Headshots August 24th

This painfully adorable image is courtesy of Sedintwins.tumblr.com.

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Jason Brough at the Kurtenblog absolutely nails this take on how the Canucks should be commended for standing by Rick Rypien. The post is simple, elegant and important, or in other words – a must read.

Please allow me to introduce myself – I’m a Matt Cooke of wealth and taste! Here’s a sympathetic profile of Matt Cooke. Seriously. PLEASED TO MEET YOU… HOPE YOU GUESS MYY NAME.

Friend of the blog Mr. The Stanchion has a debut post at Nucksmisconduct. He’s a funny dude, who is fun to work with and I’m really looking forward to reading him regularly there.

The Stanchion’s post, pointed to me to this take from the Edmonton Journal, wherein former Canucks winger Russ Courtnall, who has battled depression himself, talks about his experience with the disease that ultimately claimed Rick Rypien.

GIF BREAK: Marchand gets owned repeatedly. Yey! Sticktap to Sealcat.

Tony Gallagher resurfaces and drops an interesting piece on Cody Hodgson’s opportunity to begin next season. I’m convinced that he’s going to make the haters look pretty silly in a few months time.

And finally, James O’Brien of PHT does a good job summarizing the Canucks commitment to spreading awareness about depression in the wake of Rypien’s passing.