pffft.. it’s not even 3-1


It seems at this point that everyone has given up on the Canucks. Everyone but me. Ladies and well, ladies, have ye such little faith? Jesus was all about people who believe but do not see, well he has come back down to earth to tell you that it’s time to believe because you already HAVE seen it.

I’ve got the Zamboni up to 88 miles per hour, let’s take a look back.

1994 – Vancouver – Calgary.
Everyone and their Cocker Spaniel know about this series. It traditional Canuckian fashion the boys went down 3-1 in the series. Fans started using howl towels to clean up their golf clubs. Trevor Linden and the rest of the spagetti plate wearing group decided that they weren’t going to make things so easy for Calgary. They boys tightened their jockstraps and got to work. Three games later Pavel is streaking down the ice with his arms out celebrating an OT goal and an unbelievable comeback.

2003 – Vancouver – St. Louis
Once again the boys found themselves down 3-1. The Blues looked good. The Blues looked damn good. I even found myself doubting the capabilities of the Canucks. “They’ll win tomorrow but eventually lose the series” I said. Disgusted with myself today I wish I could go back and wash my mouth out with soap. The boys did win the next game and the game after. Hey look, is 3-3. They boys went back to the Garage and put up one the best performances in recent memory. 4-3 Canucks win the series.

2009 Vancouver – Chicago
Ah present day, it’s a Sunday and the boys are down 3-2. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Canucks do love to disappont. However, every couple of years the ordinary Canucks do something extraordinary. This is one of those years.

The challenge is game six. If the Canucks take game six, then they’ve got game seven. Game Seven in Vancouver is a magical day. GM place makes Mike Donelly sound like a mouse in comparison. If the Nucks take six I stamp a guarantee that they will take seven.

The odds are stacked up against us, but what kind of playoffs would these be if there wasn’t a little adversity. Mark your calendars ladies ladies becase on game seven you will become men.

btw – I apologize for the sexist nature of this post. Please don’t burn your bra and blow up my car.