Cheers and Jeers – Vol. 7

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers.

This week’s entry starts with a hat tip to a Bruins Blog. WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING?!

CHEERS to Bruins’ Blog "The Causeway Crowd" for their post on Alex Burrows, titled (GET THIS!) "News Flash: Alex Burrows Is A Nice Guy". WHAAAAAAAAAAA?! It’s a great personal article from Steve Kendall on meeting Burrows during a street hockey tournament in Drummonville, QC. So The Causeway Crowd gets a pass from us on being an even-handed Bruins blog. And they’re very likely the ONLY one that exists in the Universe.

JEERS to the reaction from Vancouver City Council, specifically Suzanne Anton, to blame the NHL for the severity of the riot in Vancouver. The mayor’s office continues to not only escape blame but to pass it along to others undeservedly. Why am I singling out Anton? Because she is apparently as anti-Gregor-Robertson as it gets, but she is STILL trying to pass blame on to the NHL.

CHEERS to Roberto Luongo for his honour from the Italian Walk of Fame. Well deserved, Lu! And way to be ITALIAN! MAMMA MIA! THAT’S A SPICY MEATBALL! Ok, that’s terrible. But let’s be honest, our society’s stereotypes on Italians are based solely on the Godfather, Fat Tony from the Simpsons, and Jersey Shore.

JEERS to David Pratt for reportedly asking for close to $500,000 for a new contract from the TEAM 1040. Outrageous and totally undeserved. I have no idea where he was coming from to ask for that kind of cheddar, but that’s all kinds of way-out-of-line.

CHEERS to Victor Oreskovich for finally inking a deal with the Canucks. It is reportedly a 1 year, 2-way deal worth $605K ($105K in the AHL). The Vancouver Canucks, in keeping with club policy, announced the deal on a Thursday.

JEERS to Laurence Gilman for his coyness and refusal to address the PTO signings of both Manny Legace and Steve Begin. While on TEAM 1040, Gilman was asked to comment on both signings, and would neither confirm nor deny the news. However, the Canucks aleady had both players listed on their Main Camp roster page. And then… 20 hours later, the Canucks officially announced the signings. C’mon Gilman… just acknowledge the damn signings next time.

Finally, and completely unrelated to hockey or the Canucks in any way whatsoever…

CHEERS to Ben & Jerry’s for launching SCHWEDDY BALLS ice cream. Yeah, that’s right. SCHWEDDY BALLS. In case you aren’t aware of the reference to Schweddy Balls from the infamous SNL sketch on NPR hosts, featuring Alec Baldwin…. go watch it here.

  • jayne1980

    Um, Suzanne Anton is not the one who came up with the idea for the NHL to pay for the riot, it was the Mayor of Vancouver. There is nothing in that article you linked to where Anton says the NHL should pay anything, however, in that same article is Gregor saying the NHL should contribute something.

    So, you are clearly playing politics just as much as the politicians are.

    • C’mon GUY!

      “Councillor Suzanne Anton, who is likely to press hard at Tuesday’s council meeting for more riot accountability by Mayor Gregor Robertson, also called on the NHL to do more.

      “I was pretty shocked in that report at the disengagement of the league,” she said. “They need to own their own brand better.”


      The league has absolutely no responsibility on this.

      That report blames EVERYONE BUT the Mayor’s office.

      And don’t tell me I have a political play here. I don’t even live in the City. I have no vested interest in these politics in any way whatsoever.
      But politicians passing the buck is inexcusable.

  • Who knew Alex Burrows was a nice guy? We should all be like moronic Boston fans and correlate hockey and real life. Therefore, avoid bumping a Bruins player on the street or they will fracture your vertebrae and apologize profusely to them or else they will whine to the media.