Afternoon Headshots: February 14th

The Japandroids sport Canucks gear during a live show.

So over at, they’ve reached "phase II" on project NU2 which aims to replace U2’s "Where the Streets have no Name" which the Canucks have used as entrance music since as far back as I can remember, with another track by one of six artists. There is only one right call and it’s the Japandroids and their song "House that Heaven Built." This isn’t even close, guys, the other songs are legitimately not good and the Japandroids track is perfect as a new entry song. First of all the band themselves root for the team, secondly, the lyrics are about defiance and maintaining a sense of yourself in spite of pressure and thirdly there’s a catchy bit that everyone can sing in unison as the team skates onto the ice. Please go vote Japandroids (and not Nickleback). []

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Obviously the big news of the day is Malhotra being placed on injured reserve for the balance of this season. At this point it seems pretty likely that Malhotra has played his last NHL game, which is impossibly sad. He’s a warrior and he’ll be missed around these parts, that’s for sure. [Province]

Here’s my take on the impact losing Malhotra will have on Vancouver’s lineup in the short-term. [PlayNowBlog]

Excellent profile from David Ebner on the hard work that Zack Kassian has put in – both on the ice, and in the octagon – to get to where he is in the early going this season. And where is he, exactly? He’s leading the team in scoring, no big deal. [Globe and Mail]

Justin Bourne’s systems analyst posts are arguably the best thing in the hockey blogosphere. Today he brokedown Jannik Hansen’s lovely goal from Tuesday night against Minnesota, with a particular focus on how Mason Raymond hyptonized Kyle Brodziak. [Backhand Shelf]

Kevin Bieksa, he of the three goals in the past four games, gets a "plus" while Jason Garrison needs to pick up his game according to guest writer Mitch over at the Legion of Blog. [Legion of Blog]

Interesting Jim Jamieson bit focussing in on what motivates Canucks rookie Jordan Schroeder. If I was an NHL rookie and someone asked me this question I’d totally answer with "money and women." At least that’s why I blog *sobs violently*! [The Province]

Yesterday your humble narrator wrote about Vancouver’s luck in net, and their poor luck on the penalty-kill in the early going this season. [PlayNowBlog]

Let’s end off with this hilarious feature from the Canucks wishing their fans a happy valentines days:

  • antro

    With regards to entrance songs the best selection is still Where the Streets Have No Name, of course. Given the limited selection they’ve narrowed it down to, I could deal with a We Are – Static in the Stars, IF they used a version without vocals. Japandroids is really the only other option worth mentioning (again, would prefer without vocals) – I like it except for how the drummer can’t seem to keep an even tempo in the intro… That part bugs me and my OCD. A lot.

  • antro

    “House that Heaven Built” is a nice little song. But that’s the problem. It’s a little indie rock garage band song. It’s what you listen to on your way to Rogers Arena with your buddies to watch the game; maybe on your way to the bar after the big win. It is not a ‘grand’ song worthy of commanding a stadium full of people. It’s lyrics are not half as important as the tone and sound of the song. It’s not what you listen to before going into battle, not even close. I think it would be a good goal celebration song. Just now I try to picture the Canucks skating onto the ice with their cheap sounding distorted guitar intro – can’t stand it.

  • antro

    So I went over to do my blogger’s bidding, and fully intended to vote for Japandroids…but after listening to them all, the best aesthetic experience was definitely Volbeat. Now I don’t listen to any of this music, and I’ve never even heard of any of these groups except for GnR, so the Volbeat might be terrible music to listen to, but the timing works well for the big entrance. The lyrics of the Japandroids song just come on too soon (so I guess I agree with Jared).

  • antro

    Glad you like this song but it would be great to have some music with a little bit of power when the team steps onto the ice. GnR wins, Volbeat isn’t bad either. I would even take Nickelback over this teen angst music and that’s saying alot.

  • @Lenny (and everyone else who disagrees with me) I think you guys have a point, and frankly, House That Heaven Built would work better as a goal song (because of the oh-oh-oh-oh-ohohoh part). Still, it’s the best choice I think and while a “war song” is probably a better fit (in which case, they should skate on to Dead Prez’s “Hip Hop” because that would own) it’s not like Where The Streets Have no Name gets anyone pumped up either.