Headshots Widespread Panic Edition

The article it went with was vile, but this is still the best picture ever.

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Seriously, someone needs to explain to me what a Nucksiceman is, and how he’s affiliated with the Vancouver Sun. From his craptastic take today: "It’s about time I reiterate about just who is the heart and soul of this team and it’s not the Sedins or actually any of the European players. It’s Ryan Kesler, Kevin Bieksa, Alex Burrows, Max Lapierre, Chris Higgins and Manny Malhotra, just to name a few." Whoa boy. 

The Canucks are concerned about refereeing heading into the postseason. Look, the return of clutch and grab is terrible – but is this a concern compared with "the team has played uninspired hockey for months?"

Cam Cole is panicking: "Either way, there is a statute of limitations on “it’s going to be fine.” How close to the start of the playoffs is it permissible to play like something the dog-walker didn’t pick up before the hoi polloi’s howling is actually closer to reality than the calm reassurances of the principals?"

Infographic break: via Redditor kmad, a visual history of Sami Salo’s injuries. Full link. UPDATE: Whoops, credit whiff on my part. This graphic originated nearly 18 months ago at Nucksmisconduct! Timeless:


Iain Macintyre? Panicking: "A lot of guys appear to be getting worse, and Luongo suddenly looks like Mr. October. That’s the month the Canucks will be planning for in April if they don’t wake from their stupor in the final 13 games of the regular season."

Alain Vigneault? Concerned, especially with the Sedins.

Harrison Mooney? Writing limericks… Yep. Guess he missed the "it’s time to write about the Canucks like they’re on their death bed" memo.