The Night Shift With Justin Morissette

The Following is a Special Report from Justin Morissette

Our friend Justin Morissetteis a freelance journalist in the Broadcast program at BCIT. Previously, he’s been able to take CanucksArmy somewhere that we’re rarely able go: into the bowels of the Rogers Arena. Yes, Justin Morissette has access, and tonight he brings us a CanucksArmy special report.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and hooplah over the latest Canuck, there are those who point to David Booth’s chilly plus-minus as a reason to be wary of the former Panther’s potential. But when the topic was broached at Canucks practice this morning, Alain Vigneault revealed something pretty interesting. According to the head-coach, the Canucks have an in-house method of chance counting that they value more highly than on-ice +/-.

Including audio from Coach V as well as Booth himself, Justin examines the potentially deeper implication of throwaway remarks on the team’s in-house tracking of micro-stats. While this weekend’s trade marks a major opportunity in Booth’s career, it seems like his new team is eager to count his chances.

CanucksArmy Evening Report  

Justin Morissette is a freelance journalist, you can follow him on twitter here.

  • I can’t believe there are prohockey teams who dont count this stuff. Teams really rely +\- ?

    Also your friend jusint needs to find a balance in his journo voice. For a little bit, i thought Loki the Norse God of Mischief was delivering me sports news.

  • John Andress

    In my opinion the key is that the Canuck’s management feel that players surrounded by more skillful, hard working team-mates using a disciplined system can play up to their inherent talent and skill level. Also, losing can become a habit, as can winning and a more positive attitude can help a player succeed. After joining the Canucks it appears that Maxime Lapierre, now a key member of the squad, was reputed to be an agitator and penalty taking liability but has been able to maintain the abrasive side of his game whilst accruing less penalty minutes. This is an opinion, not a known fact. I wonder if any of the local stat enthusiasts have looked at the improvement in a player like Lapierre’s game since he joined the team. The point being that Booth’s +/- in Florida may well be a reversible number with the Canucks. I hope so. Well done GMMG.

  • John Andress

    I would be willing to bet that most teams have a much more effective stat than +/-, and I’m sure it goes far past just counting chances. The team has sleep experts, conditioning experts, training experts, diet experts… I’m sure they have a statistician in the organization who tracks more complicated statistics. +/- doesn’t take into account a multitude of external factors.

    It would be interesting to see if anyone knows how any more in-depth statistics that teams may track internally?