Canucks Postgame – GOAT

We didn’t do one of the Nations familiar “Stars and Goats” posts to start the season, but I can guarantee Dan Hamhuis wouldn’t have been on anybody’s “GOAT” list. I’m headed out for the night and Dimitri is… somewhere, so we won’t have a full recap of the game until tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here’s the thread you can complain about events that happened during this game, or about Hamhuis.

Goat or no, this is one of the game’s great bloopers that we’ll laugh about come Game 60. 

Goat or no, it’s also worth noting that Dan Hamhuis’ PDO coming into this game was 86.7, the lowest on the Canucks. While it seems like he’s been bad this year, he’s gotten some brutal puck-luck, and this little negative run of his probably won’t last. Inexusable was the penalty he took on Lars Eller, that resulted in the 3-1 goal that likely put the game out of reach.

But maybe the Canucks came back. I don’t know. I have it on PVR. Don’t tell me how it ends.

  • Alsker

    Is it too early to say that the Canucks are an average team? Or is that considered blasphemy?

    These donkeys just don’t seem to be able to learn. But hey, who can scoff at the Gillis master plan, starting with Hogson to now. Take your above average team, than make it below average and voila, you should have a winner.
    Poor torts, he must want to dump half the team into the Pacific. Oh it was nice to see the twins do the usual ineffective back pass here, back pass there , fancy shcmancy stuff that never pays off except at cruddy teams.

    But hey, who am I to say that a team that can’t even beat a slightly above average team like the Habs are below average. Now I see the whole plan. Take sub par team and somehow by the grace of the universe turn donkeys into race horses.

    And Luongo keeps his streak of one or more stinky goals per game. Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse.

  • Alsker

    Santorelli should also ask the Canucks for a trade, he could do soo much better for his career than wasting it on this sad sack team and organization. Cause you know what’s gonna happen is that they’re going to blame him for the teams failures and trade him away to keep Kes and Twins and the rest of the losers who NEVER seem to learn. But of course, as the Don Taylors would imply, it’s never the twins fault, it’s never Luongo’s fault, it’s never anyone’s fault on this team.

  • Alsker

    Terrible, awful, horrible game. I was there, and to my eyes, that was one of the worst I can remember them looking. Looked slow and tired. 2nd goal was terrible on everybody’s part, but I didn’t think Luongo had a bad game otherwise. Price was fantastic though, and it honestly never felt like the Canucks were in it after yr 2nd goal. The Sedins and garrison were the only positives.

    What a disaster

  • Alsker

    Right I forgot, santorelli was good. Also, hamhuis WTF. Is he hurt? Did he just get real stupid all of a sudden? I get PDO and all but my god he was terrible tonight

  • asdf

    the problem with the nucks is that they are way too complacent with themselves. For over a decade now it’s been nothing but failure after disappointment after chokes. Those guys are so happy when they win an average game but cannot parlay that into a long term goal. they have no direction or internal compass. They are consistently inconsistent. And the sad thing is they’ve been doing this for so long, it’s like a heroine addict trying to kick a bad habit after 10 years of addiction, not likely going to happen.

    What is shocking is that despite an obviously mediocre team, there are actually people who would shell out money to watch these guys play. The bottom line is this has been going on in this club for a long, long time. This clearly shows that the players here have no pride. Pride as a competitive athlete. The dressing room is also fractured and it shows. I would not surprise me if no one in that dressing room calls anyone else out. That team wouldn’t last one week in the Boston dressing room. and by that, I mean, they would run the twins or Hamhuis or anyone of those floaters out. It doesn’t matter how talented you are skill wise, if can’t teach a “winners mentality. winners hold themselves and everyone around them accountable. It’s safe to say that the only thing the Canucks can hold is hot air.

    The Pens had an off year last year. The AVs problem was management and coaching and direction, it sure looks like they rectified that. The Canucks…man, where do I start?
    As for Hamhuis, this wasn’t his first bone head mistake. Trade the sucker, send a message. Pay attention or hit the road. But…you know what, they won’t trade him. The message then is as it always is. Make stupid bonehead mistakes, stay on the team. Why would an addict quit when you’re always giving him the heroine? Chance after chance after chance. There are mistakes in the game and there are mistakes that speak to what a player is truly made of. Hamhuis, like alot of other players, should be kicked to the curb because right now only the curb can teach them things they obviously can’t learn any other way here.

  • Big Cap

    It’s more and more evident that unless this group plays teams that are weak and non playoff contenders (Edm & Cal) then this team gets EXPOSED to any Club that has any heart or talent.

    For the past 5+ years this team beat up, and inflated their personal stats against a terrible NW division. This made every Canuck player and Fan believe they were better than what they really were. Chicago, Boston, LA and SJ proved that as they beat up and outplayed a pompous, over achieving Vancouver Canacks team.

    ****All summer and training camp we heard from the media, the team, and his arrogant self directly, that this would be RYAN KESLER’s year and that finally after 2 injured seasons he would be back to score 40. Needless to say, he’s once again been a major BUST!!! Yes he did put 9 shots on net last Saturday and scored a meaningful 5th goal in a 5-1 game, against the Oilers, but as usual as the opponent’s talent level and heart increases, he completely disappears…

    The Window has Officially Closed in Vancouver.

    • asdf

      Youre a tool. The whole Canucks inflating their stats playing in the NW Division is utter nonsense. You realize that the Canucks only played a total of 4 more games vs their own division that anyone else in the west, right? Of course you didnt, because you are just spouting the same drivel that you are spoon food from uninformed media types and your fellow troll tug buddies.
      And how the did the mighty Kings, Hawks, and Sharks fair against the NW? A combined 25-21-14 In 2012/2013.
      And if you only counted the games the Canucks played outside of their division and averaged it for a season they still would have been at the top of the league.

      And in case you missed it Vancouver has beaten LA, Chicago, and SJ in the playoffs.

      Get back under the bridge troll…your stupid is showing.

      • Big Cap

        Those are impressive regular season stats.

        Here’s a Playoff stat for you and all of Canuck Nation: 1 Win, 10 Loses, in the Canucks last 11 playoff games.

        Say what you want about the regular season, and take great pride in those President Trophy Banners you so proudly hang from the rafters.

        The Fact is, The Canucks were out played, out muscled, and bullied by Boston, Los Angeles, and San Jose the past three years. Shall we look up the personal stats of Henrik, Daniel, and Kesler during those playoff rounds???

        Like so many Cinderella teams in the past who had miraculous runs to the Stanley Cup final, they eventually lose. However, none of the other Cinderella teams lost game 6 and then gassed game 7 at home to lose the Stanley Cup.


        • Using facts to try and convince 5minutesinthebutt is just wasting your time. He’s obviously a Canuck shill, who’s probably connected with the sad sack Canucks in some way or form. You know they say, ” shillers gotta shill.” that’s how they make a living, 4 cents per shill comment.

          Forget about the stats, tools like 5minutesinthebutt live in a delusional world, where facts take a back seat to blind hopes and delusional dreams. The Canucks could lose every single game and he’d still say the glass is half full.

          You are mistaken about the canucks being Cinderella. They never were Cinderella but one of the ugly step sisters with their falsely inflated egos. Too happy to beat average teams but always schooled by the ones who take winning in the NHL seriously. They even have guys who score on their own goals and play for the other team. They got a GM who’s never even made it to the NHL let alone knowing what it takes to win there. They had a coach who was emotionally and mentally constipated during the finals. They have scouts who couldn’t scout for grass in a backyard. They have a captain who thinks the C stands for “chicken”. They call players who only perform once in a blue moon like Burrows, “streaky”. They trade real contributors and keep worthless deadweight. And yeah, most of all, the Canucks love TALKING about winning but their are never any ACTIONS to back it up.

          You know what the old saying is in some countries? ” NO MONEY? NO TALK.”
          In their case…” NO CUP. JUST TALK.”

          • Wow you are really giving people from Slurry a bad name Bob.

            What I find especially funny is your comment about hendrik. Remember the hit Dustin Brown laid on him two playoffs ago? How many people would have come back and played after that? Think about all the injuries he has played with to keep him iron man streak alive? Just because he doesn’t fight, doesn’t make him a chicken.

          • Wow, you really like to make excuses for that club. And I do remember that hit. He did come back to play and you know what, he should have stayed in bed. Do you also remember how the series went? Of course you don’t, you have what is referred to as “selective” memory.

            You’re giving delusional fanboys a whole other meaning with your excuses. It’s not the refs , the league, the big bad Bruins, Bettmans fault….it’s gotta be Dustin Browns fault. God knows how no one gets hit int he play offs except the Sedins. Let’s give him an award for taking a hit and still being useless.

            More Canucks excuses. Hilarius. Almost a half century of excuses.

          • Maybe you should read my quote again. Maybe I was tying too fast for you? NOWHERE do I blame Dustin Brown for the loss (although he did play very well!). All I was doing was replying to your misguided supposition that Henrik is a chicken. And yes I do remember that series, how could I not. The team came in assuming it would be easy playing the 8th seeded team. Obviously they had not read Thomas Drance’s evaluation of the numbers. Daniel was out and AV had no back up plan if he couldn’t play. The power play has underwhelmed all year, but Newell Brown made basically no changes, just “assuming” that by doing the same thing it was going to get better. The Amex line had great numbers when they had played together, yet AV decided not to put them together for the playoffs. Edler was playing brutal, and yet he still got lots of minutes. It certainly was not entirely a coaching issue, but the team had the capability to at least do much better in that series. The fact that they went on to crush all the oppostion that year speakes to the depth of LA and their coaching. Not sure that Torts is the answer, but a change I think in coaching is a positive thing. Canucks are suffering from a lack of depth, that I think can be attributed to Gillis trading away draft picks and some possible weakness in scouting. But there are some bright lights out there. I am certainly not overly optimistic for this season, but they will make the playoffs and then we can see what happens. Depends a lot on injuries and a certain amount of puck luck.

          • Now this time you have more excuses.

            So what are your Canucks going to do about it? Oh yeah, nothing but do what you;re doing, MAKING EXCUSES AND POINTING OUT THE OBVIOUS.

  • Please. Can I get everyone to do me a favour?

    Go back the past 5 years. Look at the blog of your choice (or CDC, as it has been around the whole time and is a fair barometer) for the month of October in each and every year. Please.

    You will find article after post after thread after column lamenting about how the team has lost it, or how they will suck for this reason or that (Luongo, finals hangover, just a bad team, etc.).

    They were wrong each and every time, and the Canucks got drastically better as the season went along. I used to think it was just Luongo that was bad in October, or AV, but it must be another factor that makes us start slow. (Well… AV is having another characteristic slow start…)


    I know that Hamhuis has a very low PDO, but I actually think that the Canucks are lucky to have their best start in the last 6 (?) years. Normally, we don’t have Santorelli/Garrison bailing us out, and we could easily have two less wins.

    So, yes we look like a mediocre team. Yes, we can’t seem to beat good teams right now. Yes, that was a fancy soccer-dribble-back-kick Luongo pulled on himself. Yes, this is how we ALWAYS look. Yes, we will get better. (Yes, I am using a collective pronoun when the closest I have come to the Canucks is interviewing Luongo.)

    This is just another of our slow starts, and we will get rolling within a month. Before you tell me that this year is different, and we actually DO suck… Please look back to those same arguments being vehemently argued a year ago today. And two years ago today. And three years ago today. And 4 years ago today. And 5 years ago today.

    *Disclaimer, I am not saying we have solved our playoff-based problems… Just that this team is not significantly worse than the ones of the last two years.

    • They ” look” like a mediocre team? You can’t ” look” a loss, boss, you lose because you “played” mediocre. And the team played mediocre because they ARE mediocre.

      Slow start? Is that what you call it? do you have a solution if the team sucks again for the 45th year? Or will you say the same thing in a years time.

      Here is the typical list of Canucks coolaid excuses, just to save anyone here time.

      1- The team wasn’t bad, compared to the worst teams in the league.

      2- It’s too hard to draft well, or get a GM who knows what he’s doing.

      3- We won two Presidents Choice Cups in 45 years so that means we are successful.

      4- The Sedins need help, it’s never their fault, it’s the other guys on the team

      5- This team isn’t as bad as last years team.

      6- This team need this, so trade the future away for next to nothing.

      7- It was the refs fault, the rules, the bad luck.

      8- It’s all Messier’s and Keenan’s fault.

      9- There’s always next year.. and the next and…

      10- They will win because I base that on hopes and not on facts and wins and losses.

      11- All we need is this dude and we will be a winner.

      12- We need to support and cheer for mediocrity because by doing that, you will create a winner.

      Did I miss one? LOL

      • Sorry… You must have misread my post. We are PLAYING like a mediocre team. Just like the last five years.
        We didn’t win the cup in either of our President’s Trophy years, but that doesn’t mean we were mediocre.
        To me, mediocre is being in a dogfight for the playoffs at the end of the season. If you are comfortably in, you are above average, if you have no hope with a month or two to go, you are below average.

        I think that, just like every other year, the Canucks are better than they look right now.

        I DON’T have a solution to their issues, and I DON’T think they have a much better chance at the cup than they did last year.

        People seem to think that we are going to be mediocre this year, ad by my definition, I doubt it.

        I wasn’t “taking comfort” in those wins… That was my point about the “lucky to be where we are” thing. We could easily have only one win right now.
        That is more in line with the records of other Canucks teams of the past five years.

        Sorry, but what does 10/50/31 mean again?
        I don’t know that SJ is as good as they look right now, and LA could fall off, but yes they all look much better than the Canucks.
        I think that by the end of the season, the Canucks will be in or only slightly below their level.

        To me, that isn’t mediocre. That is good team.

        And every good team in the playoffs has a shot at the cup. Statistically, only 20% of games are won due to one team being better. The other 80% is luck. That means a better team gets a 1-2 game “advantage” in each 7 game series, the rest is luck. Playoff results corroborate that too.

        If our “wasted” years involve the Canucks being the 5th-6th seed, I am ok with that. We may not be good enough to contend, but w are good enough to get lucky.

        • asdf

          Not sorry, they are a mediocre team. Will do nothing this play offs, if they even make it there at all. Any year you don;t win the championship is a wasted year. We don’t pay to watch players play for money. We watch them play to win the championship. It’s the national gallery or the trash bin. Low aim is the biggest crime man commits. Low aim is what the Canucks ar synonymous for.

        • Sorry, I didn’t mean you, specifically, were taking comfort in those wins.

          But there were definitely some fans getting swayed by the SSS after 4 games against bad rosters aside from SJ.

          10/50/31 refers to the fact that the 10 most expensive players on this team eat up $50 million of the cap and averaged 31 years of age on opening day.

          Personally, I consider mediocre to be somewhere in the 11-20 range.

          Which is where I expect the Canucks to be at the end of the year…

          Being in the 11-20 range is fine for a roster like Montreal considering the age of their core and the upside potential.

          It’s an absolutely awful position considering the makeup of the Canucks roster, though.

          Sure, the Canucks could get lucky and win a series against a better team.

          But I sure as hell wouldn’t count on them getting lucky 4 times…

          From a pure W-L perspective, a “successful” season would be fending off the younger/higher upside teams such as the Avs, Ducks and Oilers among others.

          At least the Oilers seem to be doing their part…

          • Fair enough.

            Yes, that is worrying. And it will be even more worrying if the reports of a 4-5 year, 7.5 a season deal for the Sedin’s is generally true.
            Incredible players, the more you watch them the more you realize just how spectacular they are. But they are getting up in age, and while they certainly have the playing style to be the next ageless wonder… That just means their odds are better than 0. The number of Jagr’s and Selanne’s of the world are heavily outweighed by the number of cerebral first liners who go down-hill as they approach 35.
            I have great hope that they will continue to be 70 point players until they are past 35, but I don’t know that I would bet 20% of my cap on that. That’s from a purely performance perspective… Looking at it from another angle, everyone wants the Sedin’s to end their NHL careers here. What they have done in the community is beyond money.

            With the definition I presented earlier, mediocre is a 6/7th-10th seed, which, assuming conference parity, translates to around 13-20th. You think a 10th place team is a good ream 8, I think a 12th place team is above mediocre. Semantics.

            I think the Canucks could definitely place in the 10-12 range in the league. For an off year for a team, that isn’t too bad.

            Quick tangent on Hard Puck City.
            I vehemently disagree with not only the content of your post, but the philosophy behind it.
            “Low aim is the biggest crime man commits”. Did you really just say that?

            This could quickly turn into a rant that no one else wants to hear, and has nothing to do about hockey.
            Quickly, man certainly aims “high”.

            I’m just going to ignore the list of crimes, both literal fekonies and oherwise, that are in a completely different league than “aiming”.
            I could say a million things here, from the dark side capitalism embodying “aim high”. to just dismantling that notion completelyz… But I will just make a reference to Rush, one of the best sports movies I have ever seen.
            Niki Lauda walked away from a race he could have won. He didnt aim high in the way you are referring to.
            James Hunt did not. If you have seen the movie, I would much rather be Niki.

            Back to hockey, and addressing both NMOO and HPC. There are three ways to approach an aging core in sports. The Flames way, the Oilers/76ers way and the Red Wings way.
            *note, I am overgeneralizing on purpose here. It is much more nuanced, not simple at all, and somewhat dictated by the specific conditions of your team, NTCs, a GM’s self-interest, etc.

            The Flames way is to not make any effort to rebuild, and to hope that your team can pull a rabbit out of the hat and win a championship with one last Kipper hot-streak and Iginla dominating. That could work, but if it doesn’t, you are left with an old core, devalued trade assets and very little in the way of prospects filling organizational holes. Easy to do, will likely end badly.

            The Oiler’s way is to basically dismantle the team, and somewhat unintentionally suck enough to get a bunch of high draft picks and hopefully vault yourself to a cup. It takes a GM that is willing to lose his job, ownership willing to lose a lot of money (relative to winning seasons), and luck that stars are available for you to draft. The 76ers take it a step further, don’t even pretend to put out a competitive lineup, and are designed to “win” the top pick. The Blackhawks/Penguins have pulled off this rebuild successfully, but the Oilers are yet to be determined. It takes both luck and skill to fill out your roster and get a cup before the cap dismantles your team.

            The Red Wings way is the toughest, and arguably requires the most luck. Decades of playoffs sustained by a few players with extended reigns as stars (Yzernan, Lidstrom, etc.) even as the core kept again. Key young players are brought in time after time, and free agents are willing to sign with a proven winner with a good reputation. There have been lull years in Detroit, when they weren’t really in the chase for the cup, but they always had a chance and after enough chances they won. More than once.

            I think it is obvious that the Canucks want to emulate the Wings, for more than one reason. I really doubt the owners would agree to an “unnessecary” full-on rebuild. Gillis has already said that Detroit is his model franchise. I am fine with this. I don’t see the Canucks missing the playoffs any time soon, and the amount of young players that are almost ready to contribute means that we should have a much deeper lineup in the next two years, even accounting for the couple of unforseen busts that will be bound to happen. If you trust Gillis to parlay the current roster into assets, and you trust that at least some of Horvat/Gauncs/Corrado/Jensen/Lack/Eriksson/Shinkaruk/Schroeder will become impact players, I see this team trending upwards. The core may be old, but it isn’t Calgary-old and we have the prospect depth to have a reasonable chance at pulling a Detroit.

            Not every year has to be cup or bust. If we have a chance at winning every year, and that chance should go up (assuming Gillis doesn’t eff us up) from here, I am ok with that. I am comfortable knowing that over the long run, we are more likely to win the cup in the next decade if we are in the playoffs every year than if we rebuild for 3-4 years and then have 2 years if ELC bourn advantages.

            I think that this is taking the long view, aiming high for the cup, but that means that there will be years where we are the 6th seed in the playoffs. And if that’s the worst the Canucks will ever be, that’s fine with me.

            Also, NMOO, would you be interested in writing? I’m being serious. If not for CanucksArmy, then elsewhere.

            This reply could have been an article, if it gets buried under new articles and isn’t seen, I may repost it.

    • While I agree with your main point that it’s early, people were similarly taking a lot of comfort in the performances against Edmonton (without their top 2 centres), Calgary & New Jersey.

      1. Luongo isn’t likely to have a sub .900 save percentage.

      2. Kesler isn’t likely to score 0.17 PPG

      3. The Canucks aren’t going to allow 3 non-even strength goals against per game (though they were never going to kill off every penalty, either).

      On the flip side…

      1. Santorelli isn’t likely to score 50+ goals

      2. Stanton isn’t likely to put up 40+ points

      3. Garrison isn’t going to put up 10 shots a game.

      The team might not be “significantly” worse than last year’s team.

      But where is the realistic upside to improve and overtake, at minimum, Chicago, St Louis, LA & San Jose to get into even the 2nd round?

      And why would we believe the upside on this roster outweighs the downside of the 10/50/31 core?

      This just appears to be a wasted year where the Canucks are stuck in the middle: not good enough to contend and not bad enough to rebuild.

      With an old core no less…

      • asdf

        Yes, too early to say either that the sky is falling or alternatively to plan a parade. I’ll agree that the Sharks look like world beaters right now but last year they started 7-0, then went 2-10, picked it up again, obviously tore apart the Canucks and then flopped as per usual in the playoffs. With the exception of Chicago I still don’t know that anyone necessarily stands head and shoulders above the rest in the league.

        Santorelli and Stanton are admirable fillers but nothing more. When the lineup evens out, I think you see Burrows and Kassian on the top two lines, and Santorelli on a better 4th (though I’d swap Dalpe for someone like Lain given he’s not a fourth line c from what I can see).

        You may be a grumpy Eeyore and I might disagree with your predictions but I’ll take them any day over the moronic ramblings of trolls posting on these boards. Must be nice having that kind of time…

        • asdf

          I don’t know about Kassian being a top six forward anymore. I kept hoping he would turn it around and something would click, but I’m not sure anymore. It seems like Kass has already setup shop in torts dog house with his crack about his playing shape and suspension! I hope that he can stick with the Sedins…. But he just doesn’t seem to get what being a pro is about

          • asdf

            I think that it’s still too early to tell, especially given that it was his first game of the season and he obviously missed out on much of the preseason. I don’t know if he’ll still get a chance with the Sedins but really Santorelli is like this year’s Tambellini, a good guy and a nice story but not a realistic longterm fit. If AV hadn’t pushed the eject button so quickly on Kassian last year I think we might have seen something more promising — I think he could really have developed some chemistry with them. It’d be good to get a young player confidence and some points playing with them rather than someone who’s a depth player.

        • asdf

          My “predictions” about SJ, LA, CHI & STL have little to do with the early part of the season for what it’s worth.

          Honestly, I haven’t seen anything this year to make me believe the Canucks are getting out of the first round…or that they are a basement dweller.

          And I’ll take grumpy Eeyore over delusional Canuck fan 🙂

          • asdf

            I would agree about CHI and LA, though only the last has really top flight goaltending. Despite their early thrashings of us I don’t think SJ is going to keep this up and I don’t know about STL.

            I’ll grant you that at this point the Canucks look inconsistent and haven’t pulled it together against real opposition (CAL and EDM clearly don’t count). I thought they dominated for large stretches against MTL but then completely fell apart after that fluke goal. Granted it’s demoralizing to give up a shorthanded goal and granted it’s especially so when you do your best Steve Smith impression in doing so, but they were only down by one with half a game left. Not terribly inspiring. But I still think it’s early days and some of the Canucks’ players have either had terrible starts (Hamhuis) or unlucky ones (Burrows, Higgins). If we’re at the 25 game mark and we’re still at this treading water game then perhaps you’re right. But I’ve seen too many teams go through too many ups and downs to write them off just yet.

            I don’t think I’m particularly delusional. Hopeful, yes, else why bother watching and supporting a sports team at all? I’ve been lucky the past decade not to have to wonder for the most part whether the Canucks will actually make the playoffs — a welcome change from the decades before and thank god I haven’t had to support teams like the Oilers, Leafs or Isles otherwise I’d have little idea of what the playoffs actually are. I’m not sure that being supportive of one’s team makes one blind to their faults. I do know that I don’t go into the start of their games predicting (hoping?) that they’ll lose…if I did think that it would be a colossal waste of my time to even watch them

          • asdf

            “I haven’t had to support teams like the Oilers, Leafs or Isles otherwise I’d have little idea of what the playoffs actually are.”

            The difference is that those teams had some glory to look back on. The Canuck’s can’t seem to take the first step or the next one. There’s no point in going to the dance if you can’t dance.

          • asdf

            Yes, I am sure looking back on the glory of those teams is fun to do. I am sure watching reruns of the 60s, 80s and 90s is much more enjoyable than trying to watch those teams of late.

          • asdf

            Aside from the Canucks play after the tic tac toe goal courtesy of Hammer, Lou’s left skate & right skate, there was nothing espescially surprising/disappointing last night.

            Personally, I thought it was the most entertaining Canuck game of the year.

            My outlook on the team has little to do with 6 games this season…

            And, to be clear, I’m not hoping for the Canucks to lose (yet).

            But I absolutely will be after the 40 game mark if the team is simply battling for a playoff spot.

            Perhaps that will force some actual changes in the organization as opposed to hanging around the middle with an old core and limited upside on the roster…

  • Big Cap

    New Jersey was once called a mickey mouse franchise by Gretzky and look at them now. they are a respectable franchise with some real glory to look back on. The Canuck’s are and will always be a mickey mouse franchise until they smarten up and stop making excuses for everything they do. the biggest problem with the Canuck’s isn’t the poor play or managing or drafting ( which are their problems too), it’s their absolute unwillingness to admit that they have a problem. With an addict, you can at least try and treat the person. the Canuck’s and their die-hards won’t even admit there’s a problem. How can someone who doesn’t even that he was at fault, be corrected?

    Someone call Gordon Ramsay, this team and it’s culture is an absolute mess and a disgrace to anyone who’s lived in Vancouver for over 30 years. I actually hide the fact that I live in Vancouver whenever a stranger brings up the Canuck’s.

  • Big Cap

    So, it’s seems like the quality of the comments section this season will be as brutal as last season (maybe more, given the early results).

    Remember back when fewer people read this blog and and the comments were full of level-headed insight? Back before all the trolls and Betty Hendersons turned this forum into a poor man’s CDC?

    Ahhh, those were the days.

    • Big Cap

      For awhile we had a decent board. But I guess it could be chalked it up to small sample size.

      Now that the message board PDO is regressing back to 1, the people who use the message boards for their emotional and mental health needs inevitably have to come out.

      I see the pair of Weber and Stanton were slaughtered with corsi numbers under 13%. Richardson, Sestito and Dalpe were all under 18%. Weise was under 30%.

      How do you say “incendie de pneus”

      The top players dominated or held their own, the bottom got destroyed.

      Hamhuis the goat was over 60%……

    • asdf

      Correlates pretty directly to the quality of writing. As I pointed out last week, we have here another off-the-cuff Charron ‘postgame’ piece that feels like it belongs on CDC.

      Figured I’d give them the benefit of the doubt, but its now Sunday night and apparently none of the writers are sober enough to do a proper recap? Christ, they might as well hire NM00, at least he puts some effort + work into his rants.

      For now I’m gonna stick with PITB, at least they can find some humour in the losses. Will check back in periodically in the hopes that Drance starts writing more often again.

  • asdf

    Hahaha such dramatic fans. It’s one game in october. Chill out. We knew coming into the season that we are an above average team who are a step below the elite handful teams in the nhl. One loss doesnt define a season and we will likely make the playoffs and will be in a tough spot to win it all. So if youre one of the ppl who refuses to accept or watch a team unless they are elite, dont follow this team or root for the ones who will likely win a lot more games than vancouver. Its still a good team and hopefully we improve as an organization in next 75 games. 75 games. Also hamhuis has proven over many years to be a great defenseman regardless of what ur observation has been in the last ten days. So lets not jump to dramatic conclusions. I thought it was an entertaining game. Canucks just need to have enough depth to not play sestito or dalpe.

    • asdf

      “We knew coming into the season that we are an above average team who are a step below the elite handful teams in the nhl”

      The ‘above average’ part is debatable.

      Or, at the least, it could be by the end of the year…

  • DCR

    That goal sucked, and I really do think luck is playing a factor, especially with Hamhuis. He’s got good underlying numbers and while they don’t help any one game, they do mean that over a whole season his luck is likely to regress toward the mean.

    As for the quality of the team, I’m not going to judge this year’s team until I see it play; and we haven’t seen the whole team yet.

    Let’s see what happens when they get Burrows (and Schroeder) back and everyone is off suspension. Last night they were missing their biggest minute D-man and a top-6 forward.

    Does that mean they’re a legitimate top team? I don’t know. I do know that we’ll have a lot better picture of where they are come the middle of the season when they’ve adjusted to Torts and have the regular lineup in place.

  • Big Cap

    Never thought I would say this so early but this road trip could be a make or break trip. The fact is that the Canucks have not been a good team at home in some time and that is the problem. I bet we will probably go 4-3 or 3-4 on this trip , but home ice is where there needs to be improvement. Back to back one goal efforts is pathetic Higgins Booth and Kesler need to get better . Face offs blocked shots are great, but no team wins scoring one goal per game! Our playoff loses can be summed up by one comment lack of secondary scoring. Each team puts its best Defenders on the Sedins and dares the rest of the team to score, which they don’t. No second unit PP in fact the second unit can’t even control the puck in the offensive zone. Hammy a problems come from one thing that is being behind and having to press the issue on offense then being caught out of position. If the Canucks are up, Hammys game is solid and simple. Too bad the Canucks have spent most of the season down.

  • asdf

    The Canucks are like a store bought el cheapo pizza. No matter how you move the dry ham, moldy peperoni and canned pineapples around the pie, it still tastes below average.

      • Big Cap

        Same to you, nimrod. Your pea brain is smaller than your logic.

        Go and ask your Canucks organization for a 4 cent raise for your Canuck shilling. Don’t be mad at me cause no one but you believes in your hopeless team, son.

  • While I’m not one of those smashing the panic button, I am venturing into the “concerned” department. 6 games into a season, I want to slap myself for this – I know. But I can’t help it.

    After last season, then another summer of changing coaches them ‘doing nothing else’ – I think fans have a legitimate right to be guarded.

    But I am seeing the same issues in 6 games this year – that I saw last season. Namely, horrific bottom 6, WTF goaltending at EV, Kesler looking like someone I don’t even know and still no 3C. The bottom 6 has killed this team in 4 of 6 games this season. Not good enough. I don’t care about apparent injuries. The team they iced against the Habs will probably be the healthtiest team they ice all season – given their history with injuries. I know people joke about Lu’s struggles in Oct, but we saw him struggle last few months of last season, and well into November in 11/12. Given what happened to him this summer, I am concerned we might see the real Luongo for long stretches again. What if he never regains his elite status due to all the drama that inevitably surrounds him in this town?

    And Kesler. Canucks Army people, are yo not concerned that he’s not driving play anymore? 6 games, I know. But he’s getting killed out there, and it’s ugly. I don’t care he has 1 goal, I care he’s a borderline negative possesion player who’s been on the ice for tooooo many goals against again this season. Sound familiar. It’s 12/13 season all over again.

    And what’s going on with this 3C positition. For the life of me, I’ll never understand how Gillis couldn’t sign a 3C this summer. Or the summer before that. Or the summer before that. That’s how long it’s been vacant people.

    I’d like to see this team beat a team who made the playoffs last year. In 3 games, it hasn’t happened yet. They’ve been outscored 12-3 in those 3 games. The possession #’s are murderous in those 3 games. It’s ugly. Is it a foreshadow for how this season will go? I think so. With only 1 actual line going, Lu with a league bottom EV SV%, this teams in for along haul unless they make a change.

    • Big Cap

      Do you know what the Canucks and Oprah have in common? The do alot of talking. Gillis and that organization have never had any real intentions of getting players they need. They’re no different than folks who have a master/slave mentality. They always expect to get something for NOTHING.

      As for Kesler, he’s done as a player. He can’t or won’t improve and anyone who gets ice time and does nothing with it is more of a liability than an asset. The real kryptonite are the Sedins. They look real good when other players give them room and time and don’t molest them. But as soon as those factors are gone, they go all X-Men powers of invisibility when it counts in the post season. Winning teams have a formula for success based on success. The Canucks have a formula of losing based on losing.

  • To quote Surrey Bob, this entire thread is “hilarius”.

    I might start skipping the comments section on CA, for better or for worse. Wait, I mean I actually will start skipping it. So don’t troll this comment, I won’t read it. CA you guys are doing a great job, everyone else go to hell. Thanks for reminding me, via your comments, that most peoples’ thought processes are a steaming pile of garbage.