Most entertaining Russian hockey news of the day

@SHorcov still rules

It’s true, despite all the competition today, @SHorcov still rules. If you’re not following the best spoof account on Twitter, you’re missing out.

Speaking of Russian, just how do you say "clutch" in Russian anyway? I want to learn how to annoy @camcharron in two languages, because if there’s anything that gets him going it’s all the talk about how clutch some players are.

But as usual, Cam has a point. Doesn’t calling Danny Briere "clutch" for upping his game and scoring more than a point a game in the playoffs just highlight how sucky he’s been during the regular season for the last five years? It doesn’t take #fancystats to figure it out:

The forecast for Daniel Briere is periods of suckiness with a chance of clutch.


Well, if you got this far, you’ve probably realized that those goofy little hand-drawn charts and graphs you’ve sporadically seen on Twitter (all 42 of you that follow me, counting bots) can now be found here on Canucks Army every week. That is until I get a better offer from the KHL and then I’m out of here, suckers!