I Think I Made It Mad: Canucks & Bruins – Game Four


Vancouver Canucks

@ Boston Bruins

  5:00 PM PST

Bruins   Canucks
13 Wins 14
8 Losses 7
0 OTL 2
3.24 (5th) Goals/Game 2.62 (10th)
2.38 (2nd) Goals Against/Game 2.67 (
10.8% (14th) PP 23.7% (4th)
82.3% (6th) PK 80.0% (9th)

Fast Facts

> Yeesh: An ugly game three has set up a pivotal game four, but now the questions are all on Vancouver’s end. The Rome issue is settled, but the horrific play from the rest of their defense was unacceptable, especially Edler and Ehrhoff. I’d almost prefer Ehrhoff sit tonight instead of Rome. Up front the big guns were effectively silenced by the Boston D and the depth scoring that helped in the first and second rounds have dried up too. Vancouver has yet to play with a lead for longer than 20 minutes and that’s a trend that has to stop if they want to head home with a commanding series lead. The PP has fizzled; Boston is doing a great job of playing aggressively and not giving any time for the first unit to set up. Vancouver needs to put game three far in the rear view and focus on what got them this far: simple, quick plays in the neutral zone and an effective forecheck. I’d love to say the after-the-whistle stuff has to end, but I suspect it won’t. If Vancouver lets their emotions get the better of them again, it’s an entirely different series come Friday evening.

> Something Special: A thorough ass-kicking in front of a rabid home crowd is something fans will be telling their kids years from now. Better still was the fact every Boston player got in on the action; 12 players picked up points and only Horton (understandably) and McQuaid didn’t have a shot on goal in game three. Their special teams were sublime with two SHGs & two PPGs and Thomas overall looked unflappable. About the only criticism you can lobby at Boston was their emotional breakdown, some of which was warranted but others could have cost them if their PK wasn’t so effective. They have plenty of momentum on top of the home ice advantage and the Hornton hit to pick up where they left off. If the start scoring in bunches again, they should be considered the defacto Cup favorite from here on out.

> Impress Your Friends With Knowledge!: On Marchand’s game three beautiful short-handed goal, he skated around the Art Ross champion (and Hart nominee) Daniel Sedin, Selke nominee Kesler and finally schooled Vezina nominee Luongo. Doesn’t get much more bad ass than that.