For what it’s worth


It’s officially over, my grizzly beard is now down the drain. My face is smoother than Patrick Kane’s right now.

Apparently someone filled Luongo’s water bottle with NyQuil. As the game progressed Luongo got slower and slower.

To win your best players have to be your best players. They were, well, most of them.  

In all seriousness, all you Luongo haters have obviously not been watching Canucks hockey for very long. I can say that Luongo has given the city of Vancouver the best goaltending it has ever seen. The only goaltender to best Luongo was McLean in the 1994 playoffs but that was inhuman. This series was not his best. In the near future all the truth will unfold. I have a feeling Roberto had some kind of injury or the flu, those saves were not out of his league.

Yesterday’s collapse bests some of Cloutier’s greatest hits in the Playoffs. It is true he was not the best when they needed him the most. We must remember that goaltenders have bad games. How about Roy letting nine in before getting pulled half way through the game. At least it was just seven in 60 minutes for Luongo. It’s just plain bad luck that Lou’s collapse was last night. I can assure you that he his still possibly the best tender in the league.

I seriously don’t want to hear about Anaheim two years ago. He was excellent that whole series. It was a fluke that he was caught off guard in OT. He doesn’t have a second round complex (well maybe he does now). His interview in the dressing room evinced how disappointed he was in his performance. Nobody is harder on Lou than himself. He will make up for this egregious gaffe. We just have to be patient.

Unless Schneider looks like a phenom next year I would put all of our eggs in the re-sign Luongo basket.

My hat goes off to Mats and the Twins. Accused of being a little to swedish in big games, they boys showed up in a big way. It is mind boggling that five goals was insufficient. I would be more than happy if all three came back next year. Mats gave a sneak preview of the kind of impact he could have. The Sedin twins, I have been their worst critic, especially this season. They have proved me wrong. They are elite fantastic players who can score when you need it. Open your wallet Acquilini, these boys are worth it.

Wellwood, was a pimp these playoffs. The summer-school line of Wellwood, Bernier, and Raymond all made up for past poor performances. All three of these boys deserve another season in blue and green.

Burrows didn’t have the best series but lets be real. Burrows is a decent player with All-Star heart. He was overachieving this season and we can’t hold him accountable for not maintaining a goal a game. I’ll be more than happy if can can repeat this season’s performance.

Alain, we had some good times but it’s time to go. You were on thin ice when Gillis was hired. Your keeping your job is probably why Nonis was fired. This team was good, damn good. You just weren’t able to pull your team out of a slump.

The Canucks were inconsistently consistent this season. Vingeualt did get this team performing, however, he needed to be able to control his team when they are spiraling out of control. Vingeualt is a great coach but his time in Vancouver has passed.

The real reason why the Canucks lost was because they didn’t hit (See last ten posts). I consistently nagged for the team to hit, Kane especially. They didn’t and guess who burned them the most. Kane.

  • lj

    I can see merit in all your points, especially with Wellwood, whom I was one of the biggest detractors this season, and I am currently enjoying my delicious Crow.

    But Mats? Really? He had 2 okay games at the very end, but where was he for the other 8? In my opinion he was a complete non factor. He didn't play physical, he didn't draw any penalties, he didn't make an offensive difference. The entire two rounds he looked a step behind everyone else. It's the playoffs when a team should be ecstatic to have the Sundin's and the Guerin's and the Recchi's. Guys that have been around, can impart some wisdom on the younger guys and can help keep emotions in check. But from what I saw he did none of that. Perhaps he had a positive impact on the room but other then that I didn't see him bring any veteran qualities to the game.

    I think the Canucks should be happy that he didn't sign the two year deal, consider this a failed experiment and move on.

    I'm curious as to what you saw Mats doing out there that would warrant another offer, that I seemed to have missed.

  • lj

    @ Doogie2K: Overall Luongo was the best. McLean put up an insane playoff run making 60 plus saves in the finals. Richard Brodeur did take the team to the finals but doesn't have a save percentage above .900 on record. His GAA in the 82 playoffs was 2.70.
    His performance was nowhere near Kirk McLean. Brodeur was good but not unbelievable.