Afternoon Headshots: May 3rd

Just a tremendous image. Via Redditer Etzio192.

Today at CanucksArmy we micro-analyzed Vancouver’s faceoff issues, looked at whether or not Friday night’s game qualified as a must win (it kind of does), talked at length about the Canucks 2011 draft class which is looking pretty interesting in the wake of Alexandre Grenier and Henrik Tommernes signing entry-level contracts, rounded up the Canucks week in quips, and of course previewed tonight’s Canucks game, which is kind of a big one for the Canucks to win lest they end up like the frustrated T-Rex in the image above…

More Canucks links and stuff after the jump.

Good stuff from Blake Murphy breaking down game one over at Nucksmisconduct. [Nucksmisconduct]

My favorite short-lived Canucks blog makes a triumphant return breaking down the sordid history of the Northwest Division. Is Smug Nation back for real this time? I hope so, because that would be the best. [Smug Nation]

Daniel Wagner on the "did Bieksa spear Martin Havlat in the groin" controversy, opines that Biekas didn’t spear Havlat in his nether regions, but rather slashed him there. [Pass it to Bulis]

Wyatt Arndt is handing out players grades. This is one of my least favorite sports blogging tropes of all time, but to Wyatt’s credit he works in some pretty funny lines. So I give his player grades a solid B. [Legion of Blog]

Jason Botchford on Vancouver’s lack of scoring punch over their past 11 or so playoff games. [The Province]

Cam Cole thinks thirteen goals in eleven games is more than just bad luck. We need sample size police so I can call them to report sample size abuse anytime I read a person making definitive conclusions about what a low shooting percentage over a run of games fewer than thirty says about a hockey club’s limitations… [Vancouver Sun]

Redditer Megagram wonders if Canucks fans at Rogers Arena, and their habitual impression of a corpse, are part of Vancouver’s playoff issues. I don’t know if I buy it, but whatever, if you’re going to the game on Friday check your sarcasm at the door and just be loud… [/r/Canucks]

Here’s a Vancouver acrobat doing all sorts of odd stuff while decked out in Canucks colours. Pretty neat. [Pass it to Bulis]

Great stuff from Brad Ziemer on Joe Cannata’s experience backing up Roberto Luongo in the postseason. [Puck Worlds]

Missed this earlier in the week but the Canucks’s series opening video primer is pretty great: