Afternoon Headshots January 10th

Awesome photo of the Sedin twins.
Sticktap to Pass it to Bulis.

Canucks Assistant General Manager Laurence Gilman was interviewed by Matt Sekeres and Blake Price on the Team 1040 today and had some interesting things to say about the cap-benefit recapture clause. He also made a really solid spreadsheet joke (be still my heart). For what it’s worth, he says that he already has a good enough grasp of the new CBA to know "what pitfalls exist."

David Booth arrived in town and started skating with his teammates at UBC today. Afterwards he regaled the media with tales of his summer hunting exploits. Dale Weise meanwhile gushed about the "unbelievable" number of cyclists he noticed during his time in Holland

Also back in town? Roberto Luongo, who of course was met by the media at YVR. Luongo didn’t provide us with any grist for the rumour mill though he was wearing a Bluejacket, and was quoted saying that he used his frequent Flyers miles to book his flight, since the lockout has made him turn over a new Leaf in regards to his spending habits. 

According to Kevin Woodley, goaltender Joe Cannata will be called up to Canucks training camp this weekend mostly because the Canucks need an extra goaltender to allow them to structure practices and scrimmages. Obviously Cannata isn’t "ready" yet, or whatever, but a pretty cool opportunity for the kid.

David Ebner theorizes that the Canucks are going to have some trouble finding secondary scoring this season. You know what, he’s absolutely correct…

Jeff Angus looks at a couple of possible Luongo destinations, including Edmonton. That would be really interesting but unless the Oilers are parting ways with one of their blue-chip five, I don’t think I could stomach setting that team up in net for the next half-decade.

Here’s a fun bit of slight of hand from the Canucks, who are obviously trying to limit the scope of the media gong-show that will accompany Luongo’s first post-lockout skate with his teammates at UBC on Friday:

Hahaha. Awesome.

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Jim Jamieson catches up with Chris Tanev and Keith Ballard. Chris Tanev has put up 12 points in 29 AHL games this season and hopes he can continue to be a more productive player with the Canucks this season. Generally speaking, I think he just needs to play like Chris Tanev, since Chris Tanev is a very useful player even if he never puts up gaudy point totals.

Andrew Ebbett may fill-in for Ryan Kesler in the top-six to start the season, and the Canucks were certainly pleased by his work on the farm – both as a playmaker and a veteran leader. Dimitri recently looked at whether or not Ebbett can prove valuable to the Canucks in the early going.

Keith Ballard and Paul Martin recorded a digital short together during the lockout, but should probably stick to playing hockey professionally. Don’t quit your day jobs boys!

Here’s something that’s kind of funny. Cam Barker says he’s prioritized the Canucks as a destination because he wants a shot at winning the Stanley Cup. Is Cam Barker the worst player to ever receive the "grizzled veteran accepting less money for a shot at glory" media treatment?

The Wolves will wear these camo jerseys – as modeled by a completely invisible Eddie Lack (where’d he go!) – a couple of times over the next month (stick-tap Ted Gruber):