The Canucks vs. The Northwest Division: Feasting on Cupcakes

Shhh. Don’t tell the four teams waging war on a nightly basis for Central Division supremacy about what’s going on in the sleepy Northwest. Alright, it’s not much of a secret really, but I don’t know if people realize just how much the Canucks have benefited from running roughshod over the "cupcakes" in their division the past three seasons, especially the Colorado Avalanche. This stuff will make those Central Division guys cringe, if not cry.

As the Canucks get set to roll into the Rockies for Saturday’s afternoon game in Denver (they’ll also play in Minnesota and Calgary on their four game road-trip), they carry a 10-3 record within the Northwest this season. The Canucks are 2-0 against the Avs and have yet to surrender a goal to them in their two meetings so far (3-0 & 6-0 victories). A 9-0 aggregate score is fairly one-sided, I’d say.

But let’s stretch the sample size a little. Going back to the start of the 2009-10 season (two and a half seasons ago) the Canucks have met with virtually no resistance from any of their divisional foes. Over the past three campaigns, the Canucks have claimed a whopping 90 of a possible 122 points from divisional opponents. That is a staggering 73.8% of points available. And that includes clobbering Colorado for 24 of last 28 points (85.7%) up for grabs in their past 14 meetings! In fact, the last time Colorado beat the Canucks outright was October 3, 2009 – the second game of the 2009-10 season. The Canucks are 11-0-2 in the 13 head to head meetings since.


2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 Totals
Colorado 4-1-1 5-0-1 2-0-0 11-1-2
Edmonton 4-2-0 4-2-0 3-1-0 11-5-0
Minnesota 4-2-0 4-2-0 3-1-0 11-5-0
Calgary 3-2-1 5-0-1 2-1-0 10-3-2
Total 15-7-2 18-4-2 10-3-0 43-14-4

While the Canucks were initially upset when the NHLPA "vetoed" the NHL’s realignment proposal, their continued dominance in the Northwest is a reasonable consolation prize.

    • Mantastic

      The Canucks are 4 points back of the Wings with a game in hand, it isn’t like that is something to be ashamed of.

      Besides, the benefit of a weak division doesn’t really manifest itself until the end of the season. The Canucks still have 11 games to go against Division opponents with 31 games remaining.

  • Mantastic

    @ mantastic

    The Wings are 6-0 in the shoot-out this season, the Canucks are 3-5. Now, the Wings are clearly a leading team, but to get the extra points, some luck is involved. (The shoot-out is just one example of luck). The Canucks got lots of it last year, and less this year.

    Great article. You have to feel for Columbus, who’d probably have a better record if they weren’t competing against the other Central division teams all the time.

  • Mantastic

    regardless, they are trailing the wings which are playing in a stacked division. canucks leading the weakest division and they still aren’t able to #1 is funny and sad. first thing is that they’ve played the majority of their divisional games already and are still trailing, whether it’s the 53 game of the season or the 82nd.