Canucks Army Podcast: Episode 5


Today’s episode of the Canucks Army podcast features Russian hockey writer Andrey Osadchenko. You may have read his awesome interview with Sergei Shirokov on this blog yesterday.

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Today’s episode is a bit of a different breed from the ones we’ve had here previously. First of all, Andrey came over to my apartment and we recorded the podcast live. Secondly, it was really, really hot in my apartment – so we drank a number of beers before and during the recording process. As a result it’s a bit more lively than some of our previous work.

We covered a lot of ground – re-hashing the Shirokov interview, discussing Filatov’s new opportunity in Ottawa, Zherdev’s continued joblessness (which Cam Charron also wrote about today), the Varlamov trade, Ovechkin’s beer belly and Kuznetsov. Andrey tells some funny stories and gives us an interesting perspective into the game from the point of view of a professional Russian hockey journalist

As usual, you can stream the podcast from this post:

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Or you can go download the Mp3 file here.

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