Hey Cuz!: Canucks & Sabres


Vancouver Canucks @ Buffalo Sabres

4:00 PM PST

Sabres   Canucks
6 Wins 10
9 Losses 4
3 OTL 2
2.50 (24th) Goals/Game 3.19 (5th)
3.71 (24th) Goals Against/Game 2.31 (7th)
11.6% (28th) PP 28.3% (2nd)
79.4% (22nd) PK 85% (10th)

What To Watch For

> The kid goes in: Luongo takes a seat in favor of Cory Schneider in net. Luongo had a rough first period in Toronto, but finished strong to secure the win. Schneider is undefeated in three contests, posting a spiffy 0.90 GAA and .970 Save%. Vigneault is doing a good job of getting Schneider in every 5-6 games and both netminders are providing, at worst, solid goaltending. What graveyard?

> Everyone hates (ailing) Raymond: Raymond was the hero against the Leafs (or was it Giggy displaying his best Toskala technique?) but the second liner is struggling mightily. His injury is still a factor and – with Samuelsson also trying to find his game – it leaves Kesler to pull the train down the tracks. Here’s hoping that one goal on Saturday can help spark a decent run in the games ahead. If the second line stumbles, well maybe Torres returning to Buffalo will be enough to spark the third line.

> The Ballard Ballad: Yes he is sitting again. That’s four games straight our version of Wade Redden has been sitting. Vigneault claims he isn’t injured, but just not at the level he needs to be (that level, once again, is what Aaron Rome brings to the table). The longer he sits out, the bigger the story will get. In the meantime, Rome is averaging more than two more minutes on average than he was last year and is locking down time on both the PP and the PK (for a mere $3.5 million dollars less).