Shero, Babcock, Crawford, Quenneville all have either coached or shaped a team to win a cup?

          • Linden was the poster for the team when he played, but the reality was that he was never going to be good enough to be s 1st liner. there were a lot of players who made Linden look better than he actually was. His trade from the team showed that he was over rated in a country club all that time.

            Fact is, the Canucks and their fans and darling media have been saying how they need a center, need center and that’s all it would take. Wrong, Canucks never went out to get one or develop one because they were lying out of their asses. Trevor was simply left overs to be used to sell tot he fans as prime cuts.

            “While fringe/average former players like Shero, Babcock, Crawford, Quenneville all have either coached or shaped a team to win a cup?”

            Again, why are you talking about winners and a winner organizations? It’s not like your Canucks are winners. It’s not like they won anything, in fact they never won anything. Your examples are pathetic at best, trying say that some great ex players weren’t great coaches means that average joe Linden will do well here. LOL

            well, going by your thinking, if Gretzky who was a heck of alot greater player than linden ever was couldn’t make it as a coach, then what the hell is your Linden going to do? Face the facts, Linden is a joke, was and will be on a joke of a team who’s an embarrassment to anyone who has to live in BC.

            “there is a good chance he will fail, especially its not easy cleaning house on a team full of NTC’s…”

            And if Linden doesn’t clean house he will fail.
            Not easy cleaning house? No sh&t sherlocke, look at how many years the circus hasn’t been able to win a cup, look at how many years fans like yourself have been saying ” it’s too hard to get good players, it’s too hard to get a good GM, it’s too hard to get a good coach, it toooo haaaaaaaaaarrrrrdd.

            You had some good players and coaches…and what did you guys do? that’s right, you guys TRADED them and kept the LOSERS. AHEM the SEDIN SISTERS. Ya, you just keep sticking by them and I’ll see you at the cup parade next year. HA!

          • acg5151

            Yeah and you had a cup winning coach, but you guys fired him and kept the SH&T team. Good job, anyone with a brain would have done that.

            Edler worst int he league, Sedins MIA, Burrows MIA, Kesler MIA, 1st and 2nd line MIA, who cares about that? Fire the coach! LOL

            All the Canucks are missing is the Benny Hill music. Case closed.

  • The Benevolent Orca

    Any sense on why Sullivan was also fired but not Gulutzan? Is this a result of the players’ influence in their exit interviews or whatever with Linden? You’d think a new coach would be given their own staff instead of being saddled with part of the old one, though I know there’s precedent.

    • The Benevolent Orca

      Perhaps Cam sent Trevor a link to Vancouver’s 5v4 possession numbers?

      While it’s extremely early, I’ve been quite impressed with Linden so far.

      He may not use terms like “puck possession” yet, but he has spoken about not sacrificing offence in the name of “stiffness” like the Gillis/Torts Canucks.

      While he of course wants to win, he wants to play an exciting brand of hockey at the same time.

      Of course, that’s all just PR nonsense and he’s clearly a much better representative of the brand than the previous regime.

      Most impressive, though, is the speed with which he made decisions in regards to the coaching staff.

      He didn’t fire Torts immediately.

      But he also has not wasted time making a decision like the previous regime did with AV.

      Sure, it’s only the honeymoon period.

      But I wouldn’t kick him out of bed yet…

      • andyg

        I am also pleased with what we have seen from Linden.

        Very happy that we will not be punished with watching Torts type of hockey. Can you imagine if they built the team to suit what Torts wanted.(paint drying type of hockey) I would need to drink more!

        Lindens description of what he is looking for in a coach sounds a lot like Crow. What would fans think of that?

        • acg5151

          Very happy that we will not be punished with watching Torts type of hockey.”

          Do you prefer the other style? When Sedin was punching Marchand’s glove with his face?

          Or do you prefer when Luongo had his meltdowns and screwed the who series when he asked for his tires to be pumped?

          Or was it when Alex Burrows bit another player and gave them more ammo to use against the team?

          Or do you prefer the style that got that swept by the Sharks and the kings?

          am also pleased with what we have seen from Linden.”

          He’s done nothing but fire someone who’s won a cup. what else has he done? It’s easy to fire someone, it’s harder to build a winner. And unfortunately, winner and Linden go together like water and oil.

  • The Benevolent Orca

    I love it when Oilers fans — the same losers that toss their jerseys on to the ice during fits of intolerence spliced with disloyalty — appear on this page and flood CA with repetitive drivel. Would it not have made more sense to elect one loser to journey over here and make a bland and generic criticism of Linden instead sending a horde of cliff-diving lemmings over here to entertain us (preferably one with a grasp of English grammer)?

    Anyway, Oilers Nation, tanks for the visit.

    P.S. I take great pride in watching Flamers come over here just to mimic the Losers. It’s enthralling.