The New Secret Weapons

I’m sure everyone in Vancouver has seen and dissected the infamous Chicago Blackhawks limo pictures starring Patrick Kane. I do applaud him for making the decision to upgrade from taxi cabs to limousines, since, well you know.. cough cough.. Buffalo. Cheap Shot? Well, yeah, but after seeing Andrew Ladd play I felt inspired.

No, instead of focusing on Kane and his teammates and their bizarre wardrobe or lack thereof, (shirtless? must be for aerodynamic reasons) or their choice of beer, I’m going to zero in on their special ladies. Not in the terribly mysoginistic (evil sounding) ways other places have talked about their appearance, just a mildly sexist (like the uncle everyone has and likes despite his "opinions") look at what they mean to the Canucks.

Some people opine that they are traitors, fraternizing with what is quickly becoming the Canucks most despised foe, and as a result betraying the Canucks and Vancouver as a whole. But, if we check the scoreboard and see the result of the game, a score that had to surprise even the most hardcore Canuck supporter, we may have to give a little thanks to these "traitors". Tiring out the Hawks and giving the local heroes a greater chance to win, almost a textbook definition of taking one for the team.

All apologies to anyone offended by this, but if we remember the classic Spinal Tap discussion of the differences between sexy and sexism, they finally conclude that it’s a fine line between clever and stupid. I couldn’t agree more.