Custom Canucks Chopper to Debut at Motorcycle Show

Azzkikr Custom Motorcycles plan to debut their Canucks themed chopper at the 2012 Vancouver Motorcycle show.

You may think motorbikes and hockey have nothing in common, but the machine and the sport do have some subtle similarities. Think about it, both are fast, potentially dangerous and are idealized as "masculine." Also, Darren Dreger really likes both, and mothers often don’t like to watch their children do either! Motorbikes, like hockey, are extremely sexy, and regardless of which one you decide to partake in: please wear a full cage.

This week, hockey and motorbikes come together again, as a custom bike shop based in Surrey is in the process of building a usable, Canucks themed chopper. Azzkikr Custom Motorcycles has hatched a plan to win the 2012 Vancouver Motorcycle Show by pandering to their audience, and the incomplete result looks pretty neat in the photo above. Here’s some specs from the Surrey-North Delta Leader:

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"With a 26-inch front wheel and a Canucks coloured paint job, the 110-horsepower, two-cylinder chopper will still have numerous custom Canucks-inspired components, including a hand-tooled leather seat, engraved shifter rod and timing cover, and a Canucks logo on the gas tank."

Poking around Azzkikr’s website, it seems like this is their second imagining of a Canucks themed chopper, as they have 3D Graphics of this beauty up at their site:

Hopefully for the real bike that they’re debuting this week, they’ve decided to ditch the blue and green flames.

The showcase runs from January 19th-22nd and takes place at the Tradex Exhibition Centre in Abbotsford. The Canucks chopper will apparently be fully operational, and on display at "Custom Alley" or at the Azzkikr booth all weekend.

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