How I Met Your Mother (While She Was Dressed as Roberto Luongo).

In a post about how Katie Holmes will guest star on this weeks Halloween episode of How I Met Your Mother – Perez Hilton has unwittingly unveiled some curious Canucks news.

First of all, based on the image, it looks like the shows resident Canucks fan Robin Scherbatsky (Vancouver’s own Cobie Smulders) will be dressed up as a Canucks goalie in the shows upcoming Halloween episode. So the big question is: is she #TeamRoberto or #TeamCory?

Another strange option based on the photo, if you look at the following image, it appears that there’s a Canucks helmet with the #26 on it.

Now Robin Scherbatsky has previously revealed herself to be a Mason Raymond fan – but perhaps, the goalie pads are just a feint. Maybe, Robin has chosen to be Mikael Samuelsson for Halloween? Seriously though, who would do that?

This is the second time in recent memory that the Canucks have made an appearance on the infamous celebrity gossip site. The previous occasion, well, let’s just say it generated this thoroughly excellent image: