Should the Russian Rocket be Launched into the Rafters?


Trevor Linden is unainimously the Greatest Canuck of all time. However, he was not the most talented. That feat belongs to DJ Tanner’s brother in law. That man, is Pavel Bure, if you have no idea who that is (and you are not six) put a shotgun in your mouth and your toe on the trigger becuase you fail at life.

Now that #16 is nestled comfortably next to #12 up in the rafters, the next question that needs to be raised…. whether there should be a #10 up there? In short, YES, for God’s sake yes. Bure wore a Canucks uniform for 7 seasons. He amassed 478 points in 428 games. 254 Goals, pretty much all spectacular. He still holds the record for most points in a season (110) and most goals in a season (60 twice).

Pavel’s speed was a significant asset. With his speed came great deking ability. He could deke a tender out of his jockstrap. The most impressive aspect of Pavel’s deking ability is that he rarely ever lifted the puck. Not be cause he couldn’t, but because he didn’t need to. I can only imagine how spectacular he would be in the shootouts now.

Picture Sent to Me by @sairahbilly on twitter.
Picture Sent to Me by @sairahbilly on twitter.

Enough time has passed since Pavel’s nasty break-up with the franchise. Disgruntled Canuck fans are finally at the point where they can look, reflect and admit that Pavel Bure gave Vancouver the most exciting hockey it has ever seen.

Two of the greatest plays in Vancouver history happened in the same game. Kirk Mclean made an astonishing save, and Bure scored an outstanding goal. Here’s the link. (Calgary Schooled by Mclean and Bure)  These historic plays were followed by the most memorable playoff run in Canucks history (so far… knock on wood). At every Canucks home game they honor one season ticket holder. 9/10 times Pavel’s OT goal is their all time favorite Canucks moment.

Regardless of what kind of animosity fans once had against Pavel, it should be unanimous the the Rocket is long overdue for a Pavel Bure night.