Canucks re-sign Eddie Lack

Some good news on a Monday morning…

Eddie Läck, everybody’s favourite Swedish depth goaltender, was rumoured to be on the way out of North America next season despite an overwhelming deficit of evidence to support the claim.

Today, the Province Twitter account alerted us that the Vancouver Canucks organization has re-signed Läck:

There are several things I like about Eddie Läck. He plays comparatively well to other goalies at his level and is likely ready to take over as an NHL backup after two exceptional seasons on the farm in Manitoba and Chicago, with save percentages of .925 and .926 respectfully, as a starter. The general consensus is that Läck will back up Cory Schneider this season, and all we need to accomodate that possibility is a Roberto Luongo trade.

Läck was a restricted free agent, making $67,500 per year in the AHL when he signed in the spring of 2010. He’s probably due for a bit of a raise.

Terms aren’t out there yet (UPDATE – per Läck’s Twitter feed, it’s a two-year deal), but under the current waiver system, regardless of a one-way or two-way deal, Läck is exempt from waivers. Since he’s 24 and has yet to play an NHL game, that should probably carry over to the next collective bargaining agreement. One must hope that one of the provisions of his contract is that his name must be spelled with the umlaut over the “A” in his last name in all team press releases.


Still a two-way deal, but pays slightly more money.