Headshots September 12th

Headshots are a Canucks Army feature where we link to the day’s freshest news, and other assorted Canucks web-goodies. If you’ve written a blogpost, produced a tribute video, birthed a clever .gif into existence, or have a hockey related cause you’d like to see promoted in this space – please e-mail Thom at thom.drance@gmail.com

The above photo comes  from twitter courtesy dedicated fan (and apparent UBC student?) @sheeeenu_. 

Kickin’ it all off today – did you catch Graphic Comments’ outstanding run down of NHL revenues and the like over at NHL Numbers? He’ll tell you how each team has done pre- and post-lockout, and a little more. It’s the opener of a series of posts and this one has some surprising names on the winners and losers.

An SFU student wrote about her experience as a Canucks intern. I wish I’d done co-op when I was at UBC, I’m glad there wasn’t a chance to work at the Canucks then because I’d be killing myself now. Go forth, youth, go forth.

Three reasons why, and three reasons why not; a Sportsnet piece on the Canucks’ Stanley Cup chances in the theoretical 2012-13 season. Schneider, Pressure, Kesler, Scoring, Experience and Balance, those are the keys. Just not in that order. But they aren’t really shocking "keys", now are they?

CanucksTV posted an interview clip with Luuuuu from today, have a look:

And here’s News1130’s quick breakdown of what he said. (Roberto’s getting lots of compliments on Team 1040 for his deportment today and this summer, by the way.) Luongo was speaking before the team’s annual Jake Milford charity golf tournament.

It’s a rarity, but here’s a chance to see the Canucks in golf attire. Tee up those jokes!

(Yes. I did.)

Some useful info straight from Farhan Lalji: 

Quality banter over at Nucks Misconduct, where they chat away with the TBL fellas at Raw Charge. It’s full of good stuff, including a bit of speculation about old friend Mattias Ohlund. DId you know that the reconstructive surgery he had on his knee involved replacing his severely damaged cartilage with TITANIUM?!

Conversely, the RC guys interviewed the NM guys. Bravely, the NM boys speculated that the Lightning losing to the Bruins in 2011 meant that the world was denied the cure for cancer. Yup, we all knew that we wanted to play the Bolts, but we just didn’t realize how significant it would have been. Sigh. Stupid Tim Thomas. (I’m blaming him because I can.)

Did you take the time to read Bob McKenzie’s really, really long piece on the lockout? He’s finally returned from his infamous cottage and the view from his deck apparently inspired him to write a very thoughtful and well-laid-out consideration of the looming lockout.

And in case you were wondering, Jordan Bowman at Legion of Blog says he’s *only* watched The Mighty Ducks 14 times. Only 14! (He’s also provided a run-down of a pile of hockey movies, so it’s worth reading. Sort of.)