Big Changes Coming? Five Core Canucks Who Could Be Traded

Last weekend, I shared some thoughts on the five most valuable Canucks. The list was met with some criticism (mostly – why did I even make it?), as many wondered the point to rank players that will likely never get traded.

First off – if Wayne Gretzky can get traded (sold), than any player can be moved. Who saw Philadelphia moving Jeff Carter and Mike Richards a few summers ago? And secondly, it is always good to do an evaluation of all players, from top to bottom. Dan Hamhuis doesn’t get the credit he deserves from Canucks fans for how good he is on a consistent basis, and Daniel and Henrik Sedin are still elite two-way forwards, even if their offensive production isn’t where it was a few years ago.

Anyway, today’s list looks at the five most valuable and tradable assets in the organization. Could the Canucks conceivably trade the Sedins? Sure, it could happen. But the odds of such a trade are very, very, very low.

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Alex Burrows ($4.5 million per season, signed through 2016-17)


Burrows is a really, really good hockey player. He is the most universally liked Canuck among team fans. He scores goals, is one of the best defensive wingers in hockey, and has tremendous hockey IQ. He can play on the top line in a scoring role, or on the third line in a shutdown role. He is the Western Conference version of Pascal Dupuis.

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Because of all of those nice things, he would be able to fetch the Canucks a nice return. He is 32 years old, although he got a late start to his NHL career. The Canucks usually try to avoid to pay big money to forwards past the age of 35. Burrows will be 36 when his new contract expires.

His reputation as a pest and borderline player still follows him around, and that may impact how the Canucks are perceived around the league.

Why not?

He’s a big game performer (cliché, sure). He has worked his butt off to get better each year. He has also worked really hard to change his game, although he gets absolutely no credit for that from the media outside of Vancouver.

Trading Burrows would only make sense if it brought back a young top six forward or a young top four defenseman. The problem is that Burrows is probably more valuable to the Canucks, than he would be on the trade market. 

Oh, and give him a follow on Twitter @aburr14

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Ryan Kesler ($5 million per season, signed through 2015-16)


Kesler has seen more scalpels than a typical 28-year-old. Consecutive offseason surgeries (hip and shoulder/wrist, respectively) have slowed him down considerably. He had a fantastic 35 minutes in Game 2 against the Sharks in the first round, but his conditioning was obviously an issue for the other 205 minutes of the series.

He has a very fair cap hit for what he brings to the table when healthy. When healthy, unfortunately, hasn’t been often enough for Vancouver over the past two years. They were a one line team in 2013, and Kesler may not be able to play his reckless style of hockey for many more years if he keeps breaking down.

Unlike Burrows, Kesler is deserving of his diving reputation. He isn’t as bad (or good) as the greats like Patrick Kaleta or Dustin Brown, but it is awfully hard to listen to Bieksa calling out opposing players for diving when Kesler is on his team. Like Brown, he is tarnishing his reputation a bit, which is unfortunate because both of them are phenomenal hockey players.

Why not?

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He’s the most important player to the team. He’s the engine and the captain of the ship (two analogies is enough). When he is healthy and on his game, the Canucks are transformed into a very, very dangerous club. I have made the point before – you won’t find two more opposite centers than Sedin and Kesler (methodical, crafty, and cerebral compared to physical, aggressive, and tenacious), and that makes it awfully hard for opposing teams to game plan against them.

Again, moving Kesler makes little sense unless he fetches a younger center in return. Vancouver is thin up the middle even when he is healthy, and they are going to let Max Lapierre test free agency. Brendan Gaunce is going to be a good one, but he is a few years away yet.

Jordan Schroeder (RFA this summer)


Schroeder is probably the only young Vancouver asset that the team could move without hurting their long-term future too much. He proved himself to be a capable two-way center as a rookie in 2013, but where does he fit in with the team in the long run?

Is he a top six talent? I’m not sure. His production at the AHL level doesn’t scream “offensive upside,” but he showed great instincts and hands during his time with the Canucks.  I mean this in a good way, but Schroeder reminds me of a faster Kyle Wellwood. He can check, he can play in offensive situtations, and he won’t hurt you with bad penalties (or any penalties).

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Schroeder could be dangled if the club wants to bring in a veteran center or defenseman (or another young guy at a different position).

Why not?

Vancouver doesn’t exactly have the deepest crop of prospects. Trading one of them away for a rental or short-term improvement may not be the right move to make at this point in time. And I think the team wants to see what they have in Schroeder before making a long term decision on him.

Alex Edler ($5 million per season, signed through 2018-19)


After years of waiting for the big breakout from 23, it is now time to accept that Edler is what he is – a big, mobile two-way defenseman with a ton of talent, but also a lot of inconsistency in his game. He’s a really good player, but not a 1A defender on a championship team. For $5 million, he should be more versatile than he is. He can’t play on the right side. He needs to have a certain type of partner to thrive (see: not Kevin Bieksa), and he is very predicable on the power play.

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The Canucks gambled that they wouldn’t miss Christian Ehrhoff, and they lost.

The biggest reason for moving Edler, though, is because he is so good. There aren’t many 6-3, 225 pound defensemen who can skate like he can. We often forget this when he turns the puck over or loses his man in front of the net. He is physical when he wants to be, and he is one of the better offensive defensemen in hockey, too. At five million per year, he’s also great value.

MovingEdler for a good forward makes sense if the Canucks have plans to add another top four defenseman (or believe that Chris Tanev is ready for a promotion). It would allow the team to reunite Bieksa and Hamhuis, while moving Garrison back to his natural position as a left-side defenceman, where he could anchor the second pairing with Chris Tanev or a defenseman to be named later.

How does an Edler-for-Jeff Skinner swap sound, Canucks fans?

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Why not?

Unless you are getting great value in return, it usually isn’t wise to move defencemen with Edler’s pedigree for the sake of it.

Roberto Luongo ($5.33 per season, signed through the next 150 years)



Why not?

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In all seriousness, there is only one reason to keep Luongo. He is a superior goaltender to Cory Schneider, but not by much. And there are countless reasons to trade him. His contract, the fact that the organizaton has "chosen" Schneider, and the fact that they owe it to Luongo to find him a place to start next season, to name three. The goaltending market this summer is going to be very interesting. In addition to Luongo, the likes of Ryan Miller, MA Fleury, Ilya Bryzgalov, Jaroslav Halak, Ryan Miller, and Niklas Backstrom could all be on the move.

His contract is long, but I still don’t think it is as bad as some in the media leads us to believe. He is a vastly superior goaltender to all of the ones I just listed off, too. The Canucks will have to eat some of the cap punishments when he retires early, but for $5.33 million per season you aren’t going to get a better goaltender.

Previous Posts from Jeff (@anguscertified)

  • JI123

    Edler. Why not? Because it would set an extremely bad precedent. Core players have gone out of their way to sign with the Canucks at a discount, taking much less than they would on the open market. Trading Edler before his NTC kicks in would ruin that in one fell swoop.

    I get annoyed how often people brush this off, like we’re only sacrificing a minor competitive advantage. The damage would be far reaching and would destroy years of work and we would be losing a SIGNIFICANT boon to the club.

    • KleptoKlown

      Gone out of their way to sign at a discount? I’m not sure if those core players would get anything more with other teams. Where else can unproven players still have contracts other than in Vancouver?

      Damage? Not sure if you noticed, this isn’t exactly a winning team. The Canucks make a habit of trading away useful players, why not start a trend for once in their history and trade away some useless players for once…like Alex Error.

      In a losing organization, there really aren;t any assets, just baggage.

  • JI123

    Kaybee, that’s a fair point, mitigated if Mike Gillis is a gentleman and clears a potential trade with Edler even though his NTC hasn’t kicked in yet.

    It’s a gamble, ’cause Edler could say no and then MG has the option of being a jerk and trading him anyway, or passing on a trade.

  • JI123

    At maybes:

    That is a fantastic and underrepresented point.

    That said, after two consecutive 1st round losses the core may accept ONE move like that without it undermining what we’re building here.

    For my part, I love elder and what he brings. But I’m concerned that his back injury of 2011 still bothers him. His physical game hasn’t been the same since 2011. I sincerely hope his back gets to the loin where he’s not feeling it or thinking about it. I don’t think he’s there yet.

    • KleptoKlown

      It seems no one has brought this up yet, though admitedly I didn’t read all the comments.

      Edler for Skinner doesn’t work.

      It puts Edler on the Hurricanes.

      Eric Staal is on the Hurricanes.

      Edler just RUINED Staal at the WHC with a knee-on-knee hit resulting in Staal screaming/flopping around on the ice like a fish out of water.

  • BRHLBryce

    “How does an Edler-for-Jeff Skinner swap sound, Canucks fans?”

    LOL those must be some fancy rose coloured glasses you have on. I’m sure Crosby for Schroeder sounds good to you Canuckleheads too

  • Mantastic

    I think trading Edler is exactly the kind of message the Canucks want to send. Look at what happened to the Sharks when they traded Douglas Murray. It tells the players that the team is ready to move anyone in an effort to get better. Loyalty is great, but sometimes it can make players feel too safe. I love Edler as much as the next guy, but we Canucks fans always want change without changing anything. Edler is our greatest trade bait that we could live without.

    Good post, Jeff. Also, don’t forget Jonas Hiller on your list of goalies who might move.

  • BrudnySeaby

    Everyone seems to be coming to the same conclusion. Trading Edler is one thing that the Canucks can do in terms of positional strengths (LD), trade value, and timing (still no NTC). It’s not optimal, b/c there probably isn’t anyone of his talent coming up through the system for a while. At the same time, you don’t necessarily have to break the bond with the other core players by doing it. You can say that no one could foresee that the salary cap would be going down so much (although Edler signed when everyone knew), and that the way things are working out, hard decisions have to be made.

    I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do hockey-wise, but it does seem like the one obvious player to trade.

  • Mantastic

    For the right return, Burrows & Edler are the two guys I could see it making sense to move.

    Along with a goalie by necessity, of course.

    Schneider should be on this list. If the Canucks are backed into a corner, and the best offer they get for Luongo is a sunk cost like Komisarek, for example, maybe management finally comes to their senses and realizes what is obvious:

    1) They never should have displaced Lou as the #1 to begin with because

    2) Lou + Schneider asset is better than Schneider + Lou asset/bad contract swap/buyout

    Jim Hughson said it best the other day. The Canucks should have been playing with one or two players that Schneider would have yielded in trade for the last TWO playoffs.

    Schneider & Hodgson for Jeff Carter would have been a significantly better deal for Columbus than settling on the overrated Jack Johnson and a draft pick.

    And it would have been better for Vancouver than giving away Hodgson & Luongo (assuming it comes to this) for underwhelming returns.

    • KleptoKlown

      @ NM00:

      I think that your arguments vis Lou vs. Schneider are completely accurate. Sadly, I think that they are also largely irrelevant.

      Whether we are talking about GMMG’s handling of the situation this season, or Coach V’s handling of the goalie situation in the playoffs, I think that the Nucks’ upper management have burned all their bridges with Luongo. The only way that you will see Luongo in a Canucks jersey next season is if there is a huge shake-up at the top, and the new folks decide to keep Lou & trade Schneids, for exactly the reasons you mentioned. The same could be said about the possibility of an Edler trade: it’s not going to happen under current management. Gillis values his word too much to make that trade today.

      Once could argue that the above is the best argument for replacing the top dogs in Canuckland: a new management would want to put their own stamp on the team, and the assets that could be returned to the team by trading Schneids & Edler (protected by the Canucks’ depth at their respective positions) would allow any incoming GM the ability to reshape the team in a hurry.

  • BrudnySeaby

    I think the Canucks should not trade Edler as he is one of our younger (but established) defensemen. Also, and more importantly, I would love to see what Edler can bring under a new coach. It wouldn’t be the first time in pro-sports where “underachieving” players make huge strides under a new coach with a different system, different responsibilities and different motivational tactics. I truly believe that a new coach that would unleash this team would benefit from a player like Edler (and the team as a whole, instead of this stifling defensive system AV had them playing these last 2 years).

  • BrudnySeaby

    If we’re basing it strictly off your list, then yup, I’d say trade Edler as well.. for starters.

    I’m tempted to say trade Kesler too, but we all know what would happen. He’d stay healthy and go on to have his best year…

    I’d also keep Luongo and trade Schneider for the better return (I only say better return due to his contract, not b/c of playing ability).

  • BrudnySeaby

    Wait roberto is a superior goaltender to cory? That is up for debate and many would disagree, have those two playoff games really brought cory down that much coming off an injury?

    He certainly will have to prove what roberto has proven, but kevin woodley was discussing the other week how cory is technically better in most area’s then roberto.

    The 1 reason to trade cory is more assets. Although the fan base overvalues what you could actually get for cory.

  • BrudnySeaby

    I’m totally in the camp where you move cory s IF you hadn’t totally alienated Luongo…but Gillis did…nice move. If you show Roberto some love and convince him to stay, get what you can for Schnieds and move on.

    Shnieds was in three pressure-cooker games this year and did poorly in at least two – opening night against the ducks and then pick one of the playoff games he started.

    Not sure whey the brass were so quick to annoint him the starter…actually, I do know why they did it…they make bad decisions.

    • BrudnySeaby

      Well its not like roberto has not collapsed in pressure cooker games himself throughout his stay here either, and fans want to judge cory on a couple games already. He has also played incredibly well in big games as well.

      Roberto is also going on 35, unlike some who thinks he is the next brouder, that is questionable and he very well may start slowing down like kipper did. I also am not going to automatically assume like some eddie lack is going to be the next big thing.

      The bonheaded decision by management was offering roberto a contract that long in the first place until he was 43, most goalies dont play at the very best level at after 35-36, and even jersey fans admit brouder who is even better then roberto has struggled quite often at times the past few seasons besides the cup run.

  • KleptoKlown

    This last trade deadline proved 1 thing. That the Canucks will not get a positive return for Luongo.

    This last playoffs proved 1 thing. The Canucks have holes that need to be filled.

    In the short term, trading Schneider will bring in assets to help fill some of those holes, and won’t weaken the team in the net for another 2-4 years. That’s 2-4 years to find the next great goalie. Maybe it’s Lack, maybe it’s someone else, but the “loss” of Schneider won’t be felt until down the road.

    The Canucks need to win now. Schneider, Edler and Schroeder are the 3 assets that could be moved without creating a different hole that needs to be filled.

    • KleptoKlown

      Ok, let’s look at this wit a fine tooth comb.

      1- luongo wont bring a good return, but is that a surprise? what team would wnat an over paid over rated goalie who hasnt done anything in the playoffs ( that flukey run to finals where they choked up 3-0 games to hawks b4 burrows fluke goal won it) don’t count. Luongos had 6 post season meltdowns in a row.

      2- if you trade shneider, than who will you put in net? A over paid luongo who doesn’t even want to be here anymore? “the lose of schneider wont be felt until down the road” How do you know that? For the first time you have a good young goalie and now you want to trade him to help the useless inept core?

      3 the canucks need to win now. I agree but here’s the problem…the core and most of the team have shown you that they dont have what it takes. How many more years do you want them to prove you wrong? If the Sedins cant do it since the time they’ve been here, what makes you think all of a sudden out of the blue they’ll go to the cup next year? You seem to think of things based not on proven results. The results of this year and the last year, and the time they were exposed by boston and the years before that should be the only facts to consider. There’s a time when you have to realize that little Johnny don’t have what it takes to win.

      4- the canucks need to STOP over rating their teams and their ” ahem” accomplishments. No one else in the league is blind to what kind of a team they have, only them. You can’t expect to get a race horse in return when all you have are donkeys. The canucks have got no one to blame but themselves, they don’t care about drafting well, they don’t develop young talent, they trade away heart and grit, they have no accountability in the management or dressing room. As far as I’m concerned they are in need of a complete overhaul not just in mechanics, but a severe change in direction.
      When you have over 40 years of not winning the cup, it’s time to get serious or get out of the league.

      • KleptoKlown

        I don’t normally reply to trolls, but since you actually put some effort into this drivel, I will indulge you.

        1. Luo is over-rated? The gold medal around his neck says otherwise. There is also a great chance he’s on the Sochi Olympics team as well. I guess Steve Yzerman and co should bow down before your hockey superiority. Luo is arguabley still in the top 5 goalies in the NHL, and easily in the top 10. He’d be a huge upgrade over the goalies in Colorado, Edmonton or Toronto to name a few.

        2. See #1(reply and jersey number) For what it’s worth, Luo has never actually said he doesn’t want to be here. He’s said he wants to play, to be the top goalie on a team.

        3. This core can win. They came within 1 game of winning the cup. Art Ross, Hart, Frank J Selke, William M Jennings and 2 Presidents trophies with this current core. Yes, it’s not the big one, but it’s enough that even Stevie Wonder can see that this is a competitive team. Only teams(and fans of teams) that have won a cup in the last 5-6 years can look down on the Canucks achievements. Any longer than that, and it’s old irrelevant history. Who care that the Oilers won the cup in 1990, it’s about as relevant as the Vancouver Millionaires cup win of 1915.

        4. The Canucks don’t overrate the team. There are 6-7 teams that had chance to win a cup this year. The Canucks were 1 of them. Drafting? Considering we don’t get the 1st overall pick every year, the Canucks haven’t done bad in drafting. Jensen and Gaunce are nice prospects considering there draft spot. Corrado is a diamond in the rough. Hodgson was also a good draft pick, it’s just too bad he and his father have cancerous attitudes. Tanev was also a great college signing. If you consider where the Canucks have been drafting, they haven’t done too bad. I would agree there is room for improvement, but it’s not as bad as your trolling suggests. Development? Tanev, Lack, Schneider, Schroeder all got proper amounts of time in the AHL. You know what poor prospect development is? Taking 18-19 year old kids and putting them on 1st line competition against grown seasoned men. Just wondering what “heart and grit” the Canucks have traded away? Between Mikael Samuelsson and Marco Strum, which one was heart, and which one was grit?

        40 years of not winning the cup is irrelevant. I love how trolls overplay this like a Justin Bieber song in a 14 year old girls room. Tiger Williams, Richard Broduer, Stan Syml, Geoff/Russ Courtnall and Petr Nedved are all responsible for this current Canucks teams problems. By your standards, the St Louis Blues should get out of the league too. What happened 10+ years ago means nothing, as it has no impact on any current teams. Personally, I would be more embarrassed if my teams biggest achievement the last 5 years was not finishing in last place, or if my team had failed to make the playoffs the last 6 or 7 years.

        • KleptoKlown

          I don’t normally reply to delusional fanboys, but since you replied…

          1- luongo is over rated. Olympic fold? that’s and all star team son, as luongo choked in the tying goal in the third , only to be saved by sid the kid. you could win a gold being on that team. gold medal on that team. Gold medal on an all star team? Move on son.

          2- luo said he would wave his ntc to certain teams, and management was looking to trade him not sure where if you can read between the lines but you better start now. he’s gone, done, not gonna be here anymore to choke anymore next year, deal with it.wether he wants to be here or not, hes not wanted and ppl don’t forget game 7 meltdowns.

          3-This core can win….can win what? individual feel good trophies? LOL. they hand out trophies every year son, youre the only one who wants meaningless individual trophies. in every sport there is one championship or major title every one is measured on. For hockey its the cup, you cant get away from that. Its the cup or its the trash bin, no one cares about individual awards and presidents trophies..maybe except you.
          Oh, and about grit, where was it in the finals? where was grit last year in round one? where was it this year in round one? I think you need thicker glasses, son…cause there wasn’t any to see. losing in 4 games says your team aint got no grit. Your captain punching marchands glove with his fist says your team has no grit. Your players sitting there on the bench watching it happen says your team has no grit. Your team also has no heart, as evident in their play off chokes. its a choke when you over rate your own team and then they lose to a better under-rated team. Better stop over rating your heartless gritless teams, that would help.

          4- 44 years and no cup is irrelevant? LOL you must never have played a competitive sport in your life, son. this is sport, not sewing, and I would imagine that if there was competitive sewing, your team would come last place as well. Yes, the blues also suck, as they are the canucks of the east, you can bet your ass that the blues will probably win the cup before the canucks do. 44 years and no cup are facts, not fiction, and any team in this league whos never won the cup are also, loser franchises. Time to man up and face facts. Your team will be a winner when it wins the cup, not one iota less. Don’t cheapen the Stanley cup with your delusional EXCUSES.

          You wouldn’t be embarrassed if your team didn’t finished last place? Is that how you look at things? what place are the canucks in this year? They were embarrassed in the first round,thats hardly something to be proud of. Your standards if no one hs told you is lower than a snakes belly, and it shows up in your team as well.Theres only two things in sport son, winning and losing, there is no middle ground, there is no consolation price. consolation prizes are for LOSERS. Next thing youre gonna say is that losing is not losing.
          Youre an enabler, and without fanboys like yourself who keep making EXCUSES for the team, they’d have nowhere to go but up. But they stay down there in loser town, because you accept their futility, their loser ways, and in that sense, you got the team you deserve.

          5- Do us all a favor son, if you like and accept losing for 44 years, keep it to yourself. Don’t drag others down with you to loserville…some of us actually don’t respect and like loser teams, we don’t want our city to be represented by a loser organization such as the canucks and their delusional fans. You really think this franchise is a winner? Son, you don’t know what winning is, that’s fine, but don’t drag everyone else down with you, and don’t call me a troll because you accept losing and I don’t.

          PS, I’d rather be called a troll than a loser supporter.

        • KleptoKlown

          Oh, one more thing. There’s no point in making the play offs just to choke yourselves out. Making the tournament is no measure of success you or your team should be proud of. What happened 10+ years ago means nothing? Say that to me again in the next tens years when your team dont win nothing again, for the 54th year.

          Your franchise and the fanboy country club it’s no ones fault mentality is the very reason why the team stinks. And yes, it’s all there in history to see, little Timmy couldn’t win 4 decades ago and STILL can’t win today. And yet you see nothing wrong with that. Those are some rose tinted glasses, son. Your team never had the horses to win, proven fact, it doesnt have the horses to win today, also proven fact. And if you keep the same team with its proven useless inept core, it will not win tomorrow, also will be proven fact. I’ll be back next year and rest assured, your team will not win the cup again.

          Try to remember how much grit your team has when your captain punches another player’s glove with his face next year, son. Then after watch your captain talk about how his team
          ” played well enough to win” and how they ” deserved to win.”
          EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES. If there was an award for EXCUSES, guess which team would win them all?

          • KleptoKlown

            Definition of a loser:

            YOU! (Including @fancan; rioter,etc – it’s clearly you).

            You obviously have no friends or nothing better to do. Why don’t you go outside and get some fresh air and learn yourself a new hobby and move on.

            Let me guess this is where you say “you’re the loser 44 years of losing”. Getting a bit old, don’t ya think.

            Nothing intelligent or relevant to say, ever.

          • KleptoKlown

            You got it wrong again. Definition of a loser..

            Loser = 45 years of losing and the folks who encourage and support it…like YOU.

            And no it aint old, cause your team cant win, period and you’re as blind as 4 nhl refs.

            The only thing I hear from you is EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES.

          • KleptoKlown

            And there’s no need for your excuses because your captain sister already does a better job making EXCUSES. LOL

            Have fun watching the replays of him punch Marchand’s glove with his face and getting smacked down by Thomas. If that’s not enough for you, than feast your eyes on Luongo meltdowns.
            Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssseeerrr. LOL

  • UkeeRob

    I’m not sure I’d make any trades other than Luongo until after the buyout period is over. With Luongo and Ballard salaries off the books we would have almost 10 million in cap space. Other teams will be buying out players as well. These players after being bought out tend to sign with another club for below market value. Maybe we can supplement our core cheaply that way. We do need to do something to change the makeup of this team. Maybe changing the coach and adding some cheap grit and secondary scoring is an option.

  • KleptoKlown

    Most of you here are wrong! 🙂

    Stop fantasizing about keeping Lu and trading CS. It isn’t going to happen. Lu wants out. Here’s my solution.

    Trade Luongo and Edler to Philadelphia for Sean Couterier and Wayne Simmonds. Package the two together for a decent return. Hell, pick up a smidgeon of Lu’s contract if you must.

    Suddenly, we have a third line! And a good one. Philly gets their stud D man and a goalie upgrade. They can buy out Bryz.

    Even if we do nothing else our line-up looks like this

    1A Line Booth Kesler Kassian/Burrows
    1B Line Sedin Sedin Kassian/Burrows
    C Line Simmonds Couterier Higgins
    D Line Weise Lappy Archibald (perhaps)

    Hamhuis Bieksa
    Garrison Tanev
    Alberts Corrado

    Suddenly no pressure on Kesler to carry the team at both ends of the rink. He can go back to being a goal scorer used in quality offensive situations. Let him develop some chemistry with Kassian who is a good puck distributor. I am also likely the only human being on earth who thinks Booth can come back next season and make a very useful offensive contribution. Good puck possession/play driving team.

    • KleptoKlown

      I agree with luongo having to go, but you 1st line or any line involving the Sedins will never work for the play offs. Regular season maybe, but unfortunately, you cant win the cup in the regular season. Trade the sisters and get something anything back before they prove one more year they cant do it again in the post season.

  • KleptoKlown

    Can’t see us trading our NTCs (except Lu). I don’t know how many 3Cs on the UFA market would fit on this team beyond Boyd Gordon, so the only way our top 9 can’t get a new look is if Booth is moved (can’t be bought out due to injury). Without moving that cap hit, there’s no room for a Clarkson.

    We do need insurance for Kassian though. We can’t rely on him to be a consistent top 9 player, so despite the aim to get younger, we should be looking at players like Dupuis, who can move between lines and roles comfortably.

    Probably better for Corrado’s development to be in the AHL next year so we should try and trade for a right handed shot to form a shut down pairing with Garrison (assuming Hamhuis-Bieksa and Edler-Tanev). Given the proven chemistry, Weaver would be an obvious choice but with age and durability in mind, Mark Fayne might be more suitable.

  • KleptoKlown

    “How does an Edler-for-Jeff Skinner swap sound, Canucks fans?”

    Please Jeff, get real. No offence meant my friend, but Skinner is the future of the Hurricanes, whereas Edler is a good 2 way defenceman who is prone to defensive lapses. Big difference in those 2 players. In addition, the Canes have young D, with the likes of Mcbain, Faulk, and Ryan Murphy.

  • KleptoKlown

    Gillis will never fire AV because AV is the only one stupid enough to keep working with the crap Gillis has mismanaged. Any other coach coming in here to do the job and he will expose Gillis for what he is, which is a loser of a GM. And of course, Gillis can not have anyone who threatens his job. So Gillis will do whatever it takes to keep AV cause he knows AV’s a masochist and will come back and try to work with the crippled team he’s been given and shut his mouth.

    come next year, I look forward to having Av back, along with the useless core bunch and a few new fringe players who Gillis will try to blame, and of course, with half the team hating AV, I expect to see a early or mid season prolonged choke, then the pleasure will be seeing both Gillis and AV sacked at the same time, followed by a sacking of the useless core players after.

    Enjoy your time playing GM gillis, cause once you are gone, and you will be oh so uncerimoniously, you won’t be getting another job as GM anywhere else in the league.