KHL Highlights – Because What Else are you gonna watch?


Howdy y’all!

Here’s today’s KHL action featuring great goals and saves as usual. You might notice we’re missing one game, and that would be CKSA Moscow (Datsyuk, Grabovski, Bryzgalov, Radulov) vs Lev Prague (Zdeno Chara). We’re still working on that one. We’ll include that in this post as soon as we’re done!


Ponikarovsky, Fedotenko, and Donbass keep on rolling. Three straight wins, including this one against a strong team in Traktor, and a win the day before against Malkin, Kulemin, Gonchar, and their Metallurg Magnitogorsk team.

Remember Alexei Morozov? Yeah, he’s pretty old now. Apparently he’s still pretty damn good.

If for nothing else, at least watch for the shot block to the chest.

Annnnd all three games in one.

  • The Soup Fascist

    I do enjoy watching the hockey highlights, especially with players from my NHL team (Oilers) but I am at the point of wishing tohave both Bettman and Fehr stand up and then just pelt them with tomatoes and whatever else I could throw at em without being legally charged…lol.
    I am just getting so fed up with this hockey standoff that as a true fan I may just boycott the season when and if the league plays again.
    There is no damn reason that is justified why these Big Idiots cannnot sit down and start putting together a framework deal, especially when they could have done this several months ago.
    My biggest PEEVE however is that this is all about fighting over PROFITS with while neither side has been going broke the last few years. The owners who are going allegedly broke are the ones who dont know how to market their teams, or dont know how to get good players/coaches and or they dont know how to giveand/or offer fair legitimate total contracts. The players are proving to be too damn greedy to really understand and know that what they already earn takes most people ten to thirty years to make just one year’s worth of their contract amounts.
    This fan (me)is having more than enough B.S fed to me in the media everyday by both Bettman and Fehr, and also, then the players themselves, to now say screw this, I walk away for good.

  • geoilersgist

    Я так рад, я научился говорить на русском просто смотреть на этих моментов!

    Матери РОССИИ!