Evening Headshots – March 13th

It’s an off day. Drance is off. Charron is off. Filipovic and Angus were both last seen runing around downtown with horse heads on.

The Canucks are off. 

Here I am, though, fresh in from the pouring rain, with a collection of fun, evening reading; there’s chatter about the coach, about the lineup and a touch of banter.

For a round up of what’s happening on a very grey Wednesday, click through, after the jump!

The G-Man puts AV in the hotseat. Among his gems today: "too many good hockey players playing too poorly", "are we to believe they all start almost every game as though they’ve just arrived at the beach on a sunny afternoon?", "the defence is as lefty as most of the voters in this province" and "The power play struggling like this once again, after going the entire second half of last season as though it was loaded with chumps, is nothing short of ridiculous." It’s a mountain of fun, go read. [TheProvince.com]

Fighting For Stanley’s Leigh Ramsden wonders if AV knows that the war is more important than the battles. Here at CA, we’ve been mostly on the coach’s side – shooters haven’t been doing that well, and the goaltending has been merely average – but he’s got some good points about the coach in his half-year review. [Fighting For Stanley]

Are the Canucks losing their identity? C-Mac at Northwest Sports Beat thinks so. It’s an intriguing premise. [NW Sports Beat]

Nucks Misconduct’s Mechanixfetch ponders the extreme: what if the Canucks were to go for a complete rebuild? Who’s the guy you work around? Who’re the guys you chase? Onwards and so forth… [Nucks Misconduct]

Sportsnet.ca set up their insider’s roundtable, featuring Brad May and John Shannon this time out. There’s a question in there about what to do w/ the Canucks – May comes across as surprisingly rational, while Shannon seems to miss ‘the swagger’. [Sportsnet.ca]

Canucks Hockey Blog wants you to re-live Tuesday’s ‘win’ vs Columbus. Don’t worry, there’s no video. Just a bunch of comedy, twitter-style. They really do a bang-up job of this, so maybe you should be sitting down and not drinking anything when you read this. Seriously. [Canucks Hockey Blog]



Watch for the Vancouver Southsiders – the Whitecaps’ vocal, large and in charge supporters group – at the March 18th Canucks game vs Minnesota. [Pass it to Bulis]

Finally, a huge congratulations to The Globe and Mail’s David Ebner. He’s been a champion of our blog at times, he bring a different look to sports reporting on the west coast and he’s a rad dude to boot. His profiles of football coaches, including the likes of Wally Buono and Pete Carrol, have been cited as the basis for his National Newspaper Awards nomination. David’s up against his colleauge Roy Macgregor as well as the Toronto Star’s David Feschuk. [National Newspaper Awards]