Does Ryan Miller make the Canucks a better hockey team?

Cam Charron
July 05 2014 09:00PM

I've started a new job, and people have gradually begun to learn what I did with my old one, which is analyze and write about hockey. A few co-workers have asked why it is I'm not as keen on the Ryan Miller signing as others, and I think that the answer goes well beyond "don't overpay for goalies, because they're random".

The right answer here is that even if Miller were to provide a significant upgrade over Eddie Lack in net, is it really something the Canucks need?

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Fine, let's talk about Ryan Miller

Cam Charron
June 30 2014 12:57AM

Sure... why the hell not?

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Canucks take Jared McCann at 24

Cam Charron
June 27 2014 07:59PM

Not that I have a problem with Jake Virtanen or Jared McCann as hockey players, but it does bug me that the team has essentially become a public relations firm, eschewing more talented players on the board in favour of more marketable Canadian guys to try and mend the fences broken by Mike Gillis.

That was a long way to say "with the 24th pick, the Vancouver Canucks select Jared McCann".

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Draft Day! Final rankings and other things you should read

Cam Charron
June 27 2014 10:37AM

Hi team.

The house of commons that is our comments section has been yelling at me for the last two weeks to release the full Canucks Army prospect rankings. In an act of transparency, I am kowtowing to the wishes of the public before I'm subpoenaed. This is our first time doing this since last year we had no idea the Canucks would draft in the Top 10, so here we are, covering all of our bases.

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Gino Odjick terminally ill: pens letter to Canuck fans and teammates

Cam Charron
June 26 2014 09:23PM

This is sad.

We've been worried about Gino Odjick's health from some time now, but the legendary Canuck tough guy confirmed by way of a letter published by the team website that he's been diagnosed with a terminal disease called AL amyloidosis, causing the body's antibody-producing cells to not function properly. Per Odjick, he could be down to "months or weeks".

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