Cheers and Jeers – Nov 4

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers.

This week, we give a shout-out to Corrado, Botch and the Province, but we take a bite out of the Canucks AND the Leafs.

JEERS to the Canucks for that horrendous game against the Wild last night. At what point do us fans identify a loss like that as rock-bottom? Do we have to wait until they get their taints handed to them in Chicago before it’s considered actual rock-bottom? Are Canucks fans waiting and/or expecting for the team to fall even further? A 5-1 loss to a team that scored more than 2 goals in only 2 of their 11 games this year smells conspicuously like rock-bottom to me.

CHEERS to Frank Corrado for taking time out to speak with our own Thom Drance in his interview earlier this week. Frank’s a well-spoken young man and it was a pleasure listening to him and Thom chat about his game. Thanks Frankie!

JEERS to the Toronto Maple Leafs management and staff for their treatment of James Reimer and how they are treating his injury. HOLY HELL, GUYS!! IT’S A CONCUSSION! Can you just CALL it a concussion already?! This evasive tactic makes the organization look backward and stubborn. Clearly, the only competent doctor the Leafs have on staff is Jonas Gustavsson. God it feels good to hate the Leafs again. OOOOOH It’s like coming home again.

CHEERS to Jason Botchford of the Province for doing a podcast for CanucksArmy with Thom Drance. Although we didn’t get to hear a patented Botch rant, the podcast was full of awesome insight following that terrible Canucks beatdown. That said, we should also thank the Canucks a little for giving Jason and Thom SO MUCH MATERIAL to discuss following a single game. The Canucks were craptacular; Botch was NOT. THANKS BOTCH!

JEERS to the continued nonsense spewed from message board twerps that Zach Parise is coming to Vancouver. STOP IT. STOP IT NOW. For starters, the Canucks dumped their extra fat (Samuelsson, Sturm) and brought in David Booth. And they are already playing Cody Hodgson out of position. That means that there is a glut of top 9 forwards. And besides the fact that the Canucks’ problem lately are NOT GOALSCORING. The problems for the Canucks are rest squarely on their defence. If the Canucks are making ANY moves going forward, it is solely to address their defensive woes, and the fact that they lack a true #1 defenceman. The Canucks WILL make a big trade this year. But you hfboard jerks can shut your hole. That trade AIN’T GONNA BE FOR ZACH PARISE.

CHEERS to the Province for their "Replace the KB" contest. And I say that mostly because four of the entrants contribute to CanucksArmy. But whatever. The contest, while HIDEOUSLY LONG, gives a great outlet for some lesser known (or even previously unknown) Canucks bloggers the chance to get their voice heard by eager Canucks fans and Province readers.