Game 3 – It’s so good when it hits your lips.


In NBA Jam fashion, I shall exclaim BOOMSHAKALAKA as I celebrate the Canucks full Jovi recovery this evening. The Canucks took a 3-0 lead and didn’t blow it. According to Grapes it’s all thanks to Trevor (Trevor?) Pyatt.

Luongo woke up this morning had great big bowl of Captain Crunch, and thought not tonight Hawks, not tonight. In typical Luongo fashion he was dominant coming off a 6-3 loss where he let just as many goals in the second half of game two as he did in the entire St. Louis Series.

Contrary to my predictions, the game wasn’t a snoozer. It was crash boom bam hockey. Unfortunately it was instigated by the Hawks and not the Nucks. Patrick Kane was free to galavant around the ice like a princess fairy without being so much as touched by the Canucks.

Mason Raymond was a solid replacement for a glass player as he buried a beautiful setup from Kesler to get the party started. Bernier notched goal number two and Henrik scored the third goal with a squeaker across the line. Edler stepped up huge in Salo’s absence putting up two points and a delay of game penalty (you rascal).

The Hawks answered back with only one tonight, thank god. Brian Campbell summoned his evil ginger powers to score his first playoff goal against Luongo. For a moment it was looking like a threepeat of the last two games. Tonight the Canucks put on their big boy pants and played a full 60 minutes (more like 54 minutes but I’ll take it).

The Canucks take 2-1 series lead, looking to crush Chicago’s hopes with another win on the road. I know were back in unfamiliar territory but I’m getting to like these new Canucks.

Fun fact – the last time (prior to last night) two opposing players had a hat track each in a playoff game was in 1996 Joe Sakic and Taylor (I mean Trevor) Linden.