Nicklas Jensen: Adjusting Seamlessly to the SEL

Photo Credit: Jesper Zerman
H/T: BlackIndeed

Nicklas Jensen is the leading scorer for AIK of the SEL with five goals and seven points in ten games. The team has played very poorly, but Jensen has been their best overall player. He’s made the transition from the OHL to the SEL pretty much seamlessly and using his speed and size in the attacking zone, he is always a threat.

This is what he had to say when we spoke the other week:

About going to Sweden:

"We talked thorugh my alternatives and my agent helped my find some interesting offers. We felt the SEL was the right choice for me, partly because it’s such a good league, partly because it would give me an opportunity to play against men instead of boys in the OHL. I wanted to go to the next level to prepare myself for the NHL. This is better for my development than if I would have stayed in the OHL."

About what he is working on improving in his game:

"Obviously, I want to develop in every way, both offensively and defensively. But I’ll probably focus more on the defensive side of the game since this league is not as open and high-scoring as the OHL. This far the transition has been going very well. I”ve played in Europe before, so I know how it works. The Swedish Elite League is very good and it’s great to be here"

He also told me that the Vancouver Canucks weren’t really involved in his decision to come here, but that they approved of it. If and when the NHL season starts, he will probably have to leave Sweden to attend the Canucks’ training camp. He also said that the Canucks will have scouts in Stockholm to check on him and give him feedback as the season progressess.

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