Canucks Reportedly Interested in Douglas Murray, For Some Reason

I made a similar sour puss face when I heard the news; (Image via Tumblr)

Yesterday, news broke that Chris Tanev was at a standstill in his contract negotiations with the Canucks, and that he was receiving interest from teams in both the KHL and Swiss Elite League. Today, Jim Jamieson of The Province reported that the team has been "kicking the tires on huge free agent defenseman Douglas Murray".

Read on for more about why Douglas Murray is not the solution.

I find it awfully ironic that a day after the report of Chris Tanev – a darling of the analytical community, who relies on playing a smart positional game and not getting burned too often – potentially moving to a different league surfaces, the suggestion that his polar opposite would take his place arises.

At this stage of his career, Murray, essentially a 33-year old pylon, is not a good hockey player. Of course he hits big, occasionally drops the gloves, and plays a mean game, so old school media types seem to be infatuated with him. You’ve probably heard that he’s a "gamer", I’d bet.

All of those things somehow make people overlook the fact that he has been one of the worst possession players in the league for a few years now. The opposition wants him on the ice as much as possible, because they probably feel like their chances of doing damage are substantially enhanced. If you’d like to learn more about Murray as a player, please feel free to read this take from the Sharks blog Fear the Fin, which fully encapsulated all of my thoughts on him.

Somehow, the Sharks were able to acquire two 2nd-round draft picks from the Penguins in exchange for him last March. It kind of still blows my mind that they were able to get that haul, but then again, Doug Wilson is fantastic at his job and sometimes GMs around the league make rushed, poor decisions around the deadline.

I don’t know what kind of contract he’d fetch, but considering he’s coming off of a deal which saw him make $2.5 million for four consecutive seasons, I can’t really see him agreeing to play for peanuts. For the same amount of money, I’d much rather see the team bring back Andrew Alberts to bridge the gap on the third pairing. 

I guess if you’re really reaching for reasons to get excited about the idea of Murray as a Canuck, there’s always the fact that his nickname is "Crankshaft". That’s pretty cool. He also dated Elin Nordegren for a while. That’s all I’ve got. Let’s hope that nothing comes of this report.

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    OK you’ve scared the crap out of me. This is a joke right? I have respect for the way Murray played the game in his prime, but he looked like he could barely skate last year. Spent most of the playoffs looking for his jock. Alberts for certain if the choice is between the two.

  • BrudnySeaby

    If Gillis actually signs this pylon, I’m fully convinced he is suffering from PTSD after the game 7 loss to Boston.

    It would continue a trend of acquiring “toughness” through the draft, trade (Kassian & Booth) and free agency to compliment a 2011 core that, shockingly, isn’t as good as it was in 2011.

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    I agree with the assessment of Murray. He’s way past his prime and is clearly not the answer and this is probably just the Canucks move in a chess game of bluffing after the report from the Tanev camp came out about his bluff of playing overseas.

    However, Doug Wilson….. good at his job? You’re talking about the same GM who gave away Christian Ehrhoff for Patrick White so he could clear cap space to somehow come out the wrong end of the Dany Heatley trade even though Ottawa had no leverage, right? Okay. Just checking.

    • Dimitri Filipovic

      Every single GM in the history of professional sports has at least a couple blemishes on their résumé. Wilson has done a phenomenal job at keeping the San Jose Sharks relevant for years. He’s easily a Top 5 GM in the NHL for me, personally.

  • BrudnySeaby

    HAHAHAHA… If this happens we should officially call those guys in white with the straightjackets and have them visit the Canucks head office cause somebody would be out of their mind!! Wow!

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    All this Tanev to the Swiss league or KHL and Murray to the Canucks is nothing but a slow NHL summer because of the lowering of the salary cap. This being the first yr under the agreement RFa’s like Tanev are going to wait and see if they can get leverage of anytypa and the team will float rumors. Tanevs best situation is in Van and Vans best move is Tanev, just nothing else to report.

  • Dimitri Filipovic


    Are you seriously ragging on Wilson for the Ehrhoff/Lukowich salary dump as evidence that he’s a bad GM? Really? Yes Heatley has sucked for years but at the time that looked like a decent move. I also seem to recall Wilson plucking Thornton out of Beantown for a not-yet-decrepit Marco Sturm and not much else.

    But as to the post itself, yes disastrously poor choice if the Canucks decide to try for a Murzyn 2013 edition (maybe a bit tougher than Murzyn but just as much of a pylon). And what kind of Swede’s name is Douglas Murray?

    • Dimitri Filipovic

      Murray likely has little impact on Tanev resigning in Vancouver.

      It would impact Alberts or someone like Fistric.

      Assuming the Canucks go with 8 defenseman.

  • Dimitri Filipovic

    I suspect GMMG just wants to have a big defenseman on the roster so that we can have the OPTION to use him occasionally against teams with big power forwards that like to camp out in front of the net. So as long as he’s on a two way deal I can live with Murray…

    • Dimitri Filipovic

      No way Murray signs a 2 way. It’s rare for guys with his experience to do so unless they are AHL lifers. If all he’s being offered are 2 way deals, his agent starts taking calls from the KHL.