Headshots September 5th

With the NFL season opening tonight, I’m not too worried about an NHL lockout.
I’ll miss watching these two exchange no look backhand saucer passes though…

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What’s that? Oh my goodness it’s Jason Botchford’s music! Now our pal Botch has been on "new parent hiatus" for the past month (congratulations to him and Mrs. Botch by the way), and if we’re being honest: we’ve missed him greatly. Anyway enough sentimentalizing, he chimed in yesterday with a solid column on Roberto Luongo’s half-naked comments to the Miami Sun Sentinel yesterday. Make sure, dear readers, to step gently over the pay-wall!

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the Greenmen. Partly it’s because I’m an insufferable crank, and partly it’s because prop comedy isn’t my bag, and in my view appropriating It’s Alway Sunny in Philadelphia‘s iconography underscores Vancouver’s lack of unique pop culture. Whatever. Anyway one of them (Sully) was inducted into ESPN’s Fan Hall of Fame today, which is cool I guess. We didn’t cover it here, because we don’t really care, but our friends (and by friends we mean bitter rivals) over at Upbeat it to Bulis have a fun, fluffy confection of a write up on the subject

If your reading comprehension skills are at a high-school level, Pass it to Bulis’ tongue in cheek stylings are supremely inoffensive. But according to this unhinged Arizona sports blog – they’re pretty much the worst ever. Also rioters, because that’s the standard jab to throw at Canucks fans/Vancouver residents on the internet.

Canucks fans all want Shane Doan, and would be willing to see the Canucks pay him 24 million (or more) over four seasons to seal the deal. Cam "wet blanket" Charron on the other hand, thinks that based on his age and likely drop in production, Doan is probably worth about half of that

Jesse Choo of the Blue, Green and Grey blog thinks Roberto Luongo will begin next season (whenever that may be) with the Canucks. I have to say, though that looks possible at the moment, I’d be surprised if he’s right.

GIF BREAK: With Salo no longer on the roster, the denizens of the Canucks tumblr scene like Alex Edler the best of all. Probably because he’s handsome and scores sick end to end goals. (Via GreatSavebySchneider)

While the owners are unconvincingly crying poor, the players are about to receive their well timed Escrow money. If they’re smart, NHLPA members will use the money to buy themselves some thick coats to keep them warm during the upcoming Russian winter.

Sportsnet unveiled their regional broadcast schedule for the upcoming Canucks season. Think of it like a weather report, sometimes it’s nice to know what probably won’t happen!

Finally over at Canucks.nhl.com, the clubs in house prospect content guy Tyson Giuriato takes a look at three Canucks prospects (Henrik Tommernes, Ludwig Blomstrand and Alexandre Grenier) who are currently playing for the European Trophy. Tommernes has been productive on Frolunda’s power-play, Blomstrand is riding a hot hand with three goals in his last four games and Alexandre Grenier (the only one of the three to make our top-20 prospects series) is struggling big time.