Canucks Army GDT #79 – Ducks @ Canucks

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As part of a weird scheduling quirk, the Anaheim Ducks visit Vancouver for the second time in just 8 days. No, they’re not just here because they love yoga pants and rain; they’re here to play some hockey, and potentially fill out the paperwork to finally and mercifully euthanize the 2013-14 Canucks.

As you know by now the Vancouver Canucks need to win their final 4 games in order to have any sort of chance at a miracle playoff bid. In theory it’s not like the Ducks – who have been badly sputtering lately, highlighted by a 4-2 loss in Edmonton yesterday for the second time in 10 days – are some sort of insurmountable opponent. 

But they’ve absolutely owned the Canucks this season, outscoring them by a 21-6 margin in winning all 4 meetings between the two teams. They most recently handed them a 5-1 defeat in that aforementioned game last Saturday.

Take your final breaths, and say your last words.

Broadcast Info

Puck Drop: 7:00 PM PST

TV: Sportsnet Pacific

The Canucks

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There isn’t much lineup uncertainty with the Canucks at this point, except on that bottom defense pairing, as it remains unclear whether Yannick Weber will be able to return to the lineup after missing Saturday night’s game or not. 

In his first game back up with the big boys since prior to the Olympics, Corrado actually didn’t look all that bad, finishing in the black in terms of possession (14-10, albeit in a sheltered role going up predominantly against LA’s 4th line).

Eddie Lack gets his 19th straight start, which ties the Vancouver record for most consecutive starts by a goalie, previously held by Corey Hirsch. Congratulations Eddie, you now share something in common with a guy who posted the following save %’s in a Canucks uniform: .903, .894, .890. Woo hoo! We might actually get to see Jacob Markstrom soon, which’ll be quite the revelation, mostly because it’ll prove that he really exists and isn’t just a figment of our collective imagination.

One final note:

That tweet from Sestito to Kassian was sent last night, and was promptly deleted by the looks of it (it’s not appearing on Sestito’s timeline anymore). It’s in reference to the picture atop this post, from that meeting 8 days ago when Patrick Maroon sure seemed like he wanted no part for Crazy Kass. 

The result was an awkward tussle in which Kassian wound up putting Maroon in some weird convoluted looking hold, that was quickly broken up. It was so weird that they didn’t even get 5 minute majors for their efforts. It’ll be interesting to see if anything bubbles up tonight, but it would behoove Kassian and the Canucks for him to stay out of the box considering how well he’s playing these days.

Sestito and Maroon fought once in the AHL back in 2011, by the way.

The Ducks

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I kind of went in on the Anaheim Ducks in previewing the last meeting between these two teams. Their underlying data continues to be pedestrian at best, and they’ve been struggling against mediocre competition for the last little while here. 

Yet despite all of that, they still remain 1 point up on the San Jose Sharks with 1 game in hand, which is monumental; if they’re able to take care of business in their final 4 games they’ll manage to avoid the Los Angeles Kings in the opening round, and give themselves a legitimate chance to see the 2nd round for the first time since ’08-’09.

They’re starting highly touted goaltending prospect John Gibson tonight, which’ll mark his first career start. That’ll probably boost their chances of winning given how questionable Jonas Hiller has been lately.

Also, this’ll be the last time Teemu Selanne comes to Vancouver, and despite not being listed in the lineup above, it appears that he’ll play (since he sat in the first of the back-to-back yesterday). He has 17 goals and 33 points in 27 career games at GM Place/Rogers Arena, and 91 career points against the Canucks. It’s kind of depressing watching what he has become, but what can you do. It can be tough saying goodbye sometimes. 

And that, folks, is what we call coming full circle.

The Numbers

via Extra Skater:

Canucks Ducks
5v5 Corsi Close % 51.9% (T-9th) 50.0 (14th)
5v5 GF/60 2.14 (21st) 2.92 (1st)
5v5 GA/60 2.16 (13th) 2.11 (T-8th)
5v5 PDO 99.7 (T-17th) 102.2 (2nd)
5v4 GF/60 4.95 (27th) 5.54 (20th)
5v4 SF/60 58.4 (4th) 51.7 (T-12th)
4v5 GA/60 5.07 (6th) 6.56 (21st)
4v5 SA/60 39.4 (1st) 50.4 (T-17th)
    • andyg

      Pretty obvious those pros and dumps are from other teams who want fatso Gillis to stay and bury the team for good. Not much of a vote when the writing is all over the wall.

      Here’s a better poll for you guys.

      Props is you think fatass Gillis should be fired.

      Trash if you think fatass Gillis should be

      Don’t vote if you think fatass Gillis should be fired.

    • andyg

      It’s particularly amusing since Torts was the key summer acquisition of the predictably failed reset.

      Because this was the year when prospects were finally to be integrated into the NHL roster…

      It almost makes me want Gillis retained for another season with a new coach.

      That way, when the Canucks miss the playoffs next year there will be no more coach blaming…

      • andyg

        Dude, it was never “reset”, it was “bullSHET”. Doing nothing to address their real problems is not resetting anything, it’s just more of the same turd. The only thing Gillis did that was any good was to get rid of the classless twitter pump my ties loser Luongo. But that was far too late and already at the expense of Schneider. One step forward, 2 steps back. Now that’s one zit gone but there are still a face full of pimples in the locker room he did not deal with.

        Somebody needs to tell the twins that they ARE allowed to play well individually. God knows they even have a hard time playing well together this season. Gotta love Sedin’s happiness when he scores a goal recently. Looks like he just won a trip to Disney Land or something. This is supposed to be your captain folks…the season is in the toilet, he doesn’t show up for most of the season and when it doesn’t even count anymore, he pots a goal and he looks like he’s having an orgasm in a shampoo commercial.

        Edler against the Kings finally learned that he’s supposed to kick in goal on the APPOSING team and not his. Burrows scored few late in the season ( too late ) and will disappear again to keep up with his ” I’m a steaky player rep”. *Which means he can’t score. Kesler is still living in the land of Predator dreams and sweaty Gillis constantly looks like he just lost all his dogs in a wood chipper accident. News flash Mike, there’s no crying in hockey, especially when the turd is from your own doing.

        I think Gillis spends more time with his alter ego ” Mark Eddy ” on the province sports comment section blaming Torts or defending his own sorry ass than doing anything to help the team. Hey Mikey, give it a rest, no one is buying it, homes!