Headshots September 20th

Melanie really likes the Sedins. Via sedintwins.tumblr.com.

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If you’re like most people – you never expected to hear Aaron Rome’s name mentioned in the same sentence as the word "wistful". Well Tony Gallagher has written a wistful take about Aaron Rome and his ambition to retrieve the type of game he was playing in the moments before his hit on apology snob Nathan Horton.

Cam Cole, who has apparently never heard of Devin Dubnyk, has a take on how Cory Schneider will eventually get his shot to start – it just won’t be in Vancouver

Highly-touted goaltending prospect David Honzik – who struggled mightily in the Penticton Young Stars Tournament, has been re-assigned to Victoriaville of the QMJHL to mature further. Passittobulis has the goods.

GIF BREAK (via taylorpyatt.tumblr.com): Hipster Sami Salo has a very specific set of skills. He will find you, and he will kill you.


The Canucks will open the pre-season with a split-team double header against two Calgary Flames sides this evening. Here’s the roster for both Canucks teams. Hodgson with Duco and Oreskovich? Shaking my head…

Elliot Pap has a write up about the Canucks impressive goaltending depth. The headline? "Team Not Lack-Ing in Goalie Depth. *Throws tomato.*

Finally, TheStanchion from Nucksmisconduct does some funny things with photoshop. Here’s a piece he’s called "Ballard’s Eternal Struggle."