Canucks Army GDT #78 – Kings @ Canucks


When the Vancouver Canucks went into Los Angeles to take on the Kings back on January 13th, they were sporting a 24-13-9 record on the season. Their opponents on that night were 27-14-5, a measly two points ahead of them in the Pacific Division.

The Canucks wound up losing the hockey game by a 1-0 score, but were widely hailed for how they “handled their business” on that night. The players themselves, sounded exceptionally upbeat basedon their remarks following the game (via Vancity Buzz). 

Sure, they may’ve lost the game that represented the battle, but by all accounts they proved to the world – and even more importantly, themselves – that they would no longer be pushed around by the Big Bad Kings. So maybe, just maybe, they’d better positioned themselves to win the eventual war. 

[/record scratch]

Unfortunately, the illustrious momentum we’ve all heard so much about didn’t wind up carrying over. The Canucks lost by a 8 goals in their next game, and have gone 10-19-2 since. Of course, it’s not just as simple as that; injuries and bad luck and all that jazz factored into their tumble, but the point about how silly the hockey community can sometimes be with all of this fighting/momentum/character mumbo jumbo stands tall.

Broadcast Info

Puck Drop: 7:00 PM PST


The Canucks

Lineups via Daily Faceoff:

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 12.47.15 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 12.55.30 PM

You’ve probably heard by now that Henrik Sedin is expected to make his return to the lineup after missing roughly two weeks of action. He’s expected to be the pivot for Chris Higgins and Nicklas Jensen, at least to start. 

I imagine we’ll see Henrik be reunited with Brother Daniel on the top line at some point, with Jensen potentially getting a crack at being their running mate. There isn’t much to look forward to at this time, but how the young Dane does if given that opportunity ranks high up that short list.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know definitively, but based on the fact that Yannick Weber was the only member of the team not on the ice, it appears he won’t be available for whatever reason. In anticipation of this the team called up Franklin Corrado, who will hopefully actually get to play a bit this time around. It’d be nice to see him get something more out of this than just the additional Air Miles.

Jacob Markstrom gets the sta–.. hahaha, just kidding. 

The Kings

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 12.42.29 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 12.42.21 PM

Drew Doughty was injured the other night in San Jose, and obviously the void he leaves on LA’s back-end is immense. I don’t have absolutely the slightest clue who Andrew Campbell is, but based on his AHL numbers it appears that he’s more of a rugged defensive-minded defenseman than anything else. 

But let’s just assume that Doughty’s injury isn’t all that serious (which would appear to be the case since he travelled with the team to Vancouver). This is a very, very scary team heading into the playoffs. 

And a large chunk of that has to do with Marian Gaborik, who they got for peanuts from the Blue Jackets at the deadline. According to the duo of Gaborik and Kopitar (who are joined by Justin Williams as the 3rd member of the top line) have controlled 61.7% of all shot attempts at 5v5 in the 145+ minutes they’ve spent together. That is absolutely obscene. 

As Corey Masisak noted in his Power Rankings yesterday, all of this puck possession has slowly started to translate into more goals scored for the Kings, and if that keeps up they’re going to be a gargantuan force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately for them, and hockey fans all around the world, they appear to be on a first round collision course with the San Jose Sharks — a series which would be unquestionably worthy of a Western Conference Final.

But first a hockey game needs to be played tonight.

The Numbers

via Extra Skater:

Canucks Kings
5v5 Corsi Close % 51.9 (T-9th) 57.2 (1st)
5v5 GF/60 2.16 (T-19th) 2.03 (26th)
5v5 GA/60 2.19 (14th) 1.60 (1st)
5v5 PDO 99.7 (19th) 100.2 (T-11th)
5v4 GF/60 4.88 (T-26th) 4.88 (T-26th)
5v4 SF/60 58.6 (4th) 50.9 (14th)
4v5 GA/60 4.98 (5th) 6.10 (18th)
4v5 SA/60 39.7 (1st) 49.6 (14th)
  • argoleas

    Maybe we were all wrong and Markstrom is actually Rob Laurie or Chris Levesque in disguise.

    Also, I am amazed that we have actually won 10 games since Moral Victory™.

    What would it take to remove Sestito from the lineup?

  • argoleas

    There should be a video game called “Moral Victory”. The player never wins, but he feels good about himself on each level. He also gets a purple participation ribbon once the game finishes him.

  • argoleas

    I like to give the coach at least a little bit of the benefit of the doubt when it comes to line matching – they’re obviously privy to all kinds of things we aren’t, BUT WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THE DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS!? Edler/Bieksa has been a terrible combination since the beginning of time, the most effective defensive pairing in years for Vancouver (Hamhuis/Bieksa) hasn’t had a sniff all year… it’s just completely baffling and beyond explanation.

  • andyg

    8 points out of the play offs with 5 games left.If we loose tonight we are picking 6th.

    Why are we playing to win?

    I understand people pay big money to go to games.

    Maybe you could all take signs that say “top5draftpick” so owners know what the fans want.

    Maybe Ehlers,Dal colle.

    • andyg

      More people trashed this comment then agreed with it.

      Are there really fans out there who are thinking that the team could still some how make the play offs and win the cup?

      What are you smoking!

      This year has gone really bad and is a right off. The one good thing that could come out of this year is a real good prospect.

      Maybe we could win the lottery and get Reinhart.

      There would be no need to trade Kess if that happened.

  • andyg

    The Kings have a good owner with good management and they win the cup and have a contender.

    The Canucks have a interloping owner with crap management and they are still spinning their wheels.

    someone please sign Mike Gillis to a 20 year contract with a NTC. would love to see Gillis Kamakaze the entire franchise into the ground. LOL

  • andyg

    Hey guys, does anyone here think that Canucks owner Aquaman has a striking resemblance to the “Catwoman” lady in that had one too many plastic surgeries to make herself look like a feline cat?

    I suspect the owner and the Cat Lady are one in the same. Either that or they both have the same plastic surgeon.

  • andyg

    Is it wrong that I was far more invested in watching the Leafs tumble against the Jets than in watching the Canucks lose at the last thing they could have won this season, getting one of the better players available in the draft?

    • andyg

      I agree.

      It was nice to see the twins play well. (a good sign for next year)

      The team would like to end on a high note to show that when healthy they can play like they did in December.

      A top six would have been nice! A top six could have given us that needed top six maybe as soon as next year.