The Army’s 2009-10 Western Conference Predictions


Here at the Army, we’re all about making zany predictions based on very little evidence one way or the other. We’re also into close-order drills and marching. It’s the army after all.

In any event, we present to you our Western Conference predictions for this new NHL season. Feel free to share your own with us in the comments.

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Brian O’Neill’s predictions

1.  San Jose
2. Vancouver
3. Chicago
4. Anaheim
5. Detroit
6. St. Louis
7. Columbus
8. Calgary
9. Edmonton
10. Dallas
11. Colorado
12. LA
13. Minnesota
14. Nashville
15. Phoenix

Reasons why…

San Jose – Adding Heatley and Subtracting Cheechoo will make a difference. Expect him and Smokin’ Joe to have good years.

Vancouver – Aside from personal bias, this team is deep, really deep.

Chicago – Patrick Kane is good for a playoff spot alone. Goaltending may hurt them in the playoffs but he Hawks will dominate in the regular season.

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Anaheim – Mostly just that first line. and the addition of Koivu.

Detroit – I love big bert, but he is no replacement for Hossa. Goaltending is another huge issue. Lidstrom is losing momentum fast.

St. Louis – They have some young talent sitting in their stables. This team is only going to get better. Mason looks like the real deal.

Columbus – The Daniel to St. Louis’ Henrik, looking like mirror images of each other. Get ready for both these teams to dominate the West in the near future.

Calgary – Jay Bo is good an all, but he’s not going to land you a playoff spot on his own.

Edmonton – Not yet, not yet. However, Khabibulin will help out.

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Dallas – Do not expect that same season as last year from Dallas. A healthier line-up will pose a much more significant threat in the west this year. Look for Turco to get back to his usual form.

Colorado – Stasny and Wolski can only take you so far.

LA – Ryan Smith is a nice touch, plus I think Kopitar is going to have a strong year.

Minnesota – They aren’t going to win but at least they wont be boring.

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Nashville – They are so bad, that I almost forgot to put them in this list. In fact I had to edit may list to add them in.

Phoenix – two words Taylor Pyatt.

Cam Davie’s Predictions

1. VAN 2. CGY 3. EDM 4. MIN 5. COL

1. SJS 2. ANA 3. DAL 4. LAK 5. PHO

1. DET 2. CHI 3. STL 4. CBJ 5. NAS

Western Standings

1. SJS
2. DET
3. VAN
4. CHI
5. CGY
6. ANA
7. STL
8. EDM
9. DAL
10. LAK
11. CBJ
12. MIN
13. NAS
14. COL
15. PHO

The competition…

Read what the enemy has to say about the Western Conference: