CanucksArmy Podcast: Nov 21st, 2013

The CanucksArmy podcast is back this week!

Featured on today’s episode is Vancouver Province beat writer and TSN contributor Jason Botchford. It’s a long podcast (true) filled with a tonne of uplifting Canucks talk (not really)!

As always you can stream the podcast from within this post:

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Thanks for listening! We’ll have a new episode for you next week and an iTunes link so you can subscribe.

  • asdf

    Just regarding Zack Kassian, he is not a top 6 forward however he is a great 3rd line banger. Just leave him there and stop talking about playing with the Sedins as its not gonna happen. He will be great playing in this position if they make the playoffs.

  • asdf

    1. Hitting on Ehrhoff, Tanev & Stanton (while missing on Ballard, Schneider, Barker & Alberts among others) is hardly hitting a homerun on defence.

    2. Accepting gifts from Hamhuis & Garrison do not qualify as homeruns either.

    3. The Canucks don’t have the cap space to be big players next summer at the moment (with a number of raises still pending) and the cap will go up for everyone.

    Aside from the unrealistic homerism & manufacturing consent for the organization, good podcast…

  • asdf

    We’ve got 4 veteran forwards getting paid. Daniel-Henrik and Burrows-Kesler each need to carry a young forward on their line. We don’t have the depth like LA to load up the top line.

    If we want the Jensen and Kassian trains to get going, we need our top guys to start driving their trains. Hertl’s playing with Thornton, Coyle’s with Parise, Saad’s playing with Kane, Nichushkin’s playing with Benn, Conacher’s with Spezza. Those guys aren’t all stars.

    That would leave us with a Higgins-Santorelli-Hansen 3rd and why are we even wasting cap space on a 4th line?

  • asdf

    Love Botch on this episode! He’s always entertaining, I don’t know how team 1040 could give him up.

    Agree with the Kes experiment. He’s not a winger. He had his best season playing as a centre. They don’t have the depth. They need him playing centre. But I agree with Drance that Kes as a centre ‘could’ degrade his body. But they need him as a centre this yr. Next yr, try him at wing for a longer period of time when Gaunce or Horvat joining the team.

    Also agree with the Kass treatment. It’s perplexing. Gillis and co have made so many bad trades in their tenure, you’d think they’d be desperate to make him work. Ya, he hasn’t played extremely well this yr. But like Botch said, the 3rd line has been deployed sporadically and inconsistently. They need to give him a shot in the top 6. They have to. They do’nt have a choice.